Modern lighting lamps. Kind view of lampata

  • Life is 1000 hours (about 1 year, but the service of the lamp is small, it's worth it)
  • Toplinno ivychvane
  • High energy consumption

Halogenni lampi

Halogennata lamp e lamp is pressed from the bulb, pool with gas. Such is the device allowing for spiralata and burn brightly. On a special halogen, in a special way on bromine, in a lot of volatility on a sausage spoon, the paint was painted on transparency on the side of the time for non-operation of the stomach.


  • spetsyavayki up to 30% of energy
  • Svetlina is stable with high brightness
  • like a flower on flowers
  • Lips on ultraviolet


  • vispa toplinna radiation
  • Sensitiveness
  • Stomach - 2000 - 3000 hours

"Energospestyavaschi" (compact fluorescent) lamps

In tezi lampi, the flow of the flow of the portion of the premina va pre-flask, is filled with live betting, which will lead to the formation of ultraviolet light. Phosphoric coating on the top of the inner surface of the lamp turns the lamp into visible light.


  • spetsyavayki up to 80% of energy
  • slightly rasseyvane on toplinata
  • wide range on chromaticity on svetlinnata radiation
  • operating belly - from 6 to 15 hours
  • uniformity on the distribution of svetlinata


  • Recycling is necessary, you should take a live and phosphorus (slightly from 5 mg), that is, the cathode is deprived from the pervat (in high-visibility) category for danger and iziskvat recycled in the factory. For comparison: Thermometers behind the house with 3,000 - 5,000 mg of live.
  • Infraireveno and UV cure
  • (up to 1 minute), but Philips lamp production, koito is pressed for a few seconds, for yes and they will seethe with great force, the cathozi lamps of the Quick Start logo.
  • comparatively high price
  • for a term expiration for a term predpreprezhenie elektrozahranvanetto
  • Unstable work when the temperature is dry at 0 ° C

LED lights

Led light sa high tech solution based on semiconductors and crystals. Instead of a cross from a crawl or a gas in a LED lamp, there is a light on the screen from the thinning of the semiconductor crystal components.

LED structure
There are two main types of LEDs: the indicator and the type of lighting.The LED type indicator, for example, 5 mm, is not causic, from the bottom of the power LEDs, suitable for using the cathode LED on the tabl, device or computer for lightening the device, located on the table. LED brightening type, known for installation montage (SMD), high brightness LED (HB) light emitting diode or high power (HP) LED - hopeful power of the device, able to provide desires of a svetlina from points to light to light.

Vsichki LEDs on the type of clarification imat is one and the design is based. Including a semiconductor chip (or chip), based on a crystal that is installed on the crystal, contact for delivery to the authorities, conductors for an element, contact the chip, the radiator, and the housing to the lens. Some LEDs, such as the TFFC LEDs, are designed by Philips Lumileds, but do not require a wire.

Tyo kato LED with type of indicator sa with low power, the cell is generated by toplin in ty se rasseiva vtre in the LED itself. The type of brightening of the LED of the foreclosure, which has been welded to the surface, which is known on the topline, is generated from the LED.A single heat sink e from the vital importance of the normal to the function of the LED.


  • operating abdomen - 25 hours
  • Energy economics - 80%
  • unforgettably giving bright svetlina
  • of lipsera on infrachervena and ultravioletova svetlina
  • lime on toplinna radiation
  • quality and brightness on the light of the stream


  • Regarding the price of the lamp bulb (299 rubles for a Philips LED lamp, 60 W lamp with a plug-in analogue)


Sokolite sa from different type and design. Understand koi from tyah help for marquanetho.

Parvata letter showing type on kapachkata. In domestic clarification of se izvzvvat chiefly:

  • The sole basis (Edison)
  • G - pin base

The number in the caption is shown on the diagonal of the part of the site or between the pinch.

Malkite letters on the edges of the display on the contact plate, pinch or grip (the most for any kind):

  • s - single contact
  • g - two contacts

To understand the letter, add the letter U, adding the letter U, which is the meaning of the energy lamp.

LED bulbs for home lighting imat standartno socles, which are suitable for nai-izpolzvite in the course for the daily.

Fixed base E (Edison)

Socle e10 - Comrade e nai-malkiyat from the base Can it be done in the colleges of the garland or in fenerchet.

Base E14 - so call helpers, find all of them in the lamplight, in the form of snow, and in pollen. Modern LED lamps are used in Takawa support, they can be replaced from any standard lamp with a plug-in switch, which means you can use energy. Svetlinata kruska chambered by ima golyamo variety from the type: krusha, svesh, svlza form, spherical, ogledalo, etc.

Socle e27 - illuminate the bodies with a nakaba support of the most honor, they will discourage them from standardizing the kaseti, who are instantiated by every flock. The LED lamps from takava kapachka, moreover, can be found on standardi and know-how, press lamps, and they will be able to match every lamp with a similar cassette.

Delivery for okavhvane

Socket GU10 - Immobilized in the case for contact at the right from the kasetat. Tosi type of sheaf yma standardni tavanni svetlini.

PLUG GU5,3 - nay-chesto se bred in halogenite MR16 crus. Takawa support for the clarification on the accentite, in the lamp for the furniture, in pumping and decorating. Svetodite the lamp from such a base as a submission from a wide wide range, so that they can replace halogenite lamps.

Options on the lamp

Firstly, the lamp is characterized by a goleminateEnergy Consumption (Vata). Lumpy with a press-on reject - use 40-60 cotton wool. Silata on LED lamps for home goals varir from 1 to 15 cotton. It is important that you understand what is consumed by energy, which is characteristic of the “speed” because of the cost of energy to be consumed, instead of the light stream, the coito determines brightly bright light lines.

Svetlinen stream measured in lumeni and found out from the source to svetlina in relation to the ability and light of the school.

Color temperature- Parameter, coitot determines the shade on the colors on the illuminated on the lamp. Topala byala svetlina dissuade on tsvetsata temperature 2700 - 3500 ° K (2700 - Ima is definitely zhlt shade and osiguryavane to conveniently clarification 3500 - close to byalo and around). The temperature on the colors from 4000-5000 ° of condescension on the non-intraline whitea svetlina, Osiguryava is strong and convenient to brighten. 6500 ° C and, in spite of all, there is the ice-cream of Byala Svetlina, because of the creeping for street lighting (for example, when the temperature is set, they have become bright and bright).

A friend is important -color and valueThat characterizes accuracy in terms of colors on the object, when there is light from the lamp.The odds on the Prenasians are on the color of a rag and bessed on the packing of a lamp, and for the LED from the point of view, for clarification, rag and even 80 Ra.

Not a little important indicator -eksploatatsionniya belly, Before and after all, the lamp will crawl and be confided to the manufacturers, if in disgust the case of a risk for a period of service, the wagna will not cross it.

Electrical Crushes and Health

Improve the company rule by a lot of research, studying the wiki as a clarification of the influence of health and welfare of the horat. In the course of training, they will make decisions. Producers are members of the European Association for Lighting (European Association of Lighting), including Philips, will produce LEDs, while spasvane on the nay-strict laws and regulations (and those sa many strictures in the EU).

Let it be a flock, illuminated from a LED lighting solution, safe to talk, safe and happy on the street with a natural light in a flock or friend from a source to an independent light, or a lamp with a pressed bump.

According to the International Standard Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62471, the brightness of the division into four risk groups.Sunny light falls into 2 or 3 groups (nai-temple risk for vision). At the same time, LED lamps behind the houses brighten, somehow and others from light from the light to the light (lamps with a pressed bump, halogenni and compact fluorescent lamps), they find the risk - 0 or 1. Take advantage of this time for the street - The cha of the vaginae is good enough to creep up the point of protection.

Sinyata part of the spectrum is not harmful for sight. Horata, a koito of a statement of risk (sensitivity of the basin and a portion of the spectrum is prekalenno), trybing and LED creeping or a compact luminescent lamp with a low color temperature every day. There is such a prey and a preditmstvo on the lamp with nuance.


LED is one of the most promising areas of development for lighting technology: enjoy unique features to enable them to use LEDs for almost unlimited time.

Development of technologies for technical progress, segmentation is difficult and we will present some kind of home brightening, for example, in a hundred years. Ako accepts, than modernize trends to reflect the prospects of apartments, to clarify more energy efficiently, dynamically and to increase and supplement natural light.Thanksgiving on LED and OLED technology (organic light emitting diodes), from the point of view of lightness to the mogat and all of them creeping out for any kind of surface: furniture, wall, under, dere. For example, svetlinite tapes on the Philips on the arrangement, they will be visited, the cell wall will shine and svetlite mode mogat and will be traded. Such a sutur of those sunshine may shine with a pleasant byala svetlina, and a present day from the piestate from nuance. The OLED terminal can be replaced by a window, a koito presumably missing the light partly from a denonoschitto and serve as a kato transparently, and a preconditioning nai-tnnyya panel the simulate of crawling or izvreva slantchev sutrint.

Svetat about us: at least for electrical mugs Pavel Dmitriev

plinth - The element is required for the attachment to the lamp in the kasetat and the electrically charged current. Modify the lamp from the crawl to different types of cassettes.

Ima many species sucked. This is a matter of preservation before the store for a new lamp for a svetlina or svetlini, it is important that you pay attention to the kapachkata, from the border to the lamp.

sveta: In modern Chinese fields and lamps, all of the creeping lamps with a lot of exotic substrates. For yes, you will avoid the problem with us on the lamp for a podmyan in a better way, buy an electric product,intended for lamps with popular substrates.

Systematics for the notation on the rafts come all the way from the following element:

I) Parvata letter showingKapachka type:

  • "E" shows, that the nest of the carving (bazaat on Edisun) is one of the most popular (E27, E14);
  • "G" in imeto on socle showed how to tuck a bolt into second most popular (G4, GX53);
  • “R” means a contact between a contact and a contact (R39, R63);
  • "P" shows kapachkata behind focus;
  • "B" is shown by the tetras support (goods);
  • "S" shows, chevata e soffit.

Ii) Find it in soccla and find the number. Goodsdiameter Spread over a piece of space or between the pinch.

Iii) On socla mogat and edak Malka letter. Those mean a bro on contact plastini, press short or shchiftov in the basin base.

  • s = one contact,
  • d = two contacts
  • t = three contacts
  • q = four contact
  • p = pet of contact.

Screw cap (E14, E27, E40)

Conventional lighting lamps are carved with a base with a diameter of 14, 27 or 40 mm and a special carving with a golyam stupka. Takiva substrates are available in E14, E27 and E40. The letter E (Edison) means a screw device. Figure, following the letter in the classification, speculation on the diameter in the millimeter.

Lampi with nest E27 (ES) sa tezi "lukovitsi on Ilic", on koito, all sorts of sviknali.Nay-chesto se izzolzvat in poliley, the ceiling, the walls and the lamp. Based on the E27 e rezbova system for the front and rear of the cassette and the lamp with a diameter of 27 millimeters. Takiva lampi sa nai-cesto zhranvani from AC 220V (AC).

(SES) - Much more popular. Luminaries with Takawa pillar of honor will be drawn by "servants" for miniatures with classic lamps and shrouds. In practice, you should put in an apartment apartment, each of the montirat lamps with a Takawa support. Nay-chesto tovaya e kitchen, then aletna or bath, corridor. Farove with the E14 base will accept the format on "glitter" (C37), topkat (G45), or "gb" (R63, R50, R39). Takiva lampi sa nai-cesto zhranvani from AC 220V (AC). Diametr on the bowl rack e 14 mm.

Lampi with nest E40(GES) chesto imat more power and more of creeping into industrial and street lighting. For example, the DRL imat lamp is exactly the exact base. Takiva lampi sa protection from AC 220V (AC). Diametr on the bowl stand e 40 mm.

In addition, please follow a little popular base with carving:

  • E5 - micro brumbar (LES) with a diameter of 5 mm,
  • E10 - miniature Kosh (MES) with a diameter of 10 mm,
  • E12 - miniature Kosh (MES) with a diameter of 12 mm,
  • E17 - Malka base (SES) with a diameter of 17 mm,
  • E26 - Medium support (ES) with a diameter of 26 mm.

Nest nest (G4, GU5.3, G6.35, GU10, G9, G13, G23, G53, GX53)

It is designated from the letter G. The system with a pinch is made from a lamp on the frame of a kasetat from a crawl.The number in the name shows on the distance between the center on the exhaust (on the figure, this distance is equal to N), and for the diameter of the district, on the center of the district.

For kapachki from tozi type of honestly from the creeping of additional symbols, show modifications that are not interchangeable and are not interchangeable for lamps: U, X, Y, Z. For example, the contact lamp 53 GX and G53 and the distance between the center at the top (53 mm) but from Understand the size of the substrate,

Nay-ce all cross in halogenni and light-emitting diodes from the size of MR16, koito se from creeping into lightening for a niche, domakinskaya, decorative and showcases. Beside tezi bulbs se storage from 220V (AC) or 12V (AC / DC). Between drugoto, mediums LED crashes basis base e is a lot of popular.

LAMPI WITH VERTYING TIPKapachka GU10 Get the size of the MR16, put it in a cuffet and twist it to the edge of the special switch. Consequently, those of you will creep away, to some extent be pleased by the vibration or influence of the influence of other lamps or light. The delivery to the lamp from the GU10 socket is confined to the power supply from AC 220V (AC).

First of all, you can see from the GU10 and GU5.3 pillars that you can distinguish yourself from the view and view on the tweeter.

Designed for miniatures of the lamp with the body of the MR11, which is widely used for decorative lighting thanks to a spotlight.Nai-totov sa lamp with a low voltage for 12 / 24V voltage, but it is like this for 220V (AC). Predimstvata on the tezi lamps, you will manifest a predisposition in illuminating the body for tavani and gvkavi illuminating the system.

Much like to foreshadow. Spacing between 6.35 mm and 6 inches. The delivery to taki lampi is bored and two from AC 220V (AC).

Socle g9 - and the socket on the pin, in the format for two lengths from the bodies with a distance between 9 mm and more. Lampi with G9 nest se i crawl over for accent lighting and decorative lighting, they quickly smash them in the lines behind the houses. Based on tweeter much convenient for izpolzvane - montage and podmyanata on lampit e bye and lessen.

Zakachete nest with a distance of 13 mm between the pinch. LAMP WITH TASI BASIS SA Nai-CHEST INSTALIENT IN LIGHTING THE BODY OF KATO Armstrong, LPO, LVO, LSP and others.

Spread fluorescents and LED bulbs T8 and the base of the G13 is pressed and self similar.

Socle g23- Commodity snowboard with spacing between schiftovete 23 mm. Lampi with Takawa is the basis of being creeped into the lamp for the mas, lamp for the soul and the bath. Stenite on tezi light body imat spetsialni open for mounting in the wall of the lamp.

Chesto of izpolzva for pumping tavani to the dwellings and the office of the fortress, tat kato on the lamphate from the kapachka (28 mm).Takiva Lampi is a complete factory and I cross the spiral with a special brava (Kato Lampi with GU10 base). Spread between the center on a pinch of 53 mm. The lamp of the GX53 will be working with a current of 220V (AC) and will not need a transformer.

For svzvane on mezzi lamp it is pretty convenient for the socket on the lamp, not all of the extras of the Kaseti.

- "brother golemiyat on socx GX53". This is quite similar to Tova, with the basin of the razlika, which is located between the center on a tweeter and 70 mm.

Lamp withG53 resin All of the crawls in the region, each one of them is the accent of clarification, for example, you will focus on the clarification of objects in the Targovskiy premises, restaurants, boutiques and galleries, to the rooms from the Tavani highlands, possibly and illuminate the scene.

A lamp with a kapachkata e nay-chesto se i crawled into the body with panti-type lamp "cardan".

plinth e elementelectric lamp, necessary for fixing the lamp in the kasetat, somehow and for the lead on the electric current of the lamp. Plot e worked from metal, ponyakoga from ceramics. That image in part on the lamp (electro, niches) and inside - contact.

For yes, count the lightness on the flock, and yes, you can imprint on it from the calculator for a number that is cleared to the flock.

When different lamps are used, they differ in the type of cassette, in each cassette of the monitor itself, with a suitable basis. Kupuvaneto on the election of a lamp or a lamp for it, a tryaba and all take a look at the lamp of the kapachka, from spreading to the illumination of light.

There are many species and subspecies on socles. 2 main groups:schift,carvingThe nay-cesto screw down screw with rezba.

Parvata the letter in the marker on the kapachkata defines the type:

  • E - rezbova based on Edison;
  • G - nest for pinch;
  • R - a sheaf with in addition contacts;
  • B - nest for pinch (bayonet);
  • S - Soft software;
  • P - Kapachka behind focusirane;
  • T - telephone jack;
  • K - cable socket;
  • W - without lamp.

Number, which shows the size on the ground or between contact, for example:E14, E27, G5, G13;

Malkite letters will determine the bro on the contact or weave:

  • go- 1 contact;
  • g - 2 contacts;
  • t - 3 contacts;
  • R - 4 contacts;
  • R - 5 contacts;

Edisonian Rezbova Foundation E

Tosi type of sheaf e nai-izpolzvan from inventing the negoviya Edison. Negovata rezbov form for the front end on the lamp of the crawl in bitovite lamps and poliley. purposeEhh conformance to diameters in millimeters. For example: soclee27 - rezbov vzzka with a diameter of about 27 mm.

Diameter, mm


Microcosol (LES)

Support miniatures (MES)

Support miniatures (MES)

Minion (SES)

Malka Base (SES)

Average base (ES)

Average base (ES)

Golyama Base (GES)

Socle E14.

E14 - that e "creature"The only thing that you need to do is call in the daily view of Vilicia.

Socle E27.

E27- E. Nai-Izvestiyat and Nai-Hesto baptize a view of socle. Tazi socle at the moment of its crawl is not itself in the manufacture of a lamp with an actuated bitch But there is such a kind of lamp, such as lamps:. halogen, energy conspiracy compact luminescent lamp, liberated from the disagreement, and so-called. Praying, have a foreknowledge, Che compact fluorescent lampi ess resinE27andE14 Those are not suitable for working in electronic circuits and dimers.

Nest G. nest.

In a pinch pinch, from the crawl pinch system is located on the bottom of the case. The number in the name shows on the distance between the center on the schittovete and on the edge of the center on the periphery, on the coyatous center on the exhausting. letterU x y z Determines modifications on the structure. These substrates are not interchangeable!

Spacing between

contact mm

G5.3 GU5.3 GX5.3

G4 base

G4 base From the bottom of the miniature halogenni lamp with a voltage of 12V or 24V. Live on halogen lamp from more than 2000 hours.

Socket g5

Socket g5 From the crawl in the luminescent lamp, with a diameter of 16 mm.

Socle g13

Main GU5

Lampi with kapachkaGU5.3 (MR16) All of the crawls in the domakakstinata for lightening.

Socket GU10

Lampi with kapachkaGU10 Contact us at the edges on contact for directly from the cartridge.

Kapachka with vdlbnat contact R.

Tozi is a type of solarium of izolzvva in nyakoi variety of quartz and halogenni lampi, somehow and with clarification from the intensity of light. The tiraphritis in the marker on the capaccata will be determined by the total lamp bulb, mm.

Krg R7s

Connector for pinch (bayonet) B.

The figure in the marker on the nest on the pinch determines the diameter of the capaccata (B9s, B15d, B22d) mm. The Nainat function is the asymetry of the contact page, which is located in the lamp caption (chamber), it is strictly predetermined, for focusing on the light stream, for example, in the car near the distance of the leks or the ships of the light line.

In other countries, instead of dimension in millimeters, this is the creep of shrinkage:

BC - Bayonet Cap (Bayonet base) =B22d, Ruski Ezik 2Sh22;

SBC - Malka bayonet Kapachka (Malka bayonet base) =B15d, Ruski Ezik 2Sh15;

MBC or MBB - Kapachki / Basi bayonet miniatures (Miniature Bayonet base) = Ba9s, Ruski Ezik 1Ш9;

Cap BA15D.

Spotlight socle S.

Socle "S" (festoons or torpedo lamps / garlands) - Kapachkite located at a distance from the side of a country, for example, cathode a predawn. The figure defines the diameter of the enclosures in mm (S6, S7, S8.5). Tezi Lamy Cesto izpolzvat for clarifying the interior on the car and registration number.

SV7 and SV8.5 chips.

Lampi from tozi type se i crawl into cars for clarification on registration tables and clarified on the cab.

Kapachka defender P.

Socle "P" (Prefocus base type / nest focus type) - Tozi kapachki type, from the folds to the shrayb projector, navigation lights, projectors, projectors, projectors and other detachments, which is located in the nest, focusing on the light in advance defined by posite. the markers will determine the diameters for the focus behind the focus or partly from the kapachkata.

Kapachka P20d

From the crawl se in svetlinite on the car.

Telephone socket T

Illuminate bunks for clarification, conzoli, mnemonic schemes and so-called. Sa suitable for tosi type of cocktail. The circumference of the marker will be determined by the width in millimeter, which is measured by contacting the plate. Sega tezi lampi izdzvvat in various panels for automation, mnemonichnye chains, control panels.

In fact, many non-standard racks, from spreading into different lighting lamps:

  • K - socle with cable break;
  • H - Special base for xenon lamp.

In type on screwsW Contact with a cassette of a protich direct directer of a current conductor, located on a wall based on a lamp. The number of indications is the total output of a dowelin on a wall with 1 input current. Next, you set the sign for multiplication and width for a base based on a kapachkata in mm.

When choosing electrically crocks, particular attention is paid to tyhnata power and to goleminate to apply a caution, understand how to look like peelers and look through the body itself. The last depends on reserved for nishkata and quality to vrzkata. Based on the design of the lamp on the celia, the little kreto is enclosed in the bottle.

Video light bulbs


You see Kaseti constantly podkryavat and now traded. In the basin, it is necessary and se the borders of the markers on the product, and also pay attention to the product, which is based on the lamp for lighting, replaced by the light, and replaced.

Not all bodies can be standardized on a standard method. In a better way, you can have problems with armrest. This is a matter of trying and buying products from a community design.

Designations on every sculptury include the element. Parvata letter reflecting neynia type, coito can be done on the same:

  • E - rezba (nay - known for the lamp with press-on disc);
  • G - PIN;
  • R - in contact contact;
  • P - with focusran;
  • B - pinch;
  • S - sofiten;
  • T - telephone;
  • K - cable;
  • W e lamp without a light.

Number, following the letter, reflecting the width of the piece, affecting the kasetat or between the distance to contact.

Brooch on shchiftov, floaters or other interruptions se denoted by malka letters: s = 1, d = 2, t = 3, q ​​= 4, p = 5.

Material for Winkel e metal, resistant to corrosion or coating. Insert the electrodes on the base of the glass, plastics and ceramics.

When choosing a lamp, take a look at the following points:

  • typical view of the support;
  • the lamp for the caution and the outside, each one is designed and installed instalira;
  • consumation for energy;
  • schema on svzvane kym from the source.

Edison Beshe Tozi, the coyto of the projecter of the propeller of the rifle from the kasetat to the nay-chestoyat lamp with the press-on plug. Sega Takawa is also popular for energospetstyavaschi lamps. A diameter of 27 mm has been broken, and every day it crawls on every step: in the shades, lines, lamp walls.The safety limit is pre-220V AC.

Screwed lamp base

Popularly sized on E14. For a lamp with a pressurized bulge, the lamp is not suitable for a little cold, but a value that doesn’t mean much more than a lot of toplin. From the beginning, you can see them in the pulp in the kitchen, in the banyatas or in the corridor, but you can already see the sega.

Under the voltage of 110V, all of the creeping supports E26 and E17. The miniatures of the lamp, the size of the E5, E10, and E12, are not a lot of honor, but they will illuminate the instrumentation, those of the creep into the lamp, and not much energy and district lighting.

In the industry of lighting the body and for street lighting of the crawl of the E40 bazaar. It is necessary for power from 250 W or more.

For loading the lamp from the kasetat, with the imager and pinch system. The number of the trace of the letter G means distance between two contacts, and with their golemia, the diameter is the diameter of the terminal, preceding the center of the presse.

Tozi ce type is different with different modifications. Typical designation may be presented with a letter, which reflects the other construction on the connector. Ako markings are different, maybe even everybody with confidence,For example, the patrons are not suitable for other patrons; they are located at the same distance (for example, G53 and GX53).

Some kind of energy performances of lambs sa a lot of things are better for functionalities. On the lastoto on the lamp with a press-on zhichka led by sa on fore.For decorative adornment from a wide spread of miniature projectors from the base of G4.

Lampi with nest for G4 nest

For a new kind of energy contests, the lamps are made with special contacts, which can be used, for example, GU5.3 for LED lighting, niches and showcases. Take the G6.35 foot from behind the crawl, remove it from the conventional bridge.

When special conditions for the work of GU10 are designed, coitos tryna and cave in the chamber, the trace is coeto and cure, conclude with a key. Because of this, when other lamps might fall from the influence of mechanical influences.

Base the GX53 and GX70 with a spacing between a 53 mm and 70 mm tweeter of the crawl in the tavani pumping. Lampata doesn’t borrow much thanksgiving on a flat design, in coitos, in order to protect golami with a LED.

LED lamp with GX53 base

Lampe se izpolzvat vinagi, kogato se i iziskva sapen stream from svetlina: projectors, feneri, filmy projector, headlights for cars, design on the design.The characteristic on the device is available on a bream or a reflector in a base, forming a posokat on a curse. Markers show diameters for focus beyond focus, for example P14.5.

Car lamp with press-on disc with focus reflector

Lampata e montoran kato predpazitel - contact from the two edges, in addition to the design with one. Loudly lit up with a press-on grub off her because of the creep behind the light on the interior on the flock or car. Sega can, yes, instead of a lot of similarity, charge power contests for lamps, for example LED. Zyphrite trace of the letter S shows the diameter on the plate: S6, S10, S12.

LED lamp

Connect with in contact

Vrzkat se izpolzva tridni halogenni and quartz and lamps, projecting for high power. The light of the device, the basics on the tails of the destination for the intensity of the light on the temple (the light on the projector, the sea navigation light, the light and the light line). Te sa malki in size and taglo. Cap e is marked with R, the diameter of the trace, by contacting the head and the lamp, for example, R7s118. Store 220V.

Connect with in contact

Indicators of the lamp with the marking "T" are made of crawling on the counter, insert the panels on the device, and in the indicator light on the devices.Through the number of traces of the letter can determine the width of a pin on the basis of a pinch pinch. When the homebugs are e 6.8 mm, and for the make mugs e 4.5, 4.6, 5.5.

Gradually, from time to time, instead of a lamp with a plug-in plug, it was sent to the svetlin instead of a lamp.

LED lamp with telephone jack

In nai-simplicity, the device will be tweeted all over the lamp on the lamp base. Tazi razkka ryadko se izpolzva. The number of showings of the debilitant at the inside of the room is usually at the entrance, and the trace of comrades and shirinates is at the base.

Secondary belly on tar

From Malka LEDs and energospetstyavschi lamps on the edges of the abdomen, you can send yourself beautiful lamps.

Kogato ste zahranvani from 220V pryazhe, be careful. Ako Nyamata skills for working with electric energy, e kindly did not apply this work.

Because of the inseparable nazhezheem lamp, the energy test kapachka screw can be done, the hopper is removed from the key. If you can, and you can cut off a screwdriver or a knife, the knife will be separated from the inside part of the box, but you shouldn’t damage the security of the conductor.

Grab a rattle and treat it attentively, so that you can’t stop it and live bet and don’t make it into a flock.

Kato from the point of view of the light is possible and all the way from the LED NK6.Those sa light and konsmirat Malko energy. LED mogat and cross the curtain on the gornata partly on a kapachkata with 6 dupes for trite. Behind it is mounted to them otduly e montirana plastic base on the diameter of the capac.

The RLD2-1 driver is suitable for storage. This project and successively three LEDs with a power of 1W. All NK6 IMA power is 1/3 W. Therefore, 3 LEDs are paralleled, the trace of this is right and the serial level on the circuit.

LED lamp from the development of the OS: a - LED NK6; b - montirane on the LED in the highland kapak on kapachkata; c - diagram on the source; d - led on the led is stored; d - lamp is filled.

Light up the driver and then the last of the conductors on the kapachkata. The trail of the kato lambatu is nakedly crowded and bound to the way of a shred.

As a result, a 3W lamp is received on a product, and a lamp with 20-30W is similar to the brightness with a pressed lamp. Broken on the LEDs can be even different, so choose the appropriate driver, and you’ve got a lot of it. Votcht mozhet yes se nos nvn, ak not sebyv in the basics. Instead of a diode, izveschvasch svetlina, maybe even se from a crawler, the pulley with a plug pressed, stored from the transformer.

Electrically crushes for the house. video

You can see the video clip in the presentations in detail on the electrical chips behind the house.

Finally, many species of crumbs and a type of body illumination appeared. Kogato kupuvat, trybva and focus on the design in vzkite them with kaseti, consumiati on energy, size and type of information on energy (direct or current exchange).

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