New horror movies in 2019

Horror films are very popular, because there have always been a lot of people who like to tickle their nerves. Every year the creators of "horror films" are improved and produce pictures with a more thoughtful plot, vivid characters and even better special effects.

But to surprise the modern viewer is not so simple, so almost every premiere is criticized. However, all horror fans are eagerly awaiting new products and are already preparing popcorn.

In the coming year, viewers expect really interesting films, which are worth going to the movies. The horrors of 2019 are the screen versions of the famous works of Stephen King, the continuation of the sensational paintings and completely new premieres. About the most awaited films: later in our collection.


horror movies 2019

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors
  • Producer:Kiran Foy
  • Actors:Sadie Sink, Kelly Reilly, Charlie Shotwell
  • Premiere:January 2019

The picture tells about a boy named Eli, who suffers from a very rare autoimmune disease.Because of his health, he has to live in isolation from the rest of the world, living in an almost completely sterile home.

But for Eli, new housing is not a safe haven, but a terrible prison filled with terrible secrets, traps and monsters.

The New Mutants

horror 2019 list

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horror, action, fantasy
  • Producer:Josh Boone
  • Actors:Macy Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Henry Zaga
  • Premiere:February 2019

Five teenage friends have powerful power because they are mutants. They live in a secret object, where they reveal their abilities and become experimental in various experiments.

Due to the constant trials and unstoppable power, the abode of the mutants turns into a real house of horrors.

Pet Sematary

the best horrors of 2019

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors, thriller
  • Producer:Kevin Kolsh, Dennis Widmeyer
  • Premiere:February 2019

Dear Dr. Louis Creed and his family moved to a new place: in a small and unremarkable town. Everything is going well until the cat of his beloved daughter gets under the wheels of the truck.

Following the advice of a neighbor, Louis carries a dead pet to an ancient Indian cemetery, where he buries. Soon the cat is resurrected, but there is something ominous and otherworldly in it.

Events are repeated, but now everything is much worse: the little son of Louis falls under the car. In the last hope to save the child, the father carries his body to the old cemetery.

It 2 (It: Chapter Two)

american horrors

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors, thriller
  • Producer:Andres Musketti
  • Actors:Jessica Chastain, Bill Skarsgard, Sophia Lillis, Jaden Liberer, Jack Dylan Grazer
  • Premiere:September 2019

The continuation of the mega-friendly adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephen King, which was released in 2018. The film takes place 27 years after the young heroes met with the demon Pennyzayz, which appeared in the guise of a clown.

Friends have long become adults and lived their own, quite ordinary lives. But one day they received an ominous news from their hometown: the evil had returned. And this means that heroes, faithful to this once promised promise, must once again fight the ancient horror.

Frankenstein Bride (Bride of Frankenstein)

scary horror movies of 2019

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors, thriller
  • Producer:Bill condon
  • Actors:Javier Bardem
  • Premiere:2019

The brainchild of Professor Frankenstein now receives the appearance of a woman. The mad scientist created the girl, like the first monster, from parts of other people's dead bodies.

But it turned out that the “bride” differs from the first experiment not only externally but also internally, because it has its own view of existence.

Raven (The Crow)

top horror

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horror, fantasy, action
  • Producer:Corin hardy
  • Actors:Jason Momoa
  • Premiere:2019

A remake of the same name painting, which is considered a classic among fans of this genre. According to the plot of the movie "The Crow", rock musician Eric falls in love with the girl Shelley and invites her to get married. But on the eve of the celebration, the four thugs attack the bride, and Eric desperately tries to protect her.

The criminals kill the main character in front of a girl who also dies later in the hospital. But a year later, the crow brings the soul of Eric back so that he could take revenge on the bandits for everything.

Now the former musician has superhuman strength and the same thirst for revenge, so nothing can stop him.

Alien: Awakening (Alien: Awakening)

horrors of news

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors, fiction, thriller
  • Producer:Ridley Scott
  • Premiere:2019

Another part of the cult saga of the aliens who do not like people and all living things. While about the plot of the film "Alien: Awakening" little is known, so fans of this story are at a loss for speculation.

However, there is an opinion that in the picture the viewers will finally tell who the Engineers are, which we learned from Prometheus, why they so disliked humanity and what happens next with their favorite characters.

Spawn 2 (Spawn 2)

horror thrillers

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horror, fantasy, thriller
  • Producer:Todd McFarlenn
  • Premiere:2019

This film will be a full-fledged restart of the same name of the film, released on screens in 1997. The story tells about the special agent El Simmons, who was the victim of the betrayal of his colleagues and died in his prime.

Since the hero led a not very correct way of life, after death he goes to hell, where he makes a deal with a powerful demon about returning to Earth.

Al in the new incarnation becomes the demon Spawn, who must lead the world to the End of the World, but he rebels against it and begins to fight against the dark forces.

The Conjuring 3

creepy horror movies

  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors, thriller, mystic
  • Producer:James van
  • Actors:Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, David Thewlis, Frank Potente, Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • Premiere:July 2019

A single mother with 4 children moves to a new home in the hope of starting a new life.But the family was not alone in the new dwelling: a poltergeist dwells in the building, who is trying to oust the new tenants.

The main character is very afraid for her children and asks for help from various fighters with demons. A woman has to find out what kind of creature lives in her house and why she chose her family.

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