Planting squash in 2019: calendar

Zucchini - a vegetable is not very naughty, however, in its cultivation has its own characteristics. The use of the zucchini planting calendar 2019 allows you to choose the most correct days for gardening. The soil season will start from April, and the lunar calendar of 2019 will help you choose the most auspicious day for planting squash for seedlings and in the greenhouse. Also, before planting seeds or seedlings, it is necessary to clarify the weather forecast and take into account the climatic features of your region.

Squash in the garden

Season of landing zucchini

Squashes can be grown either directly from seed or with seedlings. The planting season for this vegetable in the southern regions of the country usually begins in April. At this time, you can already begin planting squash for seedlings. In 2019, the spring should not be accompanied by any cataclysms, therefore, the beginning of garden works is carried out according to the usual schedule. Naturally, it is necessary to evaluate the weather conditions immediately before planting the plant in the ground.

Growing zucchini from seedlings allows you to get the richest harvest. Preparatory work for this can begin in April or even in March. The seeds of the plant are planted in specially prepared soil in pots or large containers, from which later it will be possible to freely get the seedlings.

Important! When transplanting seedlings into the ground, it is necessary to carefully remove the plant from the pot or container without damaging the roots.

The soil for seedlings can be prepared independently (for example, by mixing peat and sand in equal proportions) or buy peat pots. The latter option is the most convenient and will avoid damage to the roots. In one pot should be planted no more than 2 seeds. Pots put on the windowsill on the sunny side, while the temperature in the room should be about 19-25C. Seedlings for transplanting into the ground will be ready in 25-30 days.

It is recommended to carry out seed dropping directly into the ground in mid-April, early May, when the threat of frost is over. To do this, pre-seeds are soaked for several hours in purified water and slightly germinated on a damp cloth.The finished seeds are placed in a well-loosened earth 3-4 cm deep. In each section placed 2-3 seeds. The distance between the plots should be 50-70 cm so that the plants do not interfere with each other. When the seeds come up, it will be possible to leave the strongest shoots, and remove the rest.

Planting squash for seedlings

Squash is one of the few vegetables that can produce several harvests per season. They can be planted from late spring to mid-autumn (before the onset of cold weather). Of course, the climatic features of the region should be taken into account.

Favorable days according to the lunar calendar

The lunar calendar for garden work was used in ancient times. Indeed, the satellite of the Earth has an impact on the growth of plants and if you focus on its phases and position, you can get a good harvest.

In 2019, favorable days for planting squash are:

February 7, 8, 12, 16, 17
March 11, 12, 15
April 7, 12, 18
May 8, 15, 17, 18
June 5, 12, 14, 16
July 3, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16
August 5, 7, 10, 12
September 1, 4, 6, 7, 13
October 2, 3, 6, 11, 29, 30

Growing zucchini in winter

Planting zucchini can be a whole year using greenhouses and greenhouses. Since the last harvest usually occurs in October-November (and they can be stored for several months), planting squash in the greenhouse in 2019 can begin in February. Then at the beginning of spring you can already get the first crop of vegetables.

If you can plant seeds or seedlings in open ground, then seedlings are preferable for greenhouses. In this case, the vegetables will grow quickly and well, and not get sick. Preparation of seedlings for the greenhouse is carried out as well as for open ground. However, individual pots should be preferred for planting seeds.

Seed pots are placed on the windowsill on the sunny side. If the windows are facing north, additional lighting may be required. Before the appearance of the first shoots, the temperature in the room should be at least 26C (to obtain the required temperature, you can cover the pots with a film). Further, the best will be the maintenance of 22-24C. The plant will be ready for transplantation into the soil in 20-25 days, after the appearance of the first 3-4 leaves.

Zucchini seedlings in a cup

To get a good harvest in the greenhouse, you must create certain conditions:

  1. Biofuels.Squashes especially love this type of feed. It not only provides the plant with essential nutrients, but also warms the roots. For its preparation it is necessary to take pork or cow dung and straw in equal quantities, mix, lay in a pile, pour it with water and cover with foil for 3-4 days.The resulting biofuel is placed under the main soil in which zucchini will be planted.
  2. Temperature mode.To obtain a good harvest, it is necessary to maintain a sufficiently high temperature regime in the greenhouse: in the daytime - up to 24 ° C, at night - no less than 14 ° C. It is also important to monitor the temperature of the soil: it should be in the range of 20-25C. A layer of biofuels that emit carbon dioxide contributes to the warming of the soil.
  3. Watering.Watering plants must be purified with warm water (20-24C), not abundant.
  4. Lack of excess moisture.Squashes do not like high humidity. Therefore, to prevent excessive evaporation, the soil can be filled with sawdust, and when the weather becomes warmer outside, increase the amount of greenhouse ventilation.
  5. Top dressing.Fertilizing plants is recommended every 10 days using industrial or natural products (for example, fresh cow manure).

Harvesting zucchini in the greenhouse is performed when they reach about 20 cm in length. This occurs approximately 40-50 days after planting the seedlings. Thus, in early April 2019, you can get fresh vegetables.

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