Poems about professions for children: 50 best

Mother's profession

Warm things fast and quiet
Sews for kids mother dressmaker.

Milks the cow early in the morning
In a clean corral mother milkmaid.

Teeth sick without any shots
Cure mom - a dentist.

In kindergarten a lot of activities.
Mom there is a nanny and a teacher.

At school, no less classes. See:
Mom-teacher marks.

From the root to grow does not get tired
Wonderful plant mom nerd.

Writing articles and notes to newspapers
Mom-writer and journalist.

Delicious sausages got from the window
Mom, she is a store salesman.

Buns and buns to eat in a hurry!
They baked us a pastry mom.

Jumping out of a plane with risk
Brave mother-parachutist.
(Nastya Kindness)


Father's profession

The pavement trembles and the motor howls
This is going to us dad-chauffeur.

A plane is flying across the blue sky.
He is governed by a dad pilot

Together walks with the military in a row
In the gray coat of his father, a soldier.

Who is the all-round record holder?
We answer: "Dad is an athlete!"

Coal hack is not tired in the depths of the mountains
Black from soot papa-miner.

Steel is melting, steam coming out of the boiler -
Dad is a worker, he is a steelworker.

Cure thousands of broken hands
In the children's hospital dad-surgeon.

Crane will install, clear the clog
Dad-plumber, or fitter.

Who is an encore on stage?
This is a famous dad-artist.

“There is no unnecessary profession in the world!” -
Teaches us from childhood dad-poet.
(Nastya Kindness)

poems about the profession kindergarten teacher***


He teaches letters to add
Flowers grow and catch butterflies,
Look at everything and remember everything
And all native, Russian love.



On canvas by artist Petya
Draw everything in the world.
Brush down the paint
And on her canvas chlobyst!
Well smeared,
“Nice picture!” - say.
There will be people for many days
To think what is there on her.



At the seed carpenter
The case has been going since morning:

He planed, sawed, drilled,
Carnation hammered,
A shiny nimble screw -
Quickly turned the screwdriver.

So he made a buffet,
Table, dresser and stool.
And then they polished,
Bright varnish covers
And he attached pens to them,
Legs and other things.



Cook Vasya very cleverly
Knives a carrot,
Cheese grated rubs:
Back and forth and back and forth.
Soup interferes with a ladle
And tolkushkoy crumples potatoes
Knife cuts dill:
Whack-Whack-Whack and into a bowl of op!
It turned out delicious to
Personally takes samples from dishes.
All salt, pepper
And mustard gorges.


Dr. Lola loves to do
All vaccinations and shots,
And, having ordered “Aah!” To sing,
Throat wand watch
Put a thermometer under his arm,
To listen to a shortness of breath,
And in a special notebook
All the details to write.
Both boys and girls
To smear the abrasions with green paint,
Hands and feet bandaged
And recipes stamp.


Cleaning lady

At the cleaning lady Carlotta
Very important work:
Sweep, vacuum,
All lift, that on the floor will throw,
To clean the windows, walls, floor,
Wipe the table from dust.
Take out the garbage in the bags
Water the flowers in the pots,
Make sure that here and there
Everything stood in places.


poems about the profession of the dressmakerDressmaker

For the dressmaker Violetta
The matter is in winter and summer.
People need year round
Dresses, skirts and pants.
To be updated just right
All-all-all will measure quickly -
Arms, waist and height,
Neck, head and tail.
Immediately find the pattern
Circle white chalk,
Cut, sew, stroke,
In dress mannequin dress up,
And then sits and waits
That the customer will come after him.



Like Olya Nedznayke
Be a school teacher.
Chalk on a blackboard to write
The letter "A" and the number "five"
And point by pointer:
“This is catfish! And this is a caress!
This is a fish! This is a beast!
This is the desk! This is the door! ”
“Ding-ding-ding!” - the bell rings,
That ended the lesson.
And students must
Rag chalk erased from the board.



Village farmer Vova
Knows how to milk a cow,
Mow the grass in the meadow,
Knead for pigs knead,
Coping with a horned goat,
Garden dig a shovel
Weed beds, loosen
And pour water from the cure.
From dusk to dawn
Vova works all summer,
To the winter stock
He was with us.



Like athlete Vanya
Win the competition!
Can he hammer throw,
Run, jump, crouch,
Swim, swords fight,
Pull up and out
Fast rowing paddles
And climb the pedestal
Above all, to immediately give
Cups all and all medals!



We come to the store.
It has an abundance of windows.
Select the desired purchase
The seller will help empathetic.



For the builder habitually
Build a new brick house.
Excavator Stepan
Dug a pit in the field
In the ground drove a large pile,
And now the cement interferes,
Exactly bricks lay -
The wind will not find the cracks.
Bricks from the ground Stepan
Raise the handy crane.
That's the new house is ready,
It's time to run cats!



Being a teacher is a vocation.
It is necessary to love children so much
To the soul and diligence
No residue to give them.
Be an example of imitation,
Interesting to explain
To have all the desire
To answer the lessons.
Janitor rose before dawn,
Swept at dawn
And when the house woke up,
It was all around!



Panteleus the programmer
Like typing fast.
All day sitting, silent
And knocking on the buttons.


poems about the musician and other professions for childrenMusician

Loves musician Filipka
For people to play the violin,
On the piano, on the accordion,
On the tune, on the drum,
On the guitar, on the trumpet,
Xylophone and yourself -
Wide-open mouth
In a loud voice sings:
“Do, re, mi, fa, salt, la, si!
Got a cat in a taxi! ”
Fillets clap their hands -
Oh, what a good concert!



I need such things:
A hammer,
And ticks
And hacksaw,
And most needed -



The tamer Nadia
Wearing a whip is not a fight for the sake of.
Only say: "Alla op!"
Right there is an elephant on the bollard clap!
Waving his trunk amusingly.
The lion on its hind legs is dancing,
Her in his big mouth
Head is not afraid to lay.
Forgetting sleep and games
Tigers jump through rings.
After the presentation of Nadia
All feed and stroke.


An electrician

If the house lights went out,
If you have no current,
If the devices are broken,
He is coming to you soon:
Looks wiring vigilantly
Work screwdriver
The switch clicks: “truck!” -
And the gloom will disappear.

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