NGK Candles: reviews and description

Without spark plugs, not oneengine, no matter how modern the car might be. Each instruction manual indicates which type of electrode to use. Judging by the feedback on NGK candles, any vehicle owner sooner or later faced the need to replace them. Most people prefer to contact service centers for car maintenance. However, almost everyone tried to deal with them first, doing their own thing.

candles NGK reviews

Let's figure out what candles areignition. Many people ask if there is a difference between the electrode models, and whether it is possible to replace one type of candles with others during the operation of the car. Our article will also answer these questions.

What is a spark plug?

In fact, it is an electrode, which is fed tovoltage, and as a result of its operation, a spark enters the combustion chamber. The task of the ignition system is to generate a current of the required magnitude to form a spark.

As can be understood from the reviews, the NGK spark plugs provide a good ignition of the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinders. All work takes 4 steps:

  • The fuel mixture fills the cylinder.
  • At this clock, the fuel is compressed with a spark from the candle (the piston moves up and reaches the TDC).
  • The piston moves in the opposite direction under the influence of the explosion, due to which the operation of any engine is performed.
  • At the last stroke, the combustion products of the fuel exit through the exhaust valve (usually in modern cars, usually several valves, both intake and exhaust).

The whole process is very fast and has a cyclic character, and the cylinders are somewhat (at least 4). Therefore, the number of candles is always equal to the number of cylinders.

the main role

Without spark plugs in gasoline enginesThe combustible mixture can not ignite, that is, the engine will not start. It is thanks to the spark of the electrode, the mixture of air and fuel starts to light up, which leads to a small, but quite powerful explosion.

Spark plug ngk reviews

However, many products, including NGK suppositories, andexpert reviews confirm this, there is another no less important role. It consists in removing excess heat from the combustion chamber, which leads to their heating. As already mentioned, the number of candles corresponds to the number of cylinders in the engine. However, in some cases there are exceptions. In the cylinders of some engines, the combustion chamber is in the form of a hemisphere. In this case, each cylinder has two candles.

How is the candle arranged?

Car manufacturers are not engagedmanufacture of consumables, which can be considered as spark plugs. They are produced by third-party enterprises that have an agreement with some auto concern. There are many such companies and each tries to please with quality and cost.

In this case, despite the fact that many manufacturers are working on the issue of improving the quality of ignition of the working mixture, all products have a similar structure:

  • metal housing;
  • electrodes;
  • ceramic insulator;
  • rubber sealing;
  • rod contact.

Judging by the reviews on NGK candles, many driverspraise this product. And it should be noted that it is quite deserved, as during production the body base is covered with a special tool that provides protection from corrosion. Also, the body is equipped with a thread for screwing the candle into the cylinder and hexagon, under the candle key. The insulator is made of high-strength ceramics, which allows it to withstand a temperature of up to 1000 ° C and a voltage of 60 kV.

The design of spark plugs is very thought out. To prevent electrical leakage on the surface of the insulator, which is closer to the contact rod, special grooves are made, called the current barrier. Also for this purpose, a technical glaze is applied to the insulator surface. And that part of the insulator, which is closer to the combustion chamber, is made in the form of a cone.

Candles ngk 11 reviews

Inside the ceramics are the centralelectrode and rod contact. Usually a resistor is placed between them to eliminate radio interference. To seal the connection, a glass-bonded polymer is used, which has a high electrical conductivity. The side electrode (mass) is welded to the body.

The popularity that the availability ofMost of the positive feedback on NGK spark plugs is explained by the responsible approach to quality in their production. In them for electrodes a heat-resistant metal or its alloy is used. And to better remove heat, the electrode is made of two metals: the central part is made of copper and is surrounded by a heat-resistant shell.

Deviations in the work of candles

In some cases, candles begin to work withmalfunctions, and it can manifest itself in different ways. If the spark plug is faulty, the spark can not be missed, which leads to loss of efficiency of one of the cylinders. Often, the deflection of the spark plug is manifested as an early exit of the spark or its delay. Among other common problems of the ignition system is to allocate detonation. It is worth noting that this phenomenon is considered one of the most unpleasant.

Basic malfunctions and their signs

A good spark plug ensures a stablethe work of the engine, but no matter how solid it may be, there are inevitably various kinds of malfunctions. As some motorists note in the reviews of the NGK 11 candles, this can be detected on a number of grounds:

  • The car engine does not start from the first time, it works with great difficulty.
  • There is an increased fuel consumption, which is accompanied by an increased content of CO and CH.
  • When you visually inspect one of the candles is wet from the gasoline that has fallen on it, which indicates its malfunction.
  • There is a clear "rope", which is reflected in the twitching of the car while driving. This indicates that the engine does not develop full power.

Ngk v line reviews

Marking of spark plugs

If you go to any auto parts store,the seller will immediately begin to offer a large range of candles. The principle of their work is the same, but in quality there are differences, which is confirmed by the testimonials on spark plugs NGK 11. Distinctive features of this product:

  • manufacturer (Brisk, Bosch, NGK);
  • number of electrodes (one, two, three or more);
  • material for the manufacture of electrodes;
  • spark gap;
  • the glow number;
  • dimensions of the thread (the step, its length, the size of the hexagon under the candle key).

All these differences are indicated in the marking(alphanumeric designation) of each manufactured product. The same candle with completely similar parameters will have a different designation. In Russia, these products are marked in accordance with OST 37.003.081. For example, A23-2, A11, A26DB-1, etc.

One of the best

Often because of the wide range of candlesignition to car enthusiasts is not easy to make the right choice. As experts advise, it is worth to look at the following companies, which are considered one of the best:

  • BRISK.
  • BOSCH.
  • DENSO.
  • NGK.

In this case, almost every manufacturer has its own characteristics. This can be understood from the reviews on the NGK V Line candles.

Spark Plugs ngk 11 reviews

They are suitable for drivers who drivecars Volvo, BMW, Ferrari, Ford or Volkswagen. Brand Champion cooperates with no less popular car manufacturers in the face of Alfa Romeo, GM, Suzuki, Jaguar, Volvo.

Should I take the NGK candles?

Some drivers are interested in the natural question, is it worth buying products from the manufacturer with the name NGK or is it better to choose the Denso candles? Let's try to understand this difficult question.

If you take into account the popularity, thenthe products of both manufacturers are quite common in the market. There is a wide range of these brands, which makes it possible to use candles on almost any engine. At the same time, the majority of cars produced are equipped with NGK electrodes.

This fact suggests that the quality of theseCandles are in no way inferior to Denso's products. And feedback about the spark plugs NGK V Line is once again proving. In addition, the prices for these products are slightly reduced.

It is worth to be vigilant

As a rule, the popularity of a productforcing some "craftsmen" to produce their products, the quality of which is very doubtful. However, many consumers, buying little-known products, believe that these are items from a well-known manufacturer.

The same applies to NGK, whichis very popular in the market of many countries of the world. Therefore it is extremely important to know how to distinguish original products from counterfeit products. Distinctive features are easy to see:

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the labeling of the product. The original has an even and clear inscription, it is not smeared, but when it is mechanically applied it is not erased.
  • As evidenced by some reviews about candlesincandescent NGK, it is worth paying attention to how tightly tightened the terminal nut. If it is easily unscrewed, it indicates a marriage, which is usually rare, or for a fake, which is more likely.
  • A real candle has a smooth insulator surface, because it is covered with a special glaze. At a counterfeit a covering rough to the touch.
  • The original spark plug threaded with a thread-rolling tool, which allows you to get a perfectly flat surface. On a fake, you can notice jagged or chipped.
  • Usually on the hexagon of this candle, the party code is printed, this is not on fake products.
  • The main electrode is clearly centered, and the lateral electrode is flat. At a fake the last costs or is crooked, or it is possible to notice its oblique face.

It is also important to pay attention to the sealinga ring that is easily removed only from a fake. Well, the most important point is the cost, which for counterfeit products is always significantly lower than the original candle.

Reviews spark plug ngk v line

Knowing these signs, and further studying the testimonials and candles of NGK 13, it's hard to make a mistake when buying.

Public opinion

On the Internet you can find many reviews inagainst the Japanese manufacturer NGK. And they are contradictory in nature. Some drivers note the good work of the products, others complain about the quality. This can be explained by the fact that someone caught the original candles, and someone bought a cheap fake.

At the same time, those who purchased electrodes of dubious origin do not even realize that they have nothing to do with the NGK brand.

Candles ngk 13 reviews

Mounting Features

If you change candles yourself, you need totighten the required tightening torque, which is achieved with a torque wrench. Poor tightening of the spark plug can lead to loss of compression and overheating of the entire electrode. If the tightening torque is strong, you can simply break the candle or disrupt the heat removal, which inevitably leads to a serious malfunction of the motor. On the Internet, there are many reviews of NGK BKR6e candles. According to testimonials of motorists, it is the easiest to replace them. In this process, it is important to observe the replacement interval, which is always indicated in the vehicle manual. Classic candles are better to change after every 50 thousand km of run. The periodicity of replacing platinum and iridium products may not be less than 90 thousand km. Depending on the fuel used, these rates may vary.

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