Las Vegas, CA: review, history, attractions and reviews

Perhaps, coming to Las Vegas (Nevada),tourists and violate most of the commandments, that's why they call this place "the city of sins", but no one can deny that it impresses with its beauty and offers for an unforgettable holiday. Every traveler will find entertainment here to their liking, although most of them get here to start off on all the hard and fun spend their money.

State of Nevada

Perhaps this is the most contrasting state of America. Las Vegas with its famous hotels and casinos is not its only "attraction". Everything is unique here: climate, nature, cities and people.

Once the Spanish colony, Nevada becamepart of the United States during the Civil War between the North and South. His motto is "born in battles", and as a sign of valor of the soldiers who died in these battles, today several warships of America are proud to bear his name.

Although a large contribution to the treasury of the state makes a profitfrom tourism and gambling, it also flourishes in agriculture. This is a rare case when land is used for 90%. Equally rich in staff with the city of Las Vegas mineral resources. For example, gold production here is 9% of the world's reserves.

But the greatest popularity of these places broughtLas Vegas is the world leader in the gambling industry. This city is quite young, but in a short time it was able to turn from a regular railway station in an oasis in the middle of the desert into a megalopolis, to which they travel for the sake of sharp impressions from all over the world.

City `s history

Although it is located in the desert of Las Vegas, the state, inwhich he is, in Spanish means "snow-covered." This is not surprising, since most of Nevada is located in intermontane plateaus, while the famous city, founded in 1905, in its southern part. A beautiful oasis in the Mojave Desert was found accidentally in 1829, when a caravan got lost and circled in search of water.

The discovered source was named Las Vegas (the state at that time was much smaller) and became an indispensable place for stops of trade caravans on the way from Texas to Los Angeles (California).

When the United States began stormythe construction of railways, it became natural to build one of them along the way of the caravan. So there was a large railway junction Las Vegas. The city itself began to be built only in the early 20th century and almost immediately received a reputation as an immoral place. This is due to the free morals that were inherent in him from the very beginning. Fast weddings and fights without rules for money attracted a lot of scams and fans of thrill.

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The first club "Arizona" was opened forrailroad workers, so that workers can rest in it, drink and remove women of easy virtue, but apparently the craving for breaking the commandments was already strong in Las Vegas, so soon instead of the barracks where it was located, a beautiful stone building appeared in the premises of which first roulettes were put.

So the city of gambling was born, so it remains today.

The fight against the "sins" of Las Vegas

Authorities who tried to return a slutty city tothe path of holiness, banned gambling in 1919, forcing the casinos available by that time to go underground. The owners of gambling establishments became even richer, and Las Vegas (Nevada, too) lost huge profits, which were previously deducted to the treasury in the form of taxes from each casino. Only by 1931, after assessing all the damage to the budget and realizing that anyone who wants to play, still find where to do it, decided to legalize gambling. The document confirming this took 6 pages, and today it has several tens of thousands of acts.

But it was not this that accelerated the development of the city, but the builtjust 40 km from it a dam that not only supplied electricity to the entire region, but also formed a beautiful Lake Mead, which attracted the lovers of nature to its shores.

City gambling establishments

The casinos were built one after another. Among their owners met people of completely different backgrounds, from the former chief of police to the mafia leaders. The greatest boom in the construction and development of the industry of gambling and recreation took place at the end of the 40s - 50s. The most legendary casino "Flamingo" was built in 1946 by Billy Wilkerson, whom many in the business circles of that time considered a visionary. His institution was the first place where clients were offered not only gambling halls, but also entertainment, and resort rest.

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If we compare gambling establishments built before1960 and modern casinos, Las Vegas (Nevada) for 100 years of development not only did not decline, as predicted, but became the world-class entertainment capital. As noted by travelers in their reviews, they come here not so much for playing as for spectacles. The best shows, musicals, circus performances, SPA, musical fountains and themed casinos - this is the whole of Vegas.

Where to stay in the city

Only an inexperienced tourist can mistake, in whichThe state is located in Las Vegas. The city in the middle of the desert in the region, which is famous for its harsh winters, when the temperature drops to -46 degrees, is, rather, an exception. That's why people who know bad US geography, "tolerate" a sultry Las Vegas, where the summer heat rises to 50 in California, which is located nearby.

This city is amazing not only for its casinos, but also for the most unusual hotels.

Interesting to know: in the world there are 25 large hotels, among which 15 fall to Las Vegas. What state will renounce the reputation of the most adventurous, hospitable and most visited in the US? He created the name himself thanks to the title of "the city of sins," not without reason, there are more than 50 million people who come here annually to the 600,000 people living here.

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As noted by tourists, some hotels in the citylike mini-towns, which have everything for quality holidays: casino, SPA, cafes, boutiques, sports grounds and swimming pools, bars and restaurants and chapels for instant weddings. What pleases the visitors is the price of housing. Here for $ 30-50 per night you can rent a comfortable room, and the suite will cost $ 100. Typically, this is due to the fact that customers leave as much cash as possible at slot machines and in stores.

The most famous and popular Las Vegas hotels

Among the most original hotels of the city:

  • Bellagio - is famous for its singing fonts, which all guests of Las Vegas have to look at. It was here that the movie "11 Ocean's friends" was shot.
  • "Hard Rock Hotel" was chosen by musicians and participants of bachelor parties and hen parties, which is probably connected with the spirit of freedom that reigns here.

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  • No less popular themed hotels, for example"Venice", which has an artificial canal, where tourists ride gondoliers, singing them songs in Italian. Holidaymakers say that this is one of the best places for a romantic getaway.
  • Of more modern hotel travelerspraise the "Stratosphere", which has a 350-meter tower with a viewing platform and a lot of attractions. Fans of thrill can jump from it on the bungee.

This is not all hotels in the city, but vacationersnote that Las Vegas (Nevada) is a place where there is Paris, Egypt and even the sea. Each of them is designed to surprise, to enchant with comfort and luxury, so that people come here again and again to spend their money.

Sports Arenas

It is difficult to imagine that in such a hazardous placeno sports were held. Arenas, as stadiums are called here, are constantly in demand. Some of them are built exclusively for baseball, others meet amateurs of American football, volleyball or basketball.

Americans are a very athletic nation, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the final games need to buy tickets for six months.

Some hotels own their own fields forgolf, which host international tournaments no less famous than the legendary world poker championships, which for 47 years in a row are held in Binion's Gambling Hall, a casino, famous also for the fact that in its window is exposed to 1 million dollars.

The Las Vegas Show

People always thirst for "bread and circuses". In this sense, they are not much different from the ancient Romans, but the level of entertainment from that time has changed qualitatively for the better. Show, which take place in every casino and hotel of the city, is so high-level and so diverse in subject that, as the tourists note, even the longest voucher does not allow you to get acquainted with everyone.

If Nevada, the state around Las Vegas, offershis guests meet with pristine nature, beautiful mountains and even the opportunity to feel like a gold digger, the city gives completely different impressions.

The most famous show in Las Vegas:

  • "The Lion King" is a famous musical thatbegan his march through the country with no less than the legendary theaters of Broadway. The history of the lion cub, which becomes the king, is known to all the children of the world. In Las Vegas, it is watched and admired no less than children, adults. Music, costumes, an excellent acting game - all this collects sold out at every presentation.

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  • The show on Fremont Street can be viewed simplystrolling along it in the evening. On the huge dome every hour shows 6 shows, each of which are pictures that reproduce millions of LED displays.
  • Circus show can be visited at the hotel-casino Circus-Circus, there are also numerous attractions and even real roller coaster.

Interesting to know: in the 50 years of the last century, one of the "shows" that attracted thousands of tourists was the testing of nuclear bombs at a range of 100 kilometers from the city. Nuclear mushrooms could be seen directly from the hotel room.


Although this in itself is considered to be a severe state,is Las Vegas in the desert, so most of the inhabitants of the local zoo is associated with it. Endangered plants and animals are protected here, and this is almost the only place that is free to visit.

As noted by tourists, there is an unusualthe atmosphere of the neighborhood is more than 150 species of rare species of flora and fauna, for which you can observe at least the whole day. The only paid building is a museum of precious stones, but for enjoying such beauty, no money is not a pity.


Las Vegas continues to amaze. Well, where else could be opened a museum of erotica, how not in the most "sinful" city? In this place, erotica is promoted as an art form, the main component of which is sensuality. Guests can get acquainted with photos, videos and paintings of the appropriate nature, listen to interesting lectures on this topic or look at dances.

in which state is Las Vegas

Another unusual museum is a playground forThe open sky, on which old neon signs are collected. They once made this city famous. And again to see their radiance and to act on their background it is possible every evening.

Entertainment industry

The history of the most gambling city in the world in allbeauty shows how much people crave entertainment and sharp impressions. As long as there is excitement and a desire to win a million dollars, in this city life will boil around the clock.

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Las Vegas is a popular tourist center in the United States, as evidenced by the huge number of people coming here to fully and willingly give their money for an unforgettable experience.

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