Laying carpet latex-based

Laying carpet latex-based

Carpet today is a fairly common floor covering. Especially often it is used when carrying out repairs in the nursery. On sale are a huge number of options for various types of carpet. but for self-styling is more convenient carpet on a latex basis. This type of flooring does not require laying a special substrate or stretching.

If you are going to lay the carpet on the plank floor, then, if you wish, you can lay the floor with a regular building board. Next, you need to stick on the perimeter of the room a special adhesive tape, without removing the top protective layer from it. If the room is used intensively, then you need to additionally glue the tape in the center of the room.

Before laying the carpet carefully measure the room. After measurement, trim the carpet to the required size. If several pieces of coating are used, carefully follow the direction of the pile.After laying the carpet, level it and trim the excess, leaving an allowance of about 2.5 cm. Then you can proceed to gluing the carpet. To do this, carefully remove the paper covering from the adhesive tape and press the carpet against it. after all sides are glued, you can trim the carpet strictly to the size of the room.

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