New Year 2019 in Belarus: winter holidays in cottages

New Year's corporate events and family holidays require not only the purchase of necessary things, but also a reliable place to hold them.

One of the most convenient room options for a warm holiday can be a separate cottage. More and more people are choosing this option to celebrate the New Year, and 2019 will not be an exception.

Among the cottages that can be rented are the buildings offered in Belarus. Getting here is easy, and the quality of buildings and comfort guarantee a lot of pleasant hours.

Recommendations for choosing a cottage

If you decide to celebrate the New Year 2019 in the Belarusian cottage, then use a few tips to help get rid of a number of problems.

Do not tighten with a choice and rent of the room. Closer to the holiday it will be difficult to find a free building, and prices will rise several times.

Having made the contract earlier, you can be sure that the building will be at your disposal for all the agreed time at a favorable price for you.In another case, the price may be significantly higher, and the building will not be as convenient as it will have to choose from the rest.

The size of the cottage count depending on the number of guests. If the holiday is for a small family, the size of the building may be more modest. For a cheerful corporate party for the New Year 2018, it is better to choose a building in which there will be a place for the rest of each team member. Remember that the rental price is calculated from the footage of the rooms.

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Never be in a hurry to pay rent without having verified the truth of the information received. This is especially true of those who are looking for a cottage in Belarus with the help of various websites and portals specializing in real estate. The main reason is the activity of fraudsters on the eve of big holidays.

It often happens that when arriving for a holiday at a specified address, the client finds either a building that does not match the description and needs, or even a wasteland. Take your time, check out the property and carefully check the address before signing the contract.

Pay special attention when inspecting a building to life support systems.Bathrooms are in the first place, because you don’t want to get an unpleasant “present” in the form of a toilet on the street or a creepy old system that can fail at any time.

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The same applies to other systems, such as electricity or water. A clogged gutter or an inoperative faucet can greatly spoil the mood of the rest. In addition, pay attention to the heating system, because it is much more reliable than the only fireplace in the living room.

Prepare the contract carefully. It must clearly indicate the amount of the prepayment (if you make it), an inventory of the property, the time of arrival and check-out, and other equally important data concerning both the cottage and its owner.

Celebration of the New Year 2019 in the cottages of Belarus

Making a choice in favor of the Belarusian cottage, you can be sure that:

  • You will not interfere with your hectic holiday neighbors. This is especially true of young people, whose music sometimes infuriates aged neighbors. Yes, and the neighborhood children will not be around, you will not prevent them from sleeping. So, you can relax and fully surrender to the rest.
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  • A small cottage is an ideal place for lovers who decide to spend this time in a secluded romantic setting.
  • Family holidays in the cottage can diversify round dances with children on the street around the tree, snowballs and making snowmen, walking through the snowy forest and much more, inaccessible to city dwellers. This will make the holiday magical, giving a piece of fairy tales to your children.
  • All sorts of surprises that are easy to prepare on the territory of the cottage and in the yard, as well as the fireworks launched here, will leave an indelible mark on the soul of your children.

Search for a cottage for the New Year holidays

Nowadays, the cost of renting the room plays almost the main role in planning a holiday. And yet, the New Year's days in the Belarusian cottage will cost you not very expensive.

as celebrate new year in Belarus

It must be borne in mind that when leaving an annoying apartment on New Year’s days, many decide to go to some foreign guesthouse. Visa, travel expenses and rental housing, in this situation, make up the majority of all expenses.

When you visit Belarus, you do not have to arrange extra paperwork, and the cost of transfer is commensurate with the prices in our country.

Naturally, the prices of cottages can vary in a fairly wide range.As mentioned above, most of the cost of such a structure is footage. And yet, the condition of the house itself and its life support systems, household items and furniture also affect the rental price.

The choice of property for rent for the New Year holidays in Belarus is simply huge. Huge mansions with banquet halls for 30-100 people will attract the attention of those who prepare corporate for a serious company.

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Small cozy houses on two floors will be a great place to spend a holiday with your family. Small cozy houses can become a temporary nest for lovers.

The area where you want to spend the first days of 2019 is to choose your own. Popular cottages in Minsk, Mogilev and Vitebsk regions. Other regions can also boast of high-quality real estate.

In addition, you can rent estates on the Braslavsky lakes, in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, near the capital itself or on the Berezina River. Each of these places is extraordinarily beautiful, and the winter decoration makes them unique, fabulous.

In such places it seems that a fairy tale is knocking right at your door. It is enough to step over the threshold - and the magnificence of the landscape takes you to the very center of the Snow Queen's castle.Both children and adults here can take a break from the rumble and haste of their native city and plunge into the quiet of winter nature.

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