Panasonic Washing: description, specs, instruction, reviews

Fighting air pollution on the planet is not an easy task. But you can successfully cope with this in your home if you get a Panasonic sink.

Getting to know your device

This cleaner has a humidifying function, anda lot of ultramodern opportunities that allow to provide in the room the presence of a healthy microclimate, which is an important condition for children, as well as people prone to manifest allergic or asthmatic reactions. Air cleaning "Panasonic" - an excellent solution for premises of any area. To install this device does not require a lot of space, as it is placed directly on the floor. Also, no special installation is needed.
air washer Panasonic

The model can be purchased in such a color solution,which is optimal for your interior. To learn how to operate the device, it is necessary to carefully study the text of the operation manual. Everything will become clear right away.

How does the device work?

A powerful air intake system absorbs dirtyair at a height that is 30 cm from the floor level. It is driven through special filters that help to free air from harmful impurities and unpleasant odors. Clean and light air is blown through specially installed holes. The distribution of clean air takes place on the upper part of the room, and the polluted air gradually descends down into the Panasonic air sink. Because of this circulation, the room is quickly filled with air, which is really clean.

Filtration system

Air cleaning "Panasonic" consists of severalfilters. The functions of moisturizing and deodorizing are quite understandable. The combined filter consists of an extract of green tea, antibacterial elements and anti-allergenic substances.

air wash price

All these components in the kit provideelimination of dangerous allergens, bacteria and viruses. This is important when it is required to provide the maximum level of sterility. For example, if the house is sick with the flu or acute respiratory diseases, and you need to protect the whole family from infection. During operation, the Panasonic air purifier produces minimal noise, it is audible if the device is turned on in maximum power mode.

Features of the device

To adjust the intensity of work3 positions are provided. At higher power the device will be able to perform the cleaning of the air in the room faster. The price of air washing is available, while the performance, according to users, is quite high. The cleaner can also work in humidifying mode. It is only necessary to fill the container with water and select the appropriate option.

air purifier for the apartment what to choose

A unique feature of this device is theThe mode at which nano-ions are produced. Without going into a detailed scientific explanation, it can be said that such particles contribute to the elimination of bacteria and the purification of air.

Intelligent Functions

Such an air purifier has a highintellect, since in different parts of the device there are sensors that react to the accumulation of dust and the appearance of foreign smell. Due to the presence of sensors, it is possible to monitor such a process. The device also determines the humidity level. Based on these data, the cleaner can automatically monitor the cleanliness and comfortable humidity of the air. If necessary, you can select the operating mode and manually. Having studied user feedback, you can come to the conclusion that this device is worth the money spent on it, because it is practical, and the possibility of humidification makes it universal.

a climate complex for an apartment

Intellectual systems will now take care ofcondition of the microclimate on themselves, and it is better for the owners to assess the air condition in the house. The device will take the necessary measures to quickly and efficiently perform cleaning and humidification of air. In large cities it is important to ensure the cleanliness of the air in the premises where you spend most of your time. Consequently, the price of air cleaning is incomparably lower than the benefit of using such a device. Which air purifier should I choose for an apartment? Let's talk about this later.


Consider one of the models that isunique in its characteristics. This device is the best choice in case you do not know which one to choose the air purifier for an apartment. The climate complex for the apartment is designed for those who care about a healthy lifestyle, trying to acquire healthy food, environmentally friendly products, drink purified water.

The quality of the air we breathe has becomethe concern of the Japanese corporation "Panasonic" - the leader in the innovation of climate complexes for the apartment. This device has a unique function of nano-cleaning the air. It is based on knowledge of the chemical formula of water. A small part of the water is placed in a capsule with negative ions and particles of moisture. Performs functions:

  • neutralizes all viruses and bacteria;
  • removes all harmful substances from the surface;
  • removes unpleasant odors.

air purifier panasonic

Principle of action: a nanoparticle flies up to a malignant virus, BUT combines with the hydrogen of the virus and forms H2Oh, putting this virus in a solid and reliable shell in which it will die.

Advantages of nanoparticles:

  • Durability of the functioning of this particle incompared with negatively charged ions that die without reaching the ionizer, which allows penetrating almost every corner of the 40-meter room.
  • The microscopic size of the nanoparticle allowingto ensure penetration into the most inaccessible places of your premises - under the carpets, in upholstered furniture and clothes. In these items are often found viruses, allergens, bacteria and unpleasant odors. All these malicious things are neutralized by using nanotechnology, which includes an air cleaner "Panasonic".

The second filtration system

Characteristics of air sink "Panasonic"there are two more filters for fine cleaning. The first one is composite, the second one is deodorizing. They are inside the case, under the cover. On the left you can remove the tank, which capacity is 2.3 liters, which is enough for a day of continuous work. There is a water filter. Let's describe the functionality of each of the filters.

Composite filter

This item consists of three parts, havingfunction to remove allergens. Green tea extract is the most powerful natural antiseptic in the world, therefore it is present in the filter for neutralizing viruses. This part of the filter helps to kill bacteria with the help of special enzymes.

Deodorizing filter

This element has a coal base. The main purpose is to neutralize unpleasant odors in the form of tobacco smoke or aromas from the kitchen.

Water filter

At the bottom of this element is water, a filterslowly rotates. On the pallet remains dirt and large particles of dust. When the air particles come into contact with this filter, the traditional moistening process is carried out. All three filters have a service life of 10 years. In the domestic market there are no analogues for the duration of operation.

Unique Features

An interesting function of this climatecomplex is a special development of the Japanese brand. You can provide an approximate memory of the daily routine. At this time, the cleaner begins to increase the airflow, trying to get ahead of the negative impact of pollutants.

air cleaning Panasonic

For effective operation of this device it does not matter,what is its location. The air intake is carried out in two directions - on the sides and below. The air is discharged upwards. You can put such a climate complex at a distance of 1 cm from the wall.

Functionality of the cleaner

The maximum productivity of this device is 500 ml / h. Estimated service area - 40 m2. The working panel of the climatic complex itself has informative clues:

  • "Children's Castle", which blocks access to the inclusion of such a device by children.
  • A timer that can be set to 2, 4 and 8 hours.
  • The function of manual mode, when you can set the desired modes of operation.
  • Adjusting the direction and power of the air flow in four positions.
  • Manual over the work of the device itself allowsdisable the function "nano" and select only the mode of humidification and air purification, put only air purification, turn the device on only in automatic mode.
  • Power button.


Description of the Panasonic washer forthat it can be successfully used by people who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system, asthmatic or allergic manifestations. This acquisition is very important for health. The cost of such devices in Russia is about 1200 rubles. The price is formed depending on the level of functionality of the device.

air washer Panasonic

In the instructions for the air washing "Panasonic" indicated,that it is especially important to ensure the correct humidity level for young children. Customer feedback indicates the effectiveness of the device for home use. It was noted that with the use of such a sink it became easier to breathe, less respiratory diseases.

The climate is uniqueproduct. It will be an excellent acquisition for people who care about health. User feedback confirms the effectiveness of such devices, therefore, in their purchase there is a significant need.

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