Moscow Metro in 2019: new stations, scheme

The good news, and not only for Muscovites: the Moscow Metro map of 2019 acquires new outlines, expanding vertically and horizontally. Only at the Sokolnicheskaya line, already at the beginning of the year, four new stations will receive the first passenger traffic, extending it from “Salaryevo” to “Stolbovo”, and further - more. And it will be not only underground branches of the metro, but also ground ones.

Metro in Moscow in 2019 - walking distance

1935 Wednesday. May 15. At 12 AM 6 am, a current was fed into the Moscow metro. 5 o'clock in the morning 52 minutes - for the first time an electric train left the depot. 6. 45 - the doors of the lobbies opened for the first passengers of the only Sokolnicheskaya line at that time - it all began with it.

Moscow Metro 1935

Today, the Moscow subway has 14 lines. On weekdays, she carries more than seven million passengers (every day!), On weekends - more than nine million. 10 thousand trains move daily along it. And this is not the limit: in the metro 2019 - an updated scheme of the underground Moscow. So, the Sokolnicheskaya line will grow again by 11 km - it will be extended to the Kommunarka area.In 2019, it will be working on the construction of four new stations of the third interchange circuit. Their working names are consonant with the names of the nearby Novomoskvosky settlements:

  • Alder -will take its place near the core of the administrative and business center "Kommunarka" (the planned daily workload is 110 thousand people).
  • Prokshino -relieves the traffic flow of the Sosensky and Moscow settlements, passing 10,000 people at a time only during peak morning hours, and 100,000 a day.
  • "Stolbovo"- an interchange station connecting Sokolnicheskaya and Novatorov Street - a promising branch of the renewed metro (capacity is 387 thousand people daily).
  • Filatov Meadow- ground, combined with the underground passage located at the garden community of the same name - at the junction of the highway Solntsevo-Butovo-Vidnoe.
  • Filatov meadow

    Filatov Meadow

  • Stolbovo


  • Prokschino


  • Alder


Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, speaking of the development of the Moscow Metro in 2019, noted that only this updated line would significantly reduce the transportation problem of two hundred thousand people living in the south-west of Moscow: in Moscow, Nikolo-Khovansky settlements, in Sosensky, Mamyri.Work on the branch leading to New Moscow is planned to be completed in 2019. At the same time, ground construction will unfold - next to the new stations will be bus and tram stops and intercepting parking lots, unloading three highways at once: Kiev, Warsaw and Kaluga.

Metro moves and grows

The second stage of the development of the Moscow Metro in 2019 is the construction of the northeast section of the third interchange circuit. The following stations will appear on the Big Ring Line:

  • "Rzhevskaya"- interchange station, being built on Riga Square - with two underground lobbies and exits to railway platforms, public ground transportation and to houses on Mira Avenue and Vodoprovodny Lane. It was destined to unload three metro lines at once: Sokolnicheskaya, Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya and Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya.
  • Sheremetyevskaya, frees up the transport load of the Maryinoroshchinsky district: 272 thousand passengers - daily transportation. From it you can go to the Lublin-Dmitrov line and exit through two underground lobbies.
  • "Stromynki"located right at the central entrance of Sokolnikov and carrying 313 thousand people per day.
  • "Sevastopol Avenue"(working titleZyuzino), designed for passenger transportation of 150 thousand people - transport and environmental unloading Chermushinsky, Obluchevsky and Zyuzinsky areas.
  • VorontsovskayaWith a convenient transfer to the Kaluga-Riga line, 300 thousand people can pass through it daily, and in the morning peak hours - 20.4 passengers per hour.
  • "Michurinsky prospekt"with elevated and underground vestibules - it will relieve the Aminevskoye highway, Vernadsky and Michurinsky avenues, and reduce traffic intensity on Udaltsovskaya street. During the day 400 thousand people from Ochakovo-Matveyevsky district will be able to drive through it.

Moscow metro map 2019

The third transfer circuit will help residents of remote areas. With its launch, Muscovites will not need to describe a large-scale circle through the center of the subway to move from one branch to another. The large annular line, 69 km long, will not only accelerate movement around the city, but also make the subway free. In the cars and at the crossings there will be no need to crowd more, clinging to each other, movement will become free.

It is planned to provide 95% of Muscovites (from the New and Old Moscow) metro stations within walking distance.Out of the house - went to the subway. In total, it is planned to loop 31 stations (15 of which in 2019), unloading the metro by a quarter. If everything goes according to plan - the Big Ring Line will be the largest in the world, and it will outgrow the current champion - the Beijing subway line, 57 km long.

Perspective lines and not only

  1. Being modernizedKozhukhovskaya lineand zakoltsya transfer station with Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya. The junction will save 800,000 passengers traveling from Lefortovo, Kuzminok, Lyubertsy ...
  2. GrowsLyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line- a new section is introduced, marked in the Moscow metro scheme with a green color - from the Seliger station to the northeast Lianozovo district, and by 2020 it will reach the North one.
  3. Will updateZamoskvoretskaya linewhere the Belomorskaya station will be finally launched, which will unload Khimki.
  4. ReconstructedKakhovskaya branchsubway that ultimately enters the Great Circle Line.
  5. Kalinsko-Solntsevskaya linewith a new transport hub will move to Vnukovo.

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