Mounting plate on wall

Mounting plate on wallbuildings perform in several ways. Which one to choose depends on the material from which the house was erected, other design features. For example, if a building is built of timber or log,mauerlat fastenwooden pins, metal clips or corners to the upper crown of the wall. Also used for this purpose wire with a diameter of 4 millimeters. The fastening of the mauerlat to the wall of brick without upper armopoyas is performed with wire, which is hidden in the laying. Tie the wire endsmauerlat.

On brick walls setmauerlatusing traffic jams. These are the so-called wooden sticks, identical in shape and size to bricks. They lay in one of the upper rows of the stack.Mauerlat are fastenedto traffic jams metal brackets.


A very reliable way is to fasten the power plate with studs (long metal pins with thread) or anchor bolts. Scope - construction on top of the walls of a monolithic armored belt.The studs are laid in the armored belt in such a way that the height of the free part of the stud is 3-5 centimeters thicker than the thickness of the power plate. A metal plate is welded to the bottom of the studs. She will hold them in the concrete. ATmauerlatedrilled, according to the markup, holes. Put it on the studs. Then, with the help of nuts and washers, mount the mauerlat to the wall. Ensure that the step between the anchor bolts (studs) is not wide and does not coincide with the rafter step.Mauerlatit is allowed to install on the pins of pieces of reinforcement that are embedded in the armored belt. Then put on them Mauerlat, and the ends of the reinforcement bend.


Before laying andmounting mowerlatlay between the wall and the bar waterproofing layer. As it can act ruberoid.Mauerlatthey are often made from coniferous timber, and it is further processed with an antiseptic and water-repellent compound. Concrete covered with foil. A week later, after its hardening, the film is removed. Result: the studs will take a strictly vertical position and one height. Installation accuracy of 1-5 millimeters permount mountwill not affect.

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