Minimum set of home tools

Every man should be able to perform minor repairs with his own hands. Hang a chandelier, a curtain or a shelf, replace a bathroom faucet, drill a hole in the wall. For all this action you need a number of tools. And immediately the question arises, what tools should be available in the house, what is really necessary, and what can one do without?

In fact, not so many tools are needed for most tasks. The money will take about ten thousand rubles, for which you can buy about a dozen tools and this will be enough to avoid repeated trips to the store. But if you have a summer cottage, you will definitely need chainsaws, the price for which is now low.

To begin, let's start with the most important tool - it is a hammer, here. In the purchase of a hammer in theory, at least, there should be no nuances.If it is steel and can hammer a nail, then it is good. A hammer worth buying with a wooden handle. The most inexpensive hammer can be bought for two hundred rubles.

The next step in filling our house with tools will be the purchase of screwdrivers. Here the eyes can run away from the store's range. In a screwdriver, the convenience of the handle and the quality of the steel from which the core is made is important. In order not to buy an incredible number of screwdrivers, you can buy one with interchangeable bits, here. Just do not buy the cheapest, they are not durable, it is worth choosing well-known manufacturers.

We also need a drill, you can choose, as the battery and wired. Wire drills are more powerful, but the cordless tools are more mobile. And if there is no global work in the house, then a cordless drill is fine, you can also use it as a screwdriver. From email tools it makes sense to buy e. jigsaw.

Next, the keys. For the house you will need one adjustable wrench and a set of standard keys, it is desirable that they should be closed at one end.

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