Mercedes CLS 2019

So, again, Mercedes and again a novelty from the most famous brand from Germany, which at the salon in the USA presented the most promising project of creating a fundamentally new car. The lineup of famous Mercedes has received replenishment in the form of an elegant and at the same time powerful sedan of the third generation of the 2019 CLS series. The famous Mercedesbenz concern showed a teaser for the interior of the coupe cls 2019 of a wide automotive responsibility on the catwalks of the Los Angeles Auto Show in December 2017. The Mercedes-Benz company is currently conducting large-scale work on the development of the main conceptual solutions of the novelty.


Since 2004, when unique design solutions were presented, this line of cars is considered the most promising direction. From that, already distant pores, a whole class of vehicles has been created, the equipment and prices of which fall into the category of "luxury". Coupe with a solid appearance and high speeds has become a worthy competitor in its segment to other brands of world importance.

Mercedes cls 2019

About the 2018 Mercedes coupe in general

First of all, the modernization touched most of the details, in particular the geometry and external data. Initially, the car was positioned as a model, which is subject to the highest speeds, this fact became the basis for the further unification of aerodynamic parameters, which, judging by the available photos, was a great success. Fans of this direction will remember the predecessors of the new 2019 season in the Gran Turismo class. The basic principles that formed the basis of the CLS model range are;

  • Dynamic when driving in any conditions, be it a street in a megacity, a high-speed highway or a mountain road;
  • Comfortable and sufficient simple control, the newest body embodies the best technological developments of the present;
  • Exquisite updated, but no less noble design, the use of brand colors, discreet neutral tones;
  • Reliable and safe while driving, even for a beginner. For customers who prefer safety and reliability, the new details will please. Practically in all models, in particular - the CLS coupe of season 2019 used the best development of management, control and navigation systems at the world level of quality.


Fans of the brand may notice that, despite the relatively high price qualification, the car enjoys constant growing demand. Literally every four years there is an update of the model range, in 2010, 2014 and now, in the seasonal offer 2019, which is rightly considered by experts as a reasonable decision of the automaker. The release date of the new car on the European market has already been made public by the manufacturer, this is March - April of the current year, first of all, the top versions of the model will go on sale. Consumer demand in Russia, China and the United States will be satisfied somewhat later. The start of sales in Russia is likely to take place in mid-2018. To date, the price is not specified, but presumably the basic version and the minimum grade will start from $ 57,000, $ 0.

Modern externally and internally

Mercedes cls 2019

Fans of the brand may note that the planned cost is quite large. What is offered in the face of new items, reviews of which already cause a healthy curiosity?

  1. The dimensions of the model are increased, more elegance and less aggression have appeared in the exterior design;
  2. The body structure eliminated all the protruding elements that prevent the achievement of high speeds;
  3. The concept of the 2019 model year used additional accents in the form of LED lights. The rear set features three-dimensional graphics and crystal backlighting;
  4. Judging by the existing spy photos, the new coupe is distinguished by solid sport-type wheel arches, a small ground clearance, a short stern and a significant inclination of the panes;
  5. A set of aerodynamic exterior mirrors with a special mount.

New Mercedes cls 2019 model year. Specifications, release date, equipment and prices, the beginning of sales in Russia

Tests and test drive in the enhanced mode showed not only the excellent qualities of the car, but also the versatility of the interior design, where everything is restrained, stylish, noble. There are options Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, ATTENTION ASSIST, Speed ​​Limit Assist, PRE-SAFE complex, climate control "three seasons". The car is equipped with two color 12.3-inch displays, heated front row of seats.

Power units

The technical characteristics of the novelty are impressive even for professionals.

CLS 350 d 4Matic 286 l. forces Consumption 5, 7 l
400 d 4Matic 340 l. forces 5, 6 - 5, 7 l
450 4Matic 367 liters forces 7, 5 l


The motors work with the automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC system with 9 steps.

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