January full moon 2018

Watching the habits of the satellite of the Earth, people in ancient times learned how to draw fateful parallels. The heavenly body, which overlooks the horizon at night, has a direct impact not only on natural phenomena, but also on human behavior, his well-being, mood, and other factors. Finding out which phases of the moon are most favorable in January, by the numbers and days of the week, is in effect catching luck by the tail, learning to foresee difficulties and easily overcome any obstacles. And the astrological calendar for the first month of 2018, compiled by experienced specialists and adapted by Moscow time, will help in this.

January full moon 2018


Why is it important to track the phases of the moon?

January full moon 2018

Even in ancient times, people noticed that a full, growing or decreasing moon, the new month and other incarnations of the night celestial body in a special way affect the habits of animals, natural phenomena and man himself. Already then, people realized that by focusing on the behavior of the satellite of the Earth, it is possible to determine days favorable for many spheres of life, to think and realize their desires and to think and foresee the future.

When to sow and harvest, go fishing or hunting, start building or fishing? When is the period to celebrate a wedding or to conceive a child, and when it is not necessary to start vital events? Even dentistry and haircuts are recommended to check with the calendar, which was the result of centuries of experience of the ancestors. Do not neglect such a useful discovery and contemporaries. And you can start applying knowledge in practice right from January of the New 2018!

When will the full moon come in January and what should we expect from this phenomenon?

Full Moon in January 2018. The Phases of the Moon

What does the full moon carry to people? Astrologers are confident that this period in 2018 will be full of vivid emotions, so it is important not to go astray and follow the beaten track. No sharp turns, changes of image, moving and fateful decisions! It is not necessary to give vent to feelings, it is better to remain faithful to the chosen path and curb desires.

In January, the full moon of Moscow time comes:

  • 01/02/2018 at 05:04:03
  • 01/31/2018 at 16:26:32

The first complete phase of the satellite of the Earth will pass under the auspices of Cancer and fall on Tuesday. This day should be spent quietly, despite the activity of the heavenly body. No trouble, except for emotional recovery, he will not bring.The second time the moon will become full in the last days of January, being under the rule of Leo and will bring a very unfavorable period, which is characterized by a general deterioration of health, depression and irritability. Experts recommend to spend time at home or on vacation and not think of anything in advance.

Phases of the Moon in the first month of the New 2018

Full Moon in January 2018. The Phases of the Moon

During this period, the Fire Rooster will still fight for its position, trying not to give up the palm to the Earth Sign. Yellow Dog will win only in February, so the month will pass relatively calmly, because the new mistress of the year will not have time for his charges. In relative serenity will spend the aforementioned period and nature. There are no disasters for January.

Faces of the moon in phases:

  • Growing:01.01, from 18.01 to 01.30.2018.
  • Full Moon:02.01 and 01.31.2018.
  • New moon:01.17.
  • Decrease:from 03.01 to 16.01.2018.
  • At the apogee:15.01.2018.
  • In perigee:01.01 and 01.30.2018.

During periods of lunar growth, astrologers warn of the dangers of financial risk and offer to study or play sports. The new month will help those who are going to make long-term plans for the future. For those who want to know when to make a wish, a hint: in the new moon - it's time to send a message to the Universe.

January full moon 2018

The waning phase of the celestial body is favorable for practicing yourself and your health.Lawsuits should be avoided. The best solution is to have a good rest and sleep in advance. Even more information about the promise of the moon phases can be found in the astrological calendar by days of the week, days and Zodiac signs with predictions and tips.

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