Kia Ceed 2018

Covered in secret, the narrow medieval streets of the renowned poets and artists, and today, businessmen and car dealers of Frankfurt, have only recently seen all the most advanced proposals of the global automotive industry. It is here in the atmosphere of perfect harmony of striving for excellence and healthy competition that industrial giants of Asia, Europe and America meet.


Here you can meet the material embodiment of the dream, created by hard work, ingenuity and advanced thought of design, engineering, technological and design ideas, when promising equipment and prices at a very real level may interest the most demanding customer. There are many assortment offers, nevertheless, the kia ceed 2018 aroused particular interest. Thanks to its stylish, swift appearance, he attracted attention on the catwalks of the car showroom and would certainly attract consumer interest for roads in megalopolises.

Kia Ceed 2018

Features of the KIA model solution

The manufacturer, a popular concern of our compatriots in South Korea, has chosen a particular area of ​​management that is completely focused on the interests of the final consumer. In the new body of the second generation Kia Sid season 2017 - 2018, you can find new lines and shapes, shapes and configuration levels available in a wide price segment. The novelty is presented as a hatchback format and as a seven-seater minivan. The date of entry into the mass market is presumably focused on the end of the current year, so potential buyers should decide on the needs and definition of the tasks that this car should perform:

  • Solid, reliable hatchback for the active energetic businessman.
  • Reliable passenger car for a large family.
  • Someone will see in it a rather small car, convenient for the congested streets of the metropolis.

The creators of the KIA brand have already established tradition and in this model managed to satisfy the most diverse requirements for their creation. The provided concept fully meets even such diverse needs. Domestic motorists should be aware that the start of sales in Russia will take place in the coming summer months.The charged five-door elegant and at the same time sports car attracts with its external data that should be considered closer.

Exterior Kia Sid

The model, which today is presented in the GT series, has been given considerable external swiftness, aggressiveness and outstanding sporty appearance, which is confirmed by expert reviews.

  1. High aerodynamic performance was obtained by reducing the angle of the front part, harmoniously combined with the tilt of the windshield. Evaluating the available photos, you can confidently guarantee that the car will cut the air flow on the track quickly, sharply, with minimal resistance.
  2. The model is equipped with long headlamps in form similar to the gull's wing, with modern LED lighting elements, which are stretched on the sides of the novelty.
  3. The grille is powerful, made of plates in the form of mesh weaving, in the role of a bumper serves an elegant type of air intake.
  4. Safety specifications are enhanced by additional lighting on the side planes.

Kia Ceed 2018

The dimensions of the updated car are quite modest.

Body length cm 450, 50
Height cm 148, 50
Width cm 178, 00
Road clearance cm 15, 00
Trunk l 528, 0
Fuel tank l 53, 0
Minimum weight kg 1310, 0

And what's in the cabin?

Saloon car failed to distinguish significant changes. But here, notes of modernity appeared. The interior has become richer due to the chrome trim, high-informative dashboard, central console of an intuitive control type.

  • Today, spy photos perfectly show the features of an ergonomic multifunction steering wheel, a multi-color on-board control display, and comfortable adaptive seats.
  • In the interior trimKia Sid 2018The sporting trend is clearly visible, the glossy lining is not scratched, attractive, practical and functional.
  • The test drive showed a significant improvement in security systems, which included options for controlling blind spots, functions for limiting maximum speed and parking assistance.

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About motors

Latest news - the car is equipped with two engine systems that meet the highest environmental standards of EURO - 6.

  1. Diesel, volume 1, 6 liters, power 110/136 liters. from.
  2. Gasoline, 1, 0 l, with a capacity of 100/120 l. from.

Manual transmission and automatic with 6 tbsp. , front-wheel drive type, the price of the basic option from 600 000, 0 rubles.

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