Pain and Redemption (Payne & Redemption) - 2018 film

  • Original name:Payne & Redemption.
  • Release date:October 4, 2018 (world premiere).
  • Country of Origin:United Kingdom.
  • Director and screenwriter:Fergl Gibson.
  • Genre:Thriller, horror, thriller, drama, crime.
  • Tagline:An Independent Film by Fergle Gibson.
  • Duration:2 hours (120 minutes).

In the fall of 2018, a film with an extremely high audience rating of 94% will be released on big screens - this is about the film “Pain and Redemption”. What will be devoted to the next work of budding director Fergl Gibson, and which actors will take part in it?

Shot from the movie Pain and Redemption 2018


Addressing the topic of crime and punishment in the cinema is not new - many artists have used it at different times, for example, Martin Scorsese in his “Island of the Damned”, Ridley Scott in “Counselor”, Andrew Dominic in “Casino robbery” and others. However, in this case, the creators decided to show the conflict that exists in the human soul, from a qualitatively different angle.

The main character of the tape, a detective from New York named Max Payne, is a model policeman,which is completely left to your favorite work. He knows no mercy for the criminals and uncompromisingly puts the caught violators of the law behind bars. But one day, Payne crosses the road, not an ordinary drug dealer, but an authoritative and dangerous mafia boss. At first, the latter is trying to bribe and appease the principal servant of the law, but gradually he understands that this will have no effect. Then the leader of a criminal syndicate suddenly brings down shocking news on Max - his beloved family is now held hostage. The spouse and child will be released only if the detective refuses to conduct business. A beginner rushing man soon learns that his loved ones are killed. Power boss wants to fully enjoy the self-torture and internal suffering of the protagonist. Will Max be able to recover from the tragedy and take revenge on the enemy for the death of loved ones? What will be the way of his redemption? It is for these spiritual transformations of the protagonist that one can observe in the film.


Despite the fact that the actors invited to the movie "Pain and Redemption" in 2018,can not boast of impressive collections of earned awards or shooting in the high-profile projects that claim to be the Oscar, yet they fit perfectly into the noir world of action-thriller. The leading roles were involved:

  • Kyle Cashman (Detective Jessica Logan);
  • John Mangan (Dr. Clarence Volpe);
  • Nigel Billing (Detective)
  • David Soul (Deputy Chief Jim Coraggio, hereinafter the preliminary information);
  • James McCaffrey (hero nicknamed "The Voice");
  • Richard Break (Lenny);
  • Bill Nighy (Coroner).

Max Payne

Computer game connection

The movie “Pain and Redemption” should definitely appeal to fans of computer games, who remember a series of three-person shooters that made a splash called “Max Payne”. Apparently, it was this cyber-creation that inspired Fergl Gibson to create his brainchild, because he did not change either the name of the hero, nor his history, or the atmosphere of noir crime dramas of the 1940-1950s.

In the game released in 2001, Max Payne was the drug control agent, but the storyline did not revolve around the baron killing his wife and daughter, who, by the way, was also present, but around a false accusation of depriving his best friend of life.Hiding from the police, the man unexpectedly went on the trail of a villain who has destroyed all those whom he once loved. From the layering of one tragedy on another, which had the right to exist in the game, the director of the new film decided to refuse. Perhaps it turned out to be due either to the limited timing of the tape, or to the desire to concentrate the audience’s attention directly on the protagonist and his torment, or to the fact that in 2008 the Max Max Payne eponymous thriller was released, repeating the story Cyber ​​Prototype.

Max Payne

A few words about the main creator

Fergl Gibson is in the world of directing a new figure. In addition to “Pain and Redemption”, he is in charge of projects such as Harry Paine's Ghosts: Evil will never die (2014) and the short drama “Art?” (2016). It is known that the first film, by genre belonging to the category of horrors and thrillers, was greeted by viewers and critics unfavorably. The story of a gangster who served 10 years in prison and returned home received only 3.5 points on the Kinopoisk resource, while the largest IMDb database (Internet Movie Database) slightly exceeded 4.2.Fergl Gibson still has a chance to correct shortcomings in work, because his career and development is just beginning. Perhaps it is “Pain and Redemption” that will become his calling card as a director, but whether the world will really be able to find out only in October.

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