March 2018 Full Moon

Probably, many people know about the influence of the Moon on everything happening on our planet, therefore, if you planned important things in early spring, you will probably be interested to know when the full moon in March 2018 comes.


Speaking about the impact of the satellite, they usually recall the ebb and flow. In fact, the effect on humans is also associated with water, which is contained in our body. Few people know that each of us consists of seventy percent of the fluid.

Physicists, biologists and astrologers have long known these laws of nature. The latter can even predict the state of people depending on the orientation of the Moon with respect to other planets, as well as depending on its phases. Usually the greatest influence of the satellite is observed during the Full Moon.

March 2018 Full Moon

Phases of the Moon in March

During the month, our satellite goes through several phases, which in their own way affect people's well-being. March 2018 is notable for the fact that during it will be two full moons. The first will be held on 02.03.18, and the second - 03/31/18. Speaking about this astronomical phenomenon, it is very important to know the exact time of the event. The nearest Full Moon will occur at 03:52 Moscow time.Here are some characteristics of this phenomenon:

Lunar day: 15
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Satellite illumination: 100%
The moon will rise: 18:37
The moon will disappear: 07:46

The second Full Moon comes at 15:38 Moscow time. It will be characterized by such data:

Lunar day: 14
Zodiac sign: Libra
Satellite illumination: 100%
The moon will rise: 18:52
The moon will disappear: 06:31

Download the lunar calendar for March 2018

The impact of the moon 02.03.18

On this day, our companion will influence us to the maximum. During this period, chronic diseases are exacerbated, anxiety increases. This time is dangerous for those who have open wounds or suffer mental disorders. In the full moon is observed:

  • increased fertility;
  • increased negative thinking;
  • craving for alcohol;
  • impulsive behavior when communicating.

At the same time, in the Full Moon, it is recommended to collect medicinal herbs, because they have the maximum healing properties.

In addition, the day of the week matters. 03/02/18 - it's Friday. It is ruled by Venus, which is mysterious and mysterious.

For a long time this day was considered to be female.During it was not recommended to load women with hard work. The most ideal pastime during this period is a good rest.

Since the bright planet is responsible for beauty and elegance, then Friday can be devoted to summing up or liberation from all that is old and indecent. You can also do the preparation for the next week.

The moon in the constellation Virgo leaves its mark on this day. During his best to do work that requires a painstaking approach. It is especially good for financial transactions. Engaging in financial activities on this day will bring tangible material effect. A serious and thoughtful approach to real estate also promises good results. A good effect will be given by refresher courses, all kinds of studies, trade, mediation services, procurement activities.

03/02/18 will be a day of temptation. Much will depend on the path that you choose and on your reaction to various events. On this day, you can easily spoil relationships with loved ones.

Lunar activity 31.03.18

This day will be on Saturday. She is influenced by Saturn.This planet has a strong and heavy energy and is responsible for work and study.

Saturday is best to do:

  • planning for the upcoming week;
  • solving all the problems that have accumulated over the past seven days;
  • drawing up various estimates;
  • holding business meetings.

When to make a wish?

Full moon is considered the period when the most cherished dreams can come true. It is no coincidence that during this period attempts are being made to change their lives. As you know, thoughts can materialize. The main thing is right and at the right time to formulate your request to the universe. It is said that during the Full Moon period even the stars help people.

The best time for guessing is considered when our star goes beyond the horizon, and the Moon appears in the sky. The best option is when the Full Moon comes in the evening hours. Moonrise clearly visible from all sides. It is believed that during this period all desires come true.

Full Moon in March 2018 Moscow time

There are twelve such moments in the year. That is, in all these periods, you can give your request to the Cosmos. Connoisseurs argue that it is important to think about your dreams not only directly on the day of the Full Moon, but after it a couple more days.By this time it is necessary to prepare very seriously. First, it is necessary to determine in advance the number and time of this event. Secondly, the process itself must be carried out without unnecessary witnesses. It’s better not to dedicate anyone to your plans at all. Equally important is your attitude. It should be as positive as possible.

Before you make a request to the Universe, you need to decide for yourself how ready you are to make your dream come true. It is equally important to correctly formulate your request to the Universe.

This should not be a list of messy wishes, but a well-thought out and verified desire. You need to clearly imagine the fulfillment of this request, that is, a situation where your dream has already come true. It is necessary to feel that state of mind when “the tit is already in your hands”.

It also seems very important to constantly look at the desires (like the layouts of the cards) and their constant adjustment. As a result, there should remain the most important desire and its clear formulation.

Some astrologers believe that the best time to go to heaven is midnight. The ritual of conversion is that you ask in a whisper for the fulfillment of your most cherished desire. In this case, you should not take your eyes off the heavenly body.The energy of your promise must be strong enough to reach the Cosmos. Only in this case, you can count on the fulfillment of desire.

As already mentioned, the moon has a very strong effect on the aquatic environment. If you do not have the opportunity to directly "contact" with the heavenly body, you can put a vessel with water on the window sill at night, so that the moon directly shines on the water. Then, at a convenient time for you, you can ask the charged water to fulfill your desire. The double energy of you and our companion will help the fulfillment of desire.

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