New update Infiniti Q50 2019 model year

In 2013, the concept of this elite class sport sedan was announced as a replacement for the “G” series that was quite worthy at the time. And now his second generation will try on equal terms to come into confrontation with the most luxurious representatives of his class.

Obviously, the designers worked on the model for a long time and thoughtfully, consciously laying the foundation for many future modifications, as well as rejoicing at the opportunity to roll in a number of technologies before implementing them and even more rewarding their creations.

Even in the basic version, the Infiniti Q50 began to flex its muscles openly, which, by the way, it has all the prerequisites, since the course is taken to the utmost dynamism and endurance under the hood.

Of course, one cannot say that the technical side is going to shock the public with something exceptionally new - after all, not so long ago it experienced its complete rethinking. But, in all other respects it is worth waiting for significant changes. And obviously - for the better.

So this brainchild of the Japanese car industry, it seems, has every chance not to reduce the beautiful sales figures of its brand last year, but on the contrary, it is essential to multiply them.Its release for the European market is planned to start from the beginning of 2019, but for now it remains only to carefully study the promised characteristics and try to predict what they will result in practice.

Design and construction of a sedan

First, it is worth noting that Nissan decided to make a small, but revolution - finally abandon the rear-wheel drive platform and transplant the Infiniti Q50 to the front-wheel drive, which was quite expected in the stream of unification with a number of manufacturer models.

infinity q50 photo

Significant progress is expected in terms of improving body rigidity, which is expected to increase by as much as 23%, as well as an increase in internal space. The rejection of the rear-wheel drive is also useful in one more thing: finally, the scourge of the first generation will leave - a completely non-competitive boot volume, as for its class.

Also, the Infiniti Q50 will receive ProPilot assistive technology, which has already been successfully tested on Leaf. This means that both the safety system and driving comfort, as such, will “grow up”.

As for the changes in appearance, it will be much more aggressive, not getting out of the current contemporary design trends.

new infinity q50 2019

Completely change the look of the front grille and bumper,and on the sports versions they are going to put a sharper body stamping with a clear drawing of the corners and a characteristic integrated aerodynamic body kit.

The hood will be noticeably lengthened even in the basic versions, the original form of the lower air intakes will appear and very similar to the half-closed eyes for centuries - headlights. But the stern, as if, is chopped off, although, as already mentioned, they promise that this will not affect the trunk and the comfort of the rear passengers.

Interior and equipment of the new Infiniti Q50

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In the interior of the five-seater sedan, the steering wheel was completely redone, taking into account the latest trends in automation and virtualization control cars. Changed and the type of gear lever.

Also on board is an adaptive cruise control, an anti-collision prevention system, an emergency braking system, advanced InTouch multimedia with a Bose audio system on 16 speakers and two full displays: one by eight, and the second (under it) by seven inches.

Also expect a lot of all sorts of electronic assistants, sensors and other pleasant and useful stuff. Which, in essence, make a real premium car truly premium.

infiniti q50 2019 specifications

Finishing pleases luxury materials in its organic layout.A lot of genuine leather and aluminum inserts. In the sport versions, most likely, the place of aluminum will be taken by the omnipresent carbon, which will help to lose weight well for a more rapid set of speed.

They promise a new Infiniti Q50 and cool seats with a system of "smart" pressure distribution and massage functions. Although besides this particular cardinal change more noted and was not.

Model Specifications

infiniti q50 2019 review

Motors will remain the same, but this is not critical, since the last restyled 2014 has not yet had time to lose competitiveness. Which was, incidentally, appreciated at the last Ward awards.

The rest of the technical characteristics worth noting the following:

  • seven-speed automatic transmission;
  • I4 six-cylinder engine for 3.7 liters and 328 hp with turbocharging and variable compression ratio, as well as 3.5 liters with a plug-in hybrid of 50 kW, with a total power of 360 hp;
  • fuel consumption: in the city - 107l / 100km, combined cycle - 8.4l / 100km;
  • front-wheel drive (intelligent full - optional);
  • Acceleration to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

infiniti q50 new generation

Four modifications will be available: basic, luxury, sports and ... red sports. As for the latter, you should not smile - the difference is not only in the shade of the body.It was prepared in the style of Limited Edition as almost a full-fledged racing version as part of mass production. So the unit should be very entertaining ...

In the market, the Infiniti Q50 will have to compete for the buyer's attention with classmates such as the C-class Mercedes, Lexus RX, BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Volvo S60. But, apparently, she was more than well prepared for this.

The starting price is expected to be $ 35-40 thousand for the North American and European markets.

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