Motorcycle Honda VTX 1800: description, technical specifications

Motorcycle Honda VTX 1800 - apparatus, all descriptionswhich are given using an excellent degree. Very heavy, very powerful, very charismatic, very well equipped, very expensive and yet somehow "very, very, very".

History of creation

The history of the famous model began in 1995 withpresentation to the general public of the new concept of Zodia from the Japanese company Honda. With this motorcycle, Japanese manufacturers sought to enter the American market, quickly conquer it and, to put it mildly, press the iconic Harley-Davidson.

Cruise motorcycle model VTX 1800 F saw the light in2001 and was immediately recognized as the largest tourist motorcycle in the world with a 1.8-liter V-Twin engine. The innovative design of pistons, also the largest in the world, installed on a motorcycle, brought the concern additional points and appreciation in the world.

The new model entered the markets of both America andEurope, but the priority was still the American direction, since there the highest sales figures. Therefore, the cruiser was executed in a typical American style under the slogan: "At any cost stand out from the crowd!"

motorcycle from japan

The Palm of the championship Honda VTX 1800 lost the model Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 in 2004.

After the appearance of the base model in 2001 and its recognition, the concern in the following year released two more modifications with R and S indices, a year later - version N, a year later - F.

Concern has stopped production of a motorcycle by 2009.

Basic Modifications

Technical specifications, layout and main design in all versions did not change. They differ in external details.

So the basic version with index C is shortened wings and cast disks, a speedometer on the handlebars and an exhaust pipe "2 in 1".motorcycle honda vtx 1800

Version R - cast wheels and shortened wings; S - wings remain elongated, but the wheels are already with spokes; N - style new retro.

Motorcycle Honda VTX 1800 F is distinguished by wheels with low-profile radial tires on disks, made in the form of double spokes, but cast. It is equipped with a clock and an LCD tachometer.

Model Description

Structurally the model is no different fromother Japanese choppers and cruisers. The frame is made of strong, practically non-deformable steel pipes, high-tech engine, liquid cooling and as a main drive drive shaft. In general, practical and super-reliable.

The weight of the unloaded motorcycle is more than 320 kg, andfull - almost 350 kg. Coping with such a machine, especially in urban traffic jams, at low speeds, even not every man can apply, and girls do not even come up. Moreover, he maneuvers extremely slowly. Experienced drivers confirm that it is not designed to jump from row to row a large and wide Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle. Leather trunks (leather, by the way) have to be removed if there is a need for frequent trips around the city. And the steering wheel to change to a narrower one too. Only then it is possible to pass between the rows, so that the first on the green signal of the traffic light breaks off and go far ahead from those who stood behind or next to vtx 1800

But the VTX 1800 was not meant for trips to megacities. His element - good roads and high speeds, he easily goes at a maximum speed of 200 km / h.

A great motorcycle does not look cumbersome. Maybe because everything is proportional and organic in it. Its dimensions (L × W × H) are 2.4 × 0.9 × 1.1 m. The saddle height is 0.7 m, the ground clearance is 0.13 m, the wheelbase is 1.7 m.

Load on the motorcycle, too, can be rather big. The total weight of the driver, passenger and baggage can reach almost 200 kg.

Motorcycle engine

The engine is the main feature of the motorcycleVTX 1800. It is a two-cylinder V-shaped, injector, with liquid cooling and six valves and electronic fuel injection, a volume of 2 liters. Provides a capacity of 107 liters. from. and a torque of 164 Nm. And outwardly it is quite large. Even without knowing the capabilities of the motorcycle, you can guess by the form of the engine that they are great, despite the fact that the drive drives part of the power selects. The actual power of the motorcycle is up to 80 liters. from.

At maximum power, the engine is wound at 5000 rpm, and at a maximum torque of 3000 rpm.

Cylinders with ribs retain the general style of the conservative class, while the ribs also divert vtx 1800 fuel consumption

Other important features of the Honda VTX 1800 areacceleration to hundreds of miles per hour in just 4 seconds, and fuel consumption per 100 km - 6.5 liters. True, this is official data. Owners of motorcycles raise this limit to 7-8 liters, stipulating thus, that it is possible and less, but at accurate driving without cargo and the passenger. Only who will be on such and such a device quietly and calmly to travel!


If we talk about the basic version of the Honda VTX 1800 C, then the size of the front tires - 130/70 R18 and the rear - 180/70 R16.

The front suspension consists of a 45 mm telescopic fork of inverted type with a longitudinal inclination of 32 ° with a stroke of 130 mm.

Rear suspension - double shock absorber with a five-stage preload adjustment and a stroke of 100 mm.

Brake system combined hydraulicand consists of a double disc with a diameter of 298 mm, a thickness of 4.5 mm, a three-piston caliper with metallized brake pads, and a rear disc with a diameter of 316 mm, a thickness of 7 mm, a two-pierced caliper, again with metallized brake pads.

This number of disks allows you to clickthe pedals of the rear brake are used not only the rear, but also the front one. At the same time, it is impossible to brake before driving by the aircraft, according to experienced bikers, since the effort on the pedal is quite large.

Gearbox and motorcycle electrical system

Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle transmission -five-speed, multi-disc clutch, with hydraulic drive. The main transmission is a closed propeller shaft with a gear ratio of 3,091 (34/11).

Motorcycle complete with a twelve-volta battery with a capacity of 18Ah and an alternator with a capacity of 400W. And the received electricity is used for lighting one lamp with a power of 55 watts for the near and 60 watts for the main beam. By the way, many pilots complain about the poor lighting of the road and install xenon, not only for beauty.

It consumes electricity and a starter, itelectric. The ignition system is a digital transistor, computer-controlled with electronic control ahead of ignition. The spark plugs are four - two for each cylinder.

Optional equipment

On the cruiser Honda VTX 1800 backrest and trunk side trunks - the most necessary attachments. And it's convenient to sit in a long journey for the passenger, and there's where to place luggage.

And to not get bored, you need to installmusic system. For example, the radio tape recorder is installed on the steering wheel, the speaker system - in special podiums on the footrests and in the trunk on the sides of the rear seat back, the amplifier - in the vtx 1800 leather trunks

For the driver is important protection from headwinds,because at such speeds he is strong, and his impulses can throw small debris into his face. Therefore, a high windscreen is installed, which also relieves the driver of the voltage when resisting a dense air flow.

Motorcycle tuning

What can be interesting in this motorcycle is tuning. Honda VTX 1800 directly asks for the implementation of design projects that emphasize the American character of the Japanese motorcycle.tuning honda vtx 1800

This can be aerography, giving a silhouetteextra swiftness or delicacy, painting in exclusive colors, making the noticeable car even more noticeable even at night, if you add lacquering components in the dark.

To the taste of the owner, it is possible to install body kits and other elements made of composite materials or covered with chrome.

Motorcycles from Japan, as a rule, already come off the assembly line thought out to trifles, but nevertheless experts still find that to improve.

In motorcycle shops offer replacementrear wheel to a wider - 240-250 mm. In this case, you can install and tuning discs, and metal, rather than a plastic wing, and progressive shock absorbers. Honda VTX 1800 with such progressive shocks looks wider and more powerful, and it goes nicer. They are shorter than standard ones and can vary in rigidity.

Test drives

Experienced bikers who have something to compare,note the unusually intense acceleration of the motorcycle, made in the American style. In fact, up to 100 km / h, it accelerates in 3.8 seconds, less than stated by the manufacturer.

To the wide steering wheel it is necessary to adapt, butsuch a large base itself stabilizes the machine with a sharp acceleration. On the VTX 1800, you can accelerate to 210 km / h, only without protective high glass, this pleasure is below average, it seems that the hands can come off the steering wheel, and legs in the sailing pants will blow off the convenient footsteps.

At cruising speed, the motorcycle is stable andstable, which has its drawbacks. In the event of an obstacle, it slowly leaves the trajectory, which for a not very experienced pilot can be just dangerous.

Short transmissions, which many seem to be a disadvantage, in fact and provide the maximum intensity of acceleration.

During the test, pilots noted the absencetachometer, which appeared only in the latest versions; Inability to accurately adjust the rear-view mirrors; inconvenient lowered very wide handles and American-style running boards.

Disadvantages of a motorcycle

They are few, and one of the most notable is a slight delay, if the gas is sharply opened. Actually, this deficiency is inherent in all motorcycles with cardan drive, but not so noticeably.

Some inconvenience delivers and a gasoline tank,Not big enough for a huge car. Pilots of a motorcycle note that with such low ground clearance it is inconvenient to enter corners. We have to do this very carefully, at least until certain skills for driving a heavy motorcycle appear.

Many people write that a five-speed gearbox is not enough for such an engine. The sixth step is clearly not enough.

Advantages of motorcycle

Installation of a cardan drive instead of a chain drive is a positive moment, since such a design does not require frequent maintenance.

Like all motorcycles from Japan, at least,from concern Honda, VTX 1800 differs a clear work of a transmission. A big plus is a large engine resource. And it's unpleasant to make noise, it starts only at high speeds.

With such a powerful engine, parasitic vibrations are practically absent.

According to the comments of the lucky owners, the appearance of the motorcycle with an abundance of chrome and solid trim delivers them no less pleasure than riding on a good vtx 1800 specifications

Excellent quality and quality deserve not only in the main sites, but also in the details of the Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle.

Owner feedback

Owners in their reviews confirm thatThe motorcycle is designed for long roads. With lateral trunks and arcs in traffic jams, it's hard not to, and on ground, especially wet, if one may say, roads, he does not go very confidently.

The motorcycle Honda VTX 1800 fuel consumptionowners define by experience. Perhaps, and the runaway in the testimony is great for that reason, and maybe the conditions are different: the quality of the road surface and gasoline, the magnitude of the cargo, the speed, the number of acceleration and braking. Someone has a full tank of 16 liters, only 200 km, and someone claims that 300 miles or more pass by 18 liters.

On long trips it becomes clear why the type of motorcycle is a cruiser. On the highway at a speed of 160 - 170 km / h per day, you can drive more than a thousand and a half kilometers.

In general, the reviews are full of emotions, reachingdelight and admiration for the mighty iron horse. Negative is not at all. Minor comments on the lack of some devices and the inconvenience of planting are removed by the availability and quality of the units and elements that can replace the standard equipment.

Cool, powerful, reliable, with a comfortableergonomics, the Honda VTX-1800 motorcycle, despite appearing competitors, still takes the hearts and thoughts of motorcycle lovers.

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