Nurse Day in 2018

The people on whom our recovery in hospitals depends are not only doctors. First of all, these are nurses - after all, they are the ones who will deliver the medicine in time and take the temperature, notice the change in their state of health and analyze, bandage and give an injection. All the necessary procedures fall on the shoulders of nurses, and such selfless work should be appreciated. In recognition of their merits, the international community has established a special professional holiday - Nurse Day. About what this holiday is and how it appeared, what number of Nurse Day in 2018, the tradition of celebration and the history of nursing - in our article.

What date is Nurse Day in 2018

Nurse Day - a holiday with a long history. It was first celebrated more than half a century ago - in 1965, although the idea of ​​honoring the workers of hospitals and clinics for the first time was first expressed twelve years earlier - in 1953. However, it was not until 1974 that Nurses Day acquired its modern look, including the general date of the celebration.What is the number of Nurse Day?

In 2018, Nurse Day is celebrated on Saturday, May 12th.

This date is fixed in the calendar, that is, every year this holiday is celebrated on the same day on May 12.


ICN or International Nursing Council

Manages the holiday ICN - International Council of Nurses, which means International Council of Nurses. Each year, the ICN announces the general theme of the holiday, paying close attention to a particular field of activity of nurses. In this way, the organization covers nursing care problems worldwide, contributing to their solution.

In addition to the general theme of the annual holiday, ICN conducts other training - prints booklets, prepares video materials to help develop and promote the profession. The symbol of the organization for many years now is the White Heart. The stylized image of the heart has long been known as a symbol of care and humanity. White color, in turn, represents purity and hygiene.

Florence Nightingale

Why was May 12 chosen to celebrate Nursing Day? This number was proposed by ICN in 1974, representing a professional holiday at the UN.The date is chosen in honor of Florence Nightingale - the founder of the nursing service in the form in which she is familiar to us now.

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12 in 1820 in Great Britain. The girl received a brilliant education at that time, but against the wishes of her family, she dreamed of linking her life with medicine. Upon reaching the age of twenty, Florence told her relatives that she had decided to become a nurse, and her parents were horrified at the choice of their daughter. The profession of a nurse or a nurse was considered not just an unworthy girl from a good family — at that time, “fallen women”, that is, drunkards, former prostitutes, unemployed who had not found their place in life, were caring for the sick

But Miss Nightingale was insistent - and after a few years she goes to Europe to study nursing with a clear example. After numerous visits to the patients and personal care of them, after studying nursing at the nuns, Florence returns to London, where he becomes the manager of one of the small private clinics.


The inflamed Crimean War, in which England also took part, became a real springboard for the development of nursing. Florence Nightingale leaves for the front line, offering assistance to field hospitals.First, in Turkey, and then directly in the Crimea, she actually organizes care for postoperative patients from scratch. Hygiene, sanitation, planned medication - everything that today seems natural to us in medical care was, at that time, a truly revolutionary innovation. And the case of Miss Nightingale bore fruit - for half a year the mortality rate among the soldiers and officers who were operated on in military field hospitals fell tenfold. Even official data on reducing casualties among the personnel of the British army have been preserved - from 42% to 2.2%.

The name Nightingale is becoming extremely popular. She is invited not only to military hospitals, but also to public and private clinics. Doctors in England, and later in Europe, strive to learn from the experience of the first real nurse, organizing full-fledged nursing care in hospitals and hospitals. And in 1860, Florence Nightingale opened a nursing school so that graduates from her school could spread the idea of ​​proper medical care throughout the world.

Today, the name Florence Nightingale has become a symbol of nursing care, and its achievements in the organization of modern medicine are recognized worldwide.

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