Lake Akakul - the opportunity to visit the resort

Lake Akakul is considered one of the most popularplaces for rest. To its shores come tourists with tents, as well as hundreds of guests who stop at numerous recreation centers, health centers and boarding houses.

Description of the area

Lake Akakul is a picturesque pond, on thea mirror canvas of which islands of different sizes are adorned. They grow birches, pine and lime trees. The lake itself is surrounded by a mixed forest. The banks were partly overgrown with reeds, water lilies and reeds. The bottom on the lake is different: somewhere it is muddy, there are pebble beaches, there are also a few sandy areas, there are also algae. There are stony banks with large boulders. The water on the lake is transparent and fresh.Lake Acacul

Akakul refers to sewage. The supply of the lake is possible due to the tributaries and the system of bogs. From it, water flows into Ulagach (a lake that is located on the east side). To the west of the lake there flows a river with no name, from which the Great Shark lake feeds.

The area of ​​the pond is about 10 km2. The maximum width is 3 km, and the length of the lake is 4.8 km. The average depth is 4.5 meters, and the maximum depth is almost 10 meters.

Where is

Lake Akakul is located in the lake area, namelyso many people call the Chelyabinsk region, because there are about a thousand bodies of water. From Chelyabinsk the lake is at a distance of 85 km. In 7 km from it settled the city of Kyshtym. Also close is the city of Argayash and the village. New Year.


rest on the lake AkakulMany people like to spend time on the lake,Since here on the shore there are no large residential settlements, this makes it possible to relax from everyday vanity. The whole infrastructure of the area: recreation centers, boarding houses, camps. On the southern and northern shores there are several health and entertainment complexes. In addition, there is a water pump, a subsidiary farm, stone quarries. On the northwestern shore, swampy places and reed thickets prevail.

In the summer, there are manytents. They are installed in all sorts of places, especially busy areas near places for bathing. It can be noted that there are practically no comfortable sandy beaches.

Rest on the lake

As already mentioned, many prefer rest with tents. But at the same time, numerous holiday homes are also not empty. Among such places there are accessible, comfortable and at the same time inexpensive bases.

Lake Akakul is also rich in children's camps, which have access to the lake and to the forest. The territory is equipped for a fun and active holiday, so children love to come here.base Lake Akakul

Beaches belonging to the bases and boarding houses,equipped with toilets, benches, barbecue zones, sun beds and urns. There are parking lots for cars. If a person lives in his tent, you can go to an equipped beach for an additional fee. In addition, in some places it is possible to rent a boat or catamaran.

Rest on the lake Akakul does not seem dull,because there are restaurants, cafes and bars. Delicious lunches are served here, which allows you to completely escape from all domestic chores and not fuss over the stove. If it is necessary to note an important event, cafes and restaurants offer their services. Visiting Akakul, you do not have to worry about your safety, because on the shore of each boarding house has its own rescue service, which closely watches what is happening on the water.

Any base on Lake Akakul offers decent comfortable rooms, which can be rented for several days or even for a day.

Fans of fishing, too, will not be bored, becausein the lake there are pike, bream, perch, tench, chibak, whitefish, roach and other fish. But it is still believed that Akakul is more suitable for bathing and rest than for fishing. To catch a fish, many are sent to neighboring lakes.base on Lake Akakul

The charm of winter recreation on the lake

Lake Akakul takes guests in both summer and winter. At this time, mini-hotels and boarding houses are equally welcome to the visitors and assure them that they will not be bored. Here you can rent snowmobiles, sledges or skis and plenty to roll around. After such an active holiday, it is worth to visit a Russian bath with birch twigs.

Many, coming in the winter, combine rest with fishing. Even at this time of year, no one remains without a catch.

Vacation with children

Many families come to the lake with their children. Almost every recreation center has in its territory places intended for children. It can be sports and entertainment towns or game rooms with many toys. Some sanatoria regularly organize events for children with competitions and prizes.

Akakul Lake: reviews of tourists

Given the favorable features of the lake, manymore than once came here to rest and managed to make their impression. Almost all admire the lake. It is unusual, because it is decorated with islands with trees. There are also picturesque beaches, which can be severely cut off. But still there are a lot of bases, camps, boarding houses and sanatoriums with their gently sloping beaches cleared of algae.Acacul Lake reviews

In the summer, you can find blueberries in the forest andcranberries, also there are mushrooms. But the feedback from many shows that in recent years, due to the influx of uncultured vacationers living in tents, the free coastal zone is full of garbage. Therefore, those who fell in love with Akakul, try to settle in the recreation center, where owners are watching to ensure that their territory remains well-groomed and clean.

In addition, many fishermen say that the catch is not rich, so when you come here to catch fish, you should definitely choose the right time so as not to waste a few hours.

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