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Tower cranes got their name due to the fact that their main function, which is to perform high-altitude work, would be much more difficult without the presence of a tower, one of the main structural elements of each unit of this special equipment. From the tower is the management of the entire process of movement of the boom and other actions Due to the fact that it is at the top, the crane operator gets an overview of the entire construction site, where the work takes place, and can control the movement of objects. Today, they prefer to use more mobile lifting and transport equipment in St. Petersburg. We recommend using the services of AvtoTemp Ltd. and renting an autotower in Petersburg at
In general, the structure of tower cranes is typical, and every child can recognize this type of special equipment, so common in large cities under construction. The main structural elements here are the tower, the boom and the crane operator’s cabin (which is absent in some models). However, the type of this special equipment depends on what exactly these structural elements are.In particular, all models can be represented in the form of three main modifications. This is a tower crane with a cap, without cap, as well as quick-mounted cranes.
Each of the above varieties has its own advantages and features, taking into account that you need to choose one or another model of special equipment. Of course, the presence of certain characteristics directly affect the price of the crane, which becomes another factor in the selection.
For example, a tower crane without cap is a good solution for cases of simultaneous operation of several units of special equipment in intersecting conditions. In addition, these varieties are preferable to use on construction sites, where there are restrictions on height.

At the same time, tower cranes with a cap have their undeniable advantages, in particular, the ability to raise the boom and, accordingly, perform work in a limited space. As for fast-mounted tower cranes, they are indispensable for low-rise construction, which is combined with the need to carry out all work in the shortest possible time and under cramped conditions (very limited dimensions of the construction site).Installation and disassembly of such models is much easier and faster.
The choice of special equipment is a crucial step for the coherence and quality of work of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all the conditions in which this machine will be operated. Then it will serve for a long time, clearly performing its functions.

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