New 2019 in Estonia

The new 2019 in Estonia will be a memorable event for lovers of the European level of service and fabulous atmosphere. In the ancient capital of the country - - each street is steeped in history, and during the Christmas holidays, when the festive illumination illuminates the houses and trees, the city looks especially attractive. In Estonia, all the conditions have been created for an enjoyable pastime, so when arriving here on the New Year, every tourist will find something to his taste.

Climate features

The weather in Estonia in January 2019 is changeable and freezing, as the proximity of the Baltic Sea affects. On average, the thermometer's bar this month varies from -2 to -6 ºС, while warmings often occur up to +5 ºС. Nevertheless, tourists from Russia and especially from St. Petersburg, of which there are a huge number of people arriving in Estonia for the New Year holidays, will not be frightened by the light frosts.

Weather in Estonia in January

The height of the snow cover in some areas reaches 10-15 cm, thanks to which one can go in for winter sports - go skiing, sledding and ice skating, make a snowman or play snowballs.A distinctive weather feature of the Baltic States in January is high humidity (80-90%), and in combination with strong winds blowing from the coast, the feeling of cold only increases. Going to visit the region in January, do not forget to stock up on warm clothes and shoes.

Celebration options

The list of the main ways of organizing leisure in Estonia for the New 2019 includes:

  • sightseeing;
  • trip to ski resorts;
  • visiting places of entertainment;
  • purchase of valuable gifts at fairs, etc.

The most budgetary option to celebrate the New Year in the Estonian capital, however, as in other cities of the country, will be mass festivities. In Tallinn, the traditional place is considered to be the Town Hall Square, where, before January 1, the main Christmas tree of the city will be established. Local authorities promise residents and visitors of the city a rich entertainment program with a disco, round dances, fireworks. The event is scheduled to start at 23:00 local time.

Ski resorts

Skiing in Estonia for the New 2019 is by no means a utopia. Tourists are still surprised, as in a state where the highest point does not exceed 50 m above sea level, so many ski resorts have appeared.Almost every serious hill turns into a well-equipped track in winter. The average level of difficulty of the slopes is not suitable for fans of extreme sports, but beginners will surely like them.

Ski resorts in Estonia

The mecca for skiers in Estonia is the small town of Otepää. The slopes are equipped with ski lifts and snow cannons. Within a radius of 5 km from the resort there are several comfortable hotels, rooms in which during the New Year holidays cost from 100 euros / day (this is much cheaper than in the resorts of Austria and Germany). Rental of ski equipment will cost from 25 euros / hour, and for the youngest athletes there is a play area along with a platform for sledding. Also in Otepää, at a price of 30 euros, lessons are available for an instructor who will teach you to properly stand on skis and maneuver during descent.

Recreation facilities

In Estonia, every major city boasts cozy restaurants, where guests can enjoy the culinary delights of Baltic cuisine. Among the most popular restaurants in Tallinn, we note:

  • "NOA" (overlooking the sea);
  • "Horisont" (with a panoramic view of the capital);
  • "Farm" (the interior is made in the national style);
  • "Mon Repos" (exquisite institution in an old villa);
  • Rae Meierei (Tallinn’s largest restaurant located in the Old Town).

New Year fairs in Estonia

In the listed restaurants you will be offered dishes prepared according to old recipes, for example, pork with sauce, fish in batter, pancakes with caviar of trout, seafood salad. In addition, these establishments serve aged wines, brandy, beer and, of course, champagne. The average bill for the New Year's banquet here varies from 100-200 euros per table, but the total amount depends on the number of ordered dishes. Book a table in the restaurant you like should be in advance, otherwise in the evening of December 31 they will not be available.

Sights of the country

When organizing holidays in Estonia for the New 2019, do not forget to take time to explore historical monuments. Among them:

  • Dome Cathedral in Tartu;
  • Park Toila-Oru (located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland);
  • Upper Town (located in Tallinn on Toompea Hill);
  • Tallinn City Wall (20 m high stone wall), etc.

Tallinn Dome Cathedral

With children in Estonia you can go to the Tallinn Zoo, which is organically combined with the forest.On the territory of the zoo there are several dozen animals, a terrarium and a contact zone. During the New Year holidays, there will be a water park in Tartu “Aura Keskus”, equipped with two pools, slides, a swimming center for kids.

Offers of tour operators

Tours to Estonia for the New Year 2019, as in Lithuania and Latvia, are popular, because in these countries there is an opportunity to take a cheap and tasteful break from the hustle and bustle of overpopulated Russian megalopolises. A standard three-day trip from Moscow for two will cost 35-40 thousand rubles. This amount includes:

  • excursions;
  • 3 meals a day;
  • transfer to the hotel;
  • New Year's banquet;
  • medical insurance;
  • accommodation in a double room;
  • use of hotel infrastructure (for example, sauna, children's room).

Separately from the tour visa is paid: 75 euros for adults and 40 euros for children. The presence of Schengen allows for a certain time to travel to any eurozone countries - from Poland to Portugal.

The new 2019 in Estonia is an excellent opportunity to visit a country with a long history and developed tourist infrastructure.Every year, thousands of travelers come here to enjoy the mysterious landscapes, see the sights, spend time with benefits for cultural development.

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