Pensions for working pensioners in 2018

Many older people do not leave work for various reasons. Someone simply can not imagine life without work. Someone does not want to change the usual way of life, established habits and works by inertia. But the majority works only because the size of the paid pension does not provide the desired standard of living. And wages and pensions collectively allow us to hope not only for bread and butter, but also to count on great opportunities in terms of spending and savings.

Pensions for working pensioners in 2018


Krasnoyarsk residents have already calculated future pensions and their average size.

Pensions for working pensioners in 2018


Against the background of the lack of changes, the ripened discontent, everyone is waiting for the latest news from the State Duma: will there be an indexation of payments to working pensioners?

The previously adopted law on indexation suspended the increase in pension payments for working indexation until the end of 2019.

However, as reported in July 2017 by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the general procedure for calculating and paying pensions to working pensioners will not change from January 1, 2018. The budget of the pension fund is not adopted without calculating the increase in this part.

This suggests a conclusion: the state does not encourage older people to work: working pensioners will not receive a pension on a par with pensioners who do not have an official additional income.

The reasons are the same:

  • shortage of the Pension Fund in Russia;
  • the general trend of population aging in the absence of a large number of jobs, unemployment;
  • It is beneficial for the state not to stimulate working pensioners. This question remains on the choice of the citizens themselves: you want to work, work. But the pension earned on a general basis will not be indexed. Indexation will be made only at the termination of official employment.

How to increase the size of the pension, while continuing to work?

Pensions for working pensioners in 2018. Last news

The new rule in the pension legislation is to increase the estimated ratio (respectively, the final pension) due to the late registration of the pension and not receiving it during the period of work. Accordingly, if a working citizen who has the right to a pension does not draw it up or does not receive it, the total amount of payments will be increased depending on the time of work without receiving a pension if there is a right to it.

For example, with the processing time of the year, the premium coefficient for a fixed payment when a pension is assigned will be 1.056.

  • 2 years - already 1.12,
  • 3 – 1,19,…
  • 10 years - 2.11.

Consequently, if you do not draw up a pension and continue to work for 10 years, it is possible to get not only an increase in the insurance experience, but also an integral part of the pension - a fixed payment will increase more than 2 times.

The second possible bonus for workers is the annual recalculation of points for working pensioners, for which employers paid insurance premiums in the previous year. The term for such recalculation is the first of August of the following year. You do not need to draw up any documents for it, the change is made automatically and depends on the level of wages, namely, the size of the employer's insurance premiums and the pension points calculated on their basis.

What awaits working pensioners in terms of lump-sum payments is difficult to guess. If we draw an analogy with 2017 and the payment of 5 000 rubles, when the indexation was also not carried out, it is possible to make a one-time compensating payment. This option still exists only as an assumption, since there is no official information.

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