Multivarks "Redmond M90": reviews, features and instruction.

What woman does not dream of easing her own homework? Agree - each. For this, many people buy things like a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, a vegetable cutter and, of course, a multivarker. That's what we'll talk about in this article.

What is a multivarker and what is it for?

Quite often a woman is lost, what cancook, that was fast and tasty. To do this, you need a functional device like a multivarker. There are various programs for cooking. It makes fast, tasty and high-quality dishes: ragout, borsch, soup, pilaf, pizza and much more. Multivarka not only reduces the time for cooking. What's more important - do not watch the process itself and stand near the pan. Imagine you came home from work and you need to make food: you cleaned and cut all the necessary products, put them in the multivark, closed the lid and relaxed for as long as food is prepared.

multivark redmond m90 reviews

That's great, is not it? Many consumers like the "Redmond PMC M90" multivarker. Reviews about her written different. What functions it does not have! It is comfortable, stylish and functional. Let's take a closer look at it and stop.

Description of the multimark "Redmond M 90"

This device allows you to prepare a variety ofdishes. You can cook porridge, fry in deep fat, stew absolutely any meat, do yoghurt, dough, bake any vegetables and baking. And this is not the limit. When cooking, all the useful substances remain. It is possible to warm up the food. In the multivark "Redmond M90" there is a function "3D heating", which allows you to heat food from all sides without burning. The bowl in the apparatus is ceramic. What do consumers say? What are the multivark "Redmond M90"? Reviews are mostly positive. However, negative too sometimes come across, the device can not like absolutely everything.

multivarki redmono rms m90 reviews

Auto programs in it are 17, and manual ones are 28. The biggest advantage: the display shows the time, temperature, which allows to keep the process under control.

Complete set of Multivark "Redmond M 90"

The complete set includes all necessary for conveniencethings. In order to conveniently fry deep, there is a basket with a handle; in a special container there is a possibility of cooking on steam. For convenient mixing and putting food, there are two spoons - deep (for the first dish), flat (for the second). As a gift to the multivark, a book is attached, where 200 recipes are described for this model. About the complete set of multivark "Redmond M90" reviews are good, the only thing that consumers complain about - there are no cups for yogurt. However, they can be bought or ordered from a service center.

Multivark "Redmond M90": specifications

This device has a power of 860 watts. Hence, energy consumption is negligible. The bowl capacity is 5 liters, but always take into account that water and products reduce the volume. The total number of programs (automatic + manual) is 40. There is a steamer, a function of yogurt. Touchscreen controls. There is a delay of cooking for 24 hours. Programs are displayed on the color display: express, milk porridge, pasta, bread, pizza, plain porridge, desserts. Also, the multimaster "Redmond M90" has such features:multivark redmond m90

  • heating food from 3 sides;
  • sterilization;
  • conservation;
  • proofing:
  • heating of baby bottles.

The total weight of the device is 5.2 kg. Many consumers like the characteristics of the "Redmond M90" multivark, there are also negative reviews (for example, about the fact that there is no pressure cooker).

More details about the modes of multivark "Redmond M90"

In this device there are convenient and important programs:

  1. "Delayed start" - you can set the timer (after what time you need to have the food ready). This program is not suitable for frying or pasta.
  2. "Auto warming" - allows you to keep food warm.
  3. "Express" is the rapid preparation of any cereal.
  4. "Multi-Cook" - in this program there are 28 manual settings.
  5. "Milk porridge" is a program that prepares any cereals with milk.
  6. "Quenching" is a regime that allows you to extinguish any meat or vegetables.
  7. "Hot" - the program is suitable for vegetables, seafood or poultry. For pork or beef, this mode is not recommended.
  8. "Soup" - the program allows you to prepare soups of any kind and borsch.
  9. "For a couple" - the program is most suitable for any meat, fish, ravioli or manti, dietary dishes.
  10. "Macaroni" - the program allows you to cook not only pasta, but also sausages, dumplings and other products that need gentle cooking.
  11. "Tomlenie" is a mode in which melted milk or stew is well made.
  12. "Varka" - you can cook vegetables and legumes.
  13. "Baking" - the program allows you to bake pies, casseroles and even biscuits.
  14. "Cereals" - friable, very juicy and tasty porridges are cooked.
  15. "Pilaf" - with the help of this function you can cook a delicious pilaf of different kinds.
  16. "Yogurt" - this program makes yoghurt with different berries.
  17. "Pizza" is a program in which pizza does not burn;
  18. "Bread" - in this mode bread is baked from different flour.
  19. "Desserts" - this program prepares jelly or compotes with various berries.
  20. "Deep-frying" - a mode in which roasted chebureks, French fries and other products.

multivark redmond m90

It is very convenient for the multimaster "Redmond M90". The instruction is written in an accessible and understandable language. Due to this, a variety of dishes can easily be cooked.

Multivarka - mother's assistant

With the appearance of the baby, my mother bought newjoyous troubles. Here is a multiwire "Redmond M90" is just necessary. In the special book, which goes as a gift to the device, many recipes for kids are described. They were tested exactly in this model, so do not be afraid to cook for your little girl. The first lure usually begins with 4-6 months: puree from different vegetables and fruits, such as cauliflower, apple, zucchini, pears. In 6-8 months: white cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, beets, a little meat, fish, cottage cheese.

multivark redmond m90 manual

Also at this age, yogurts and cereals are already needed. In 8-12 months: potatoes, tomatoes, green peas and various shabby soups. All these dishes can boldly cook for your baby in the multivark "Redmond M90".

Multivarka "Redmond M90". Reviews: flaws and advantages

Most users write about this unitpositive reviews. But which technique does not have disadvantages? Each consumer will find the disadvantages that prevent him from working with the device. Functional and automated multivarkers "Redmond M90". Reviews will tell you about this unit more than the manufacturer.


  • convenient;
  • multifunctional;
  • fast, easy to use;
  • preparation of various dishes;
  • Beautiful design.


  • at the first cooking an unpleasant smell of plastic (then passes);
  • one pan is small (when buying it is worth buying separately);
  • the price is not cheap;
  • soaked rubber under the lid with the smell of food, after cooking immediately it is necessary to wash.

Assistant multivark "Redmond PMC M90" reviews negative gets minor. However, it is desirable to listen to them. Maybe you will need exactly what is not in this device.

How to cook soup in a multivariate?

The first dish is prepared quickly and easily. According to any of the comments, it is necessary to put all the vegetables in the multivariate immediately and include the "Soup" program. Many mistresses have already experienced that you can cook in a different way, so that it turns out much tastier. To do this you will need: potatoes around 300 gr, cereals (for example, 150 grams of rice), onion and carrot head 70-100 gr., For the cook you can put a chicken leg or leg. First cut the onions and carrots into small cubes. Pass the onion until soft, then lower the carrots. Were you fried? Now put the chicken, potatoes, rice in the same pan, where the onion and carrots are pasted. Close the lid and cook for 20-25 minutes on the function "Soup".soup in the multivark redmond m90

Soup in the multivark "Redmond M90" turns out very tasty, fragrant and appetizing.

What is most curious about the multivarquet is that neither vegetables nor meat are boiled. Although they cook the same time.

How to cook pilaf in a multivariate?

This dish turns out very tasty. A recipe is even useful for guests. For the preparation of pilaf you need products: a pound of any meat, rice - 500 gr. (preferably ground), carrots and onions about 200 g., vegetable oil - 70 ml, garlic - 4 denticles, water - 700 ml, spices. Onions with carrots tossed, cut the meat into small cubes 2 * 2 cm, put into a pan, add rice, spices and pour water. Now you can close the lid and put on the "Plov" mode for 35-45 minutes.

pilaf in redmond m90

It all depends on what kind of meat and cereals. Pilaf in the multivark "Redmond M90" turns out to be unusual. Rice with this function is not boiled, does not become limp.


Having read the specifications, description, reviews andmodes, we can conclude that the multi-car "Redmond M 90" - one of the best in the market sales. Customer feedback suggests that every minus is in principle insignificant. You can get used to them. A lot of positive feedback. All can not describe. Before choosing a multivark, pay attention to the volume of the pan. If you have a family of 4-5 people, then it's 5 liters, or even better 6. If you take for 1-2 people, is it worth overpaying money for a liter? Also worth paying attention to design. The multivariate should fit harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen. If you are confused by the price, then there is the option to choose cheaper with the same functions. When choosing the device, make sure that there are no scratches in the pan and no gaps, as this not only spoils the appearance, but also affects the quality of the preparation. If you are satisfied with all the features, then the price suited, then boldly buy the multi-brand "Redmond M90". You will not regret, especially if the family is big and the woman has enough worries and no cooking. The device is an indispensable assistant. Mom can even go with the baby for a walk, and in the meantime the food is ready. Came, but it's still warm, because auto-warming is on. You can safely feed your baby. Is it really cool? Important! Proper use of the multivarker will extend the service life. The lid and the outer part can be washed. But the device itself can not be lowered into the water. After cooking, turn it off immediately. In a saucepan, stir only with a wooden or plastic spoon. If you stick to the elementary rules, then the multivarker will delight you for a long time.

I want to wish you - eat useful, tasty food and please your family every day with new dishes.

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