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Christianity arose in the 1st century AD, andJews became the first religion. The Old Testament is revered by both Christians and Jews, but the New Testament is recognized only by Christians. This part of the Bible is considered to be predominant.

Due to significant differences from other religionsChristianity was not perceived and constantly subjected to persecution of rulers and most of the population. Some believers had to go through severe trials, sometimes they were imprisoned, tortured, tortured to death. Such martyrs were ranked as saints. A striking example was Jesus Christ, who received God's suffering and death, thereby atoning for the sins of men. But there was a time, and in spite of everything, the number of believing Christians increased. In our time, Christianity is one of the most widespread religions in the world.

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The Occurrence of Pilgrimage

In all ages, Christians as true believers, takingan example from Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, who visited the walls of Jerusalem every year on the bright Easter holiday. Originally pilgrims were considered pilgrims who traveled to Jerusalem to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, later those who wandered from the shrine to the shrine began to be called.

Going to long and sometimes dangerouspilgrimage was not only prayer and absolution, but also a desire to understand oneself, to find grace, to show devotion to your god. Sometimes the goal of walking was absolutely terrestrial: getting rid of mental anguish, from serious illnesses, the desire to give birth to a child and so on. The pilgrim, taking upon himself the hardships of the road and limiting himself in some earthly goods, tried to achieve a greater goal.

pilgrimage center travel schedule

Pilgrimage now

In today's world, many see the pilgrimage as tourism. Even there was such a thing as a pilgrimage tour. The general they have is the theme of travel.

The main thing in tourism is cognition, and inpilgrimage - prayer and worship of holy things. Taking in their walls wandering pilgrims, the Orthodox Church respects tourists. One of the organizers of the trips is the pilgrimage center of the Belgorod and Starooskolskaya diocese, which has been operating since 2007.

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Belgorod as a place for pilgrimage

For the period of its existence the pilgrimagethe center of the Belgorod and Stara Oskol eparchy has developed a dozen routes to holy places not only in Russia, but also in the near abroad. This can be as a day trip, and for a longer time. Part of the trips are carried out on routes that have been checked by years, which are the most popular among parishioners. Interested persons develop routes under the individual order.

The Pilgrim Center (Belgorod) organizes tripsso that Christians can not only pray and bow to the relics of saints, but also get acquainted with the life and historical facts of the monasteries visited. The cost of such trips is relatively small. The pilgrim center (Belgorod) regards the payment for a visit to holy places as a donation to the holy church, which later provides enormous financial assistance to the Orthodox kindergarten. Due to these funds, orphans could make a pilgrimage and visit holy places.

The pilgrim center offers manyvarious excursions. The city of Kozelsk is home to the famous Optina deserts, which has been known since the 19th century. In it there is a man's monastery of the Savior-Not-made-made deserts. The trip will cost 2950 rubles. It includes a visit to the source, where people can type holy water.

Resurrection nunnery in Zimovenkyfamous for its miracle. There was a clarification of the face on the icons. The monastery is new and has appeared already after the collapse of the USSR. The first nuns began to appear after the enlightenment of the face on the icons in the local church. Also, the excursion includes visiting the Church of the Resurrection of Christ and the village of Murom, where the relics of the saints are located. The cost of the trip is 450 rubles.

pilgrimage center belgorod

The schedule of pilgrimages

The pilgrimage center (Belgorod) is a one-year schedule, and everyone can read it and plan a trip to holy places.

pilgrimage center travel schedule

This trip is very useful for the soul. A variety of flights to the holy places offers Belgorod. The pilgrimage center, whose travel schedule is compiled in accordance with the interests of pilgrims, organizes interesting excursions.

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Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features Pilgrim Center Belgorod: features