Planting daffodils in the fall in the ground.

One of the most enjoyable works in the garden is to plan a flower bed and plant bulbous flowers. It is autumn that you can create incredible compositions. Daffodils are incredibly unpretentious flowers of yellow and white colors, creating a spring mood in the garden. Sitedom-v-sadu.rurecommends daffodils for mandatory planting, and to share how the proper planting of daffodils in the fall in the ground.

How to prepare the ground for planting bulbous flowers in the ground

Daffodils planting and care begins with the correct choice of a site for cultivation. Place for planting onion flowers in the garden you need to choose a sunny, located horizontally or with a slight bias to the south, well drained. Groundwater should lie at a depth of no higher than 60 cm, the preferred layer is to easily pass water. The soil should be well-fertilized, fertile, light or medium loamy with a neutral reaction.

cultivation of daffodils in the open field

Daffodils planting and care in the open field is to feed the soil and fertilizer.

To improve the soil in the garden for planting daffodils, add to the soil:

  • 200 - 300 g of lime;
  • 25 - 30 kg of humus or well-rotten compost;
  • up to 100 grams of bone meal or 50 g of double superphosphate per 1 sq. km. meter;

Onion flowers require deep tillage, so after making lime and organic fertilizers, dig the area to a depth of 35 - 40 cm. It would be even better if planting daffodils in the fall will be accompanied by double digging.

yellow daffodils

Plots with a cultivated layer of less than 25 years under bulb flowers in the garden have to be prepared for several years. Especially a lot of work requires the preparation of heavy clay soil. Each year, scoop up every thin layer with a recess of about 5 cm, preliminarily add lime and organic fertilizers - peat and humus; sand can also be added to clayey. Use and double digging.

Radical improvement of the soil for the cultivation of daffodils can be achieved by applying organic matter over several years to a quarter of the depth of the treated soil layer, provided it deepens to 40 cm. It is important to mix the applied fertilizer well with the entire layer.

forcing daffodils

Planting daffodils in the fall in the ground

A flower bed for the autumn planting of daffodils and tulips must be prepared in advance and kept under steam, not allowing the weeds to grow, or to occupy with annual flowers or vegetables with a short period of development with the exception of onions.

By mid-August, the areas where it is planned to plant tulips and daffodils in the fall should be released. Do not lose sight of the fact that onion bulbs can be planted in their former place not earlier than in 5 years, and then only if there are no pests and the most harmful diseases.

Bulbs can be predecessors of any culture, except the bulbous, bulbous bulbous and plants from the family of nightshade.

Before planting daffodils in the fall in the ground on the surface scatter mineral fertilizers:

  • ammonium nitrate 15 gr;
  • double superphosphate 25 gr;
  • potassium sulfate 40 g;
  • wood ash - 200 - 300 g / sq. m

Then dig the soil to a depth of 20 - 22 cm.


When to plant daffodils in the fall

When to plant daffodils- Daffodils should be planted and transplanted from the end of August until the second decade of September. This is the best period to replant daffodils in the garden.

With good soil preparation, attentive care and the absence of pests and diseases, narcissuses can grow in one place, without digging for 3-4 years and even up to 5 years. Their dormancy period lasts less than that of tulips and hyacinths. Plant them before new roots appear. When planting young roots can be damaged, and new roots in the bulbs of daffodils are not formed.

Poor rooting can cause bulbs to freeze in the winter. Narcissus sprouts appearing in spring are less afraid of frost than tulip sprouts. Therefore, the time when planting daffodils is a very important parameter.

Earlier than others, plant narcissuses belonging to the Poetic group. Before planting all the bulbs inspect the last time reject soft to the touch, with holes near the bottom, darkened and damaged. Use only healthy bulbs, without flaws. Before planting, pickle them in Maxim's solution for 30 minutes, allow the solution to drain and then lower it into a 0.7% solution of Carbofos (10% preparation) for 30 minutes too. Dried onions - planted.

daffodil bulbs

Mandatory transplantation of daffodils to the correct depth. The depth of planting (location of the onion ends of the bulbs) for large bulbs of daffodils is 15 cm, on heavy soils - 12 cm. Under the bulbs pour sand with a layer of 3 cm, with sand, fill them up to the top, above with earth.

The depth of the landing must be maintained very strictly. This can be done with a peg marker. Properly planted bulbs bloom better, they are less affected by pests and diseases, the plants multiply faster, the cultivation of daffodils is excellent. Small bulbs and baby plant smaller, planting depth of 7 to 10 cm, depending on size. The distance between large bulbs and children from 8 to 10 cm.

planting daffodils in the fall

Daffodils - when digging up bulbs and planting

Digging bulbs of daffodils should be immediately after lodging and yellowing of the leaves. All dug bulbs should be inspected. To reject and burn affected pests and diseases, and soft - even with good appearance.

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