Mitsubishi Pajero 2019

The Japanese company, the logo of which is three faceted diamonds, joined together, has a tradition to produce high-quality, reliable, high-quality and high-speed off-road vehicles. The main concept at the beginning of the development and release of the model was taken from the famous American "Jeep", the main principle of which is high reliability and excellent technical characteristics.


The new models of Mitsubishi even outwardly resemble the legendary American of the war years, to whom the jungles of Asia and the endless sands of North Africa were equally subservient. That is, these cars are effective in conditions of almost complete off-road.

At the very beginning of the mass production of the Pajero series, in 1962, the idea of ​​harmonizing the high technical characteristics of a military vehicle with the convenience and comfort of an elegant passenger passenger vehicle was embodied in the new body.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2019

In combination with high technical characteristics, each generation of the Pajero series is distinguished by an increasingly stylish design, high-quality interior trim, improved performance and increased options for controlling driving dynamics.

The new model, which is the next fifth restyling of the 1982 model, was the result of a merger of Japanese companies of world importance. A somewhat unexpected generation of past generations Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero, judging by the reviews, led to the creation of a powerful, powerful, high-speed and aggressive computer on wheels.

New approaches to model formation

Based on the analysis of available data, periodically entering the network, a powerful and technically advanced SUV of the new generation, both externally and according to the concept of the interior design - luxurious and status, is closer to premium cars.

Even the first photos of the interior allow us to estimate how the level of options and their technological capabilities have changed compared with their predecessors. The car was initially positioned as a passenger vehicle to cover significant distances in extreme external conditions. The latter characteristic is due to increased patency.

Today, the manufacturer offers several options for configuration and price, body color and interior design style, which provides the broadest possibilities for choosing various variations at your own discretion.Choosing a car, judging by the photos available, will allow to solve the most diverse individual tasks of the owner. So, let's take a closer look at everything.

About the exterior of the new Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero 2019

Traditionally, dating begins with the exterior. The updated body is completely different from all previous modifications without exception. We can say that the concept of an SUV for a fairly long term. The new 2019 model year received significant differences from all that was the concept of the body of the Mitsubishi concern in relation to the Pajero SUV past decades. What new things did the Japanese designers bring to the exterior of the fifth generation of the legendary SUVs?

  1. Sharp angles, rectilinear shapes, squares and rectangles, multistage reliefs are now the basis of the geometry of the outlines;
  2. The hood becomes almost completely flat, without corners, reliefs and volumetric elements;
  3. On spy photos, a radically redesigned radiator cap is perfectly visible, which has become a rectangular shape with numerous chrome-plated decorative details;
  4. The excellent quality of square xenon lights and a range of fog lighting elements has been confirmed by numeroustests and carried out in extreme test drive.

The wheel arches are somewhat swollen, the huge square panes have significantly increased visibility. Dimensions.

Length cm 490, 0
Width cm 187, 5
Height cm 187, 0
Clearance cm 22, 5 – 23, 5
Curb weight kg 2110,0 – 2380,0

About salon

New Mitsubishi Pajero 2019 model year

Inside, everything is extremely stylish. Here, only nice leather, plastic, stylized decorative aluminum, and high-quality modern fabric. The latest news is a stylish slim steering wheel and comfortable seats with a mass of options. The market entry date is the beginning of autumn 2018, so today you should familiarize yourself with the features of the car’s functions.

About motors

The start of sales in Russia is literally in 2 - 3 months, it does not hurt to start choosing the engine for the future acquisition:

  • Diesel, volume 3, 2 liters. with a capacity of 200 liters. from. ;
  • Gasoline, 3, 0 l. , 178 l. from. ;
  • Gasoline, 3, 8 liters. , 250 l. from. ;

Motors operate in tandem with automatic transmissions of type 5 tbsp. and mechanical boxes 5 tbsp. The price of the base starts from 2, 3 million rubles, TOP - 3, 5 million rubles.

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