Live without crises. Note expert advice

December 4, 2017
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It happens not infrequently in life that a couple who loves each other very much starts to clash.

At this time it seems to both of them that all the relationships that they so carefully built together are on the verge of collapse.

But do not give up. It’s just a crucial moment in your relationship. He just needs to be able to survive. On the site you can get a lot of life recommendations and friendly advice for all occasions.

Live without crises. Note expert advice

These difficult moments have their own specific signs:

• A couple may start to clash just like that, from scratch.

• People can not come to a common consensus, as before.

• They begin to blame all the blame on each other.

• Lack of sex due to the excuses of one of the spouses.

• They no longer advise in solving family problems.

• A woman no longer looks after herself externally and goes into everyday life.

• A man at this very time goes headlong into work.

Live without crises. Note expert advice

All crises are determined by intervals of time. There are four crises in family relationships.

1. This crisis occurs at the stage of life, when the couple begins to get used to each other at the household level. They start to get to know their soul mate better and often do not agree with one or another of its points of view.

But this crisis may not start if the spouses love and understand each other.

2. The next to become a crisis in the relationship when a child appears in the family With the birth of a child, the spouse is fully devoted to raising the child, while completely forgetting about the spouse. He, in turn, begins to feel the lack of love and affection for his wife. This crisis can also be easily overcome, only a woman needs to remember her spouse and divide her love into two. Or rather, start paying attention to your spouse too.

3. The next crisis is associated with the release of the spouse to work after maternity leave. A woman has devoted so much time to her child and husband, now she needs to go to work. With access to work, a woman has so many new impressions and opportunities that a man is alarming.Most likely, a man begins to fear possible betrayal by a woman.

4. The fourth crisis occurs at about the age of forty. When the children practically grew up, life took place, and the couple began to annoy each other. This period is a crisis of monotony.

Live without crises. Note expert advice

It is during this crisis that couples break up very often. The initiator, as a rule, becomes a woman. She begins menopause and she becomes indifferent to family life. If a spark of passion does not help this couple to survive the crisis, they part.

But the man after parting, basically finds another couple for himself to kindle this spark of passion, and starts a new family.

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