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Lumshory Medicinal Hot Water Boilers

In the Carpathians, I have been many times, and I thought that it was no longer possible to surprise me. A couple of days ago, a friend of mine came to visit, while having a cup of tea, we started talking about rest. She said she was going to the Carpathians, I was delighted, I decided thatit will be possible to shine with knowledge and awareness of this land, but it was not there! With friends she was going to Lumshory. “Where ?? !!” - I asked again, and I don’t know, and I didn’t hear it ... “You learn Zugglish” - I finally threw a girlfriend at me.The next These Lumshors were a pleasant surprise for me in Transcarpathia. What is so interesting here? I did not spend much time on the Internet, there is more than enough information. What turns out about this wonderful place everyone knew except me ?? !! So, closer to the subject.Here you canget into the "inferno". No, don't get scared - it's on really a joke. But in reality, in Lumshore, you can take hydrogen sulfide baths.Chany with water from hydrogen sulfide mineral source began use in Lumshora for medical procedures in the XVII century. Hydrogen sulfide Baths treated patients with disorders in the musculoskeletal system. The enterprising local princes and merchants noticed that the water in the village flows straight from the rock and that it is mineral - and this was used to organize the first the so-called resort. The first information about the use of mineral waters in medical institutions in Transcarpathia belong to the 16-18 century. In ancient texts there are mention of primitive baths - "bathing", and simple, excavated in the ground, pits in places where mineral water leaves the ground. AT large wooden trough poured cold mineral water, and then using hot stones, warmed up to a certain temperature. Much later two large cast-iron vats were cast, one of which is now located in the Vienna Museum, and the second was preserved by a local resident who found him on the bank of the river near the house. Today it is again used for its intended purpose. same. Chan is filled with cold mineral water, river stones are put on the bottom then the water is gradually heated over an open fire. Water reaches a certain temperature (about 30 degrees) and then begins bathing. Required condition - you need to alternate immersion in hot water with cooling in the mountain river. In a 250 liter tank at the same time can fit up to 6-8 people. About five years ago, the locals decided to renew their former resort fame Lumshor and cast three new vats. Now there are several vats in the village, cast by old technology. Two of them are located on the banks of the river Turichki, near the local kolyba. Here for a relatively moderate payment, you can cook in the "vat" - hot water boiler. Chan stands under an open sky, in a separate the courtyard. It is almost filled to the brim with mineral water, and still stands on the open bonfire. You climb into the vat, and you are thrown into the fire of wood, mixed Vodichku big spoon and jokes, jokes frighten or vice versa support. To avoid getting burned, cold river stones are thrown to the bottom of the tank, which are very weak and serve as a guarantee that you will not be cooked. After you take a steam bath - you need to plunge into the river water - they did there small grooves in the rapids - you can plunge for a few seconds into ice water. Then, it is recommended to plunge into the hot boiler again. After a few visits (to the vat, and then to the river) creates the feeling that a person is getting younger by eyes. Muscles and bones seemed to be replaced by newer, younger ones. Body breathes health, and the nervous system is immersed in a state of complete calm and harmony. Hot mineral water treats locomotor problems. apparatus, and contrasting cold water from a living river starts hiding mechanisms rejuvenation. Impact of hydrogen sulfide baths on the human body varied but always helpful. The use of baths in Lumshorah is not only something new, exclusive and unusual, but also a favorable effect on an organism. You will get a lot of positive emotions, and a charge of energy for a long time.

Having learned all this aboutpreviously unknown to me resort, I clearly understood why a friend with such confidence insisted thatI found out for myselfwhat is Lumshory, and why from year to year it does not change the place of rest, but rather goes "to boil in a vat."I read about the usefulness of such a vacation, I saw enough of photos of people, and I just can not understand, what did I not know about this place before ?! But now I probably know thatthe nextmy trip to the Carpathians without visiting Lumshor will not pass.

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