One-time childbirth allowance in 2018

In 2018, when a child is born or when guardianship is established, one parent is entitled to a lump sum payment. If several children are born, the benefit relies on each of them. A working citizen has the opportunity to apply for support through an employer who pays out of his own funds and then reimburses it by contacting the FSS authorities. The right to the benefit shall become null and void if the documents are submitted more than 6 months after the birth of the child.


The amount of benefits set for 2018

Initially, Article 12 of Federal Law No. 81-FZ, the amount of payment was set at 8,000 rubles, with the condition of gradual indexation. The rate of increase is approved annually by the government, depending on the level of inflation. When calculating the current benefit amount, increases for all years since the approval of the base amount are taken into account.The latest news shows that from February 1, 2018, the amount of the allowance due to the birth of a child is 16,759.09 rubles. It can be further increased by the district coefficient, which is used in calculating payments for employees working in the Far North or in special climatic conditions. At the birth of several children, allowance is paid for each child.

One-time childbirth allowance in 2018

Eligible for benefits are:

  • Citizens of Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia;
  • Foreigners who temporarily or permanently live in the territory of the Russian Federation.

If the child was born in 2017, and the employee turned to the employer for benefits only next year, the amount of the benefit is determined based on the date of birth. In this regard, the lump-sum payment for children born before February 1 will amount to 16,350.33 rubles.

Practice getting benefits

If the woman does not work, the payment at birth of the child is assigned to the father. Upon dissolution of the marriage, the benefit is received by the parent with whom the child lives. If the spouses are not officially employed, then they need to contact the social security authorities for funds.You can make a payment in the MFC at the place of residence.

Documents required for assigning benefits

The procedure for issuing payments is specified in clause 28 of Procedure No. 1028, approved by order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development dated December 23, 2009. The main document is a statement, which specifies personal data, full name and date of birth of the child, bank account details. In addition to the application, the citizen provides:

  • A certificate issued by an employer or a social security agency to a parent to whom no benefit was assigned;
  • A copy of the birth certificate or certificate from the registry office;
  • A copy of the decision of the court regarding adoption or an extract from the decision that established guardianship;
  • A copy of the contract governing the transfer of the child to a foster family.

An employer who received the necessary documents must issue a receipt to the employee in any form within 5 calendar days. The payment deadlines are 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the application and supporting documents.

A lump sum at the birth of a child in 2018. Last news

Features of the appointment of benefits for residents of the capital

For those who have a permanent registration in Moscow, there is a separate list of payments for the birth of a child, fixed in the Resolution of the Moscow government No. 37-PP.It does not apply to those who work or study in the capital without permanent residence.

Moscow legislation provides for the following types of support for citizens who have a child:

  • One-time compensation allowance, depending on the number of children born;
  • Additional payments in connection with pregnancy and childbirth for those who were dismissed due to the termination of the activity or the liquidation of the employer;
  • Lump sum allowance for those who register for up to 20 weeks;
  • "Luzhkov" payments provided for young (under 30) families.

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