Lunar calendar haircuts for January 2017

Having beautiful and well-groomed hair is the dream of every woman. To achieve stunning results, girls spend a lot of time and money visiting expensive beauty salons. But even cosmetic procedures do not always favorably affect the condition of the hair and thus very much upset their owner. In fact, it is not necessary to spend huge sums on any procedures.

It is well known that the lunar cycle has a strong influence on a person. And this means that in order to have a beautiful head of hair (especially in winter), it’s enough to look incalendar haircuts for January 2017and find out which lunar day is suitable for haircuts and which is not.

Favorable and unfavorable days of haircuts in January

January 1 - 4 lunar day

If you decide to cut your hair today, it is advisable to abandon this idea. Haircut on the fourth lunar day will not bring a good result, on the contrary, it can cause the hair to start breaking and falling out.In addition, a trip to the hairdresser will attract many negative moments in your life, for example, the loss of something.

January 2 - 5 lunar day

Haircut on this day will give you wealth and well-being. If you want to change dramatically, then January 2 is the perfect time for that. Do not be afraid to experiment, because this approach will make your life brighter.

January 3 - 6 lunar day

hair cutting auspicious day 2017

Not a good time for a haircut. The moon is in Pisces, so any manipulation of the hair can negatively affect your personal affairs. Perhaps the appearance of dandruff, the hair will begin to fall mercilessly.

January 4 - 7 lunar day

A trip to the hairdresser on the seventh lunar day will attract detractors to your person and a lot of failures. Set aside a short haircut and you will save your hair from big trouble.

January 5 - 8 lunar day

On this day, the Moon will be in Aries, so try to avoid beauty salons, so you do not accidentally hit the barber's chair. On this day, it is better not to bring scissors to your hair, otherwise your idea will not be crowned with success.

January 6 - 9 lunar day

Today is not the best day to visit a hairdresser.A haircut will not only shorten your hair, it will also cut off your luck. In addition, you can invoke various ailments and other troubles.

January 7 - 10 lunar day

On this day you can dye and cut your hair with peace of mind. Any undertaking will make you brighter and more attractive. Feel free to ask the master for advice, because he knows exactly how to make you beautiful

January 8 - 11 lunar day

The perfect time to go to the salon. Your hair is already bored with shiny scissors and skilled hands of a hairdresser. Haircut will add you attractiveness, confidence, strength and health.

January 9 - 12th lunar day

Put all your plans at the expense of the barbershop for another day, because now the Moon is in Gemini, which means that you will only make it worse for your hair.

January 10 - 13 lunar day

auspicious days for haircuts coloring

A great time to trim the ends or trim the bangs. Find a skilled master and feel free to go to him for a haircut.

January 11 - 14 lunar day

Pretty auspicious day for a haircut. He will help you gain confidence and become a more successful person. Make styling or light curls - today you will look gorgeous in any image.

January 12 - 15 lunar day

Almost the middle of the lunar cycle, and on this day it is better not to go to the hairdresser. After going to the salon, you may feel worse, increase in blood pressure.

January 13 - 16 lunar day

This day is absolutely not suitable for trips to the master-hairdresser. Most likely, these procedures will not bring you pleasure, on the contrary, they will attract only trouble and envious ones.

January 14 - 17 lunar day

If you want to avoid various diseases, then we advise you to beware of haircuts. Hair is better to protect from outside interference, if they are dear to you.

January 15 - 18th lunar day

On this day after going to the hairdresser, the situation in family life may be significantly aggravated. In addition, you can attract unpleasant personalities.

January 16 - 19th lunar day

A favorable period for haircuts and other manipulations with hair. Everything that you do on your head today will have a positive reflection.

January 17 - 20 lunar day

A lot of trouble, both in personal and financial terms will attract a haircut on this day. If you dream of a lush head of hair, then you need to wait a bit with a trip to the salon.

January 18 - 20 lunar day

If possible - it is better to cancel a haircut on this day, especially after a day everything will be much better. The day is not strictly negative, however, disappointments in the result are possible.

January 19 - 21 lunar day

Great day for a haircut. Everything that you do today on your head will have a positive effect on your life. Well-being and happiness knock at the door.

January 20 - 22 lunar day

Want to finally get what you want - cut your hair. The condition of your hair will improve, they will shine and radiate health.

January 21 - 23 lunar day

The moon is in Scorpio, so it's best not to have a haircut on this day. Even the usual styling can adversely affect the condition of the hair. Wait a few days and with a clear conscience, go to the hairdresser.

January 22 - 24 lunar day

Extremely dangerous and not suitable day about carrying out procedures with hair. If you want to avoid illnesses and problems in material terms, it is better not to have a haircut on this day.

January 23 - 25 lunar day

With a haircut, you lose your composure and even health. Hold the end and go to the salon in a couple of days.

January 24 - 26 lunar day

lunar calendar haircuts 2017 favorable days january

Wonderful time to get a haircut.Change yourself and change your inner world. Hair will become thicker, well-groomed and radiant.

January 25 - 27 lunar day

Fill your life with pleasant moments and well-being just by visiting a beauty salon. Skilled hands of the master will give you a great look and beauty for a short period of time.

January 26 - 28 lunar day

Haircut on this day will give you new acquaintances that will grow into a strong friendship. Do not postpone the trip to the salon. Planned - do it!

January 27 - 29 lunar day

Absolutely inappropriate day for a haircut. It will not bring you anything worthwhile, but will only add problems.

January 28 - 1, 2 lunar day

If you do not want to incur conflicts, misunderstandings and monetary problems on your person, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​cutting hair. Even bangs should be cut another day.

January 29 - 3 lunar day

On this day, hair cutting is contraindicated in those people who care about their well-being.

January 30 - 4 lunar day

Wait with a haircut and then for a long time you will not learn about various problems and troubles. In addition, a trip to the salon will not make your hair healthy, but on the contrary, may cause dandruff.

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