Poems and prose Happy Kindness

Good day! World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on November 13th. Today you have a unique chance to tell your loved ones how you love them, how they are dear to you. Make someone happy and the world will be a little kinder.

We heartily congratulate everyone on this wonderful day. It is wonderful that there is such a holiday. Hurry to do good, it will come back to you. Congratulations, friends!

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Postcards Happy Kindness

Congratulations on the Day of Goodness in verse

On the World Good Day, we wish you
Health, happiness and good.
In order not to turn their backs on us,
And in life there was a lot of heat.
Let friendship pierce your soul
To always become you only better.
To make problems easier,
And do not wander in doubt grove.

On the World Good Day,
We wish you happiness, love and warmth.
Comfort in life and wealth,
May your life be always sweet.
Give people happiness and a smile
And offenders second attempt.
After all, we can all be wrong
But do not forget to smile.

On the day of world good,
We wish you love and warmth.
Harmony and balance
To always have fun.
May fate protect you from evil.
Let the happiness in the soul spinning snow,
Stay young longer in the shower
Cheerful, generous and mischievous.

On the World Good Day,
We want spiritual warmth.
Love to you pure and sincere,
In order to not be heard over the head shots.
Appreciate each other and respect,
Honor and do not hurt.
Be nice, gentle, gentle,
Caring and diligent.

We wish you a world good day,
Comfort, cleanliness and warmth.
So that your life was always bright,
And let sorrow burn you to the ground.
Be healthy, strong and beautiful,
Constantly attentive and creative.
Give more to the world of joy
Let your life be filled with sweetness.

Beautiful greetings HappyKindness

Happy kindness day! On this wonderful holiday
I want you to wish this:
To walk with a quivering soul through life,
Good only to meet people everywhere!
In kindness, everything in this world holds
She saves, heals, helps out.
Let on your good, your care
You always just answer good!

Kindness - she does not fade
And does not expect reciprocity in response ...
Never burns, but warms
Leaving a bright light in the souls.
Kindness does not judge, does not cripple,
It is not worth waiting for harm from it.
Only she will heal the world from malice
Do not overstate the price ever.

And believing and pitying each other,
Not carrying a load of insults on the heart,
In general, we are becoming kinder.
Nothing that there, in the chest aches ...
Where there is good, there is light, but how else?
Life without mercy is empty ...
If from someone else's grief we cry,
It means that kindness has not dried up ...

No matter how life flew, -
Do not regret your days.
Do a good deed
For the happiness of the people!
To heart burned
And not smoldering in the mist,
Do a good deed!
So we live on earth.

Kindness saves lives
Kindness is always needed,
Good to be always beautiful
Good love everyone always!

Whole world celebrate
Good day, cheers, cheers,
From the bottom of my heart I congratulate
With this holiday you!

World Feast of Kindness
Meet a kind smile
And let the dreams come true
From modest to huge!

You, showing kindness,
Try to be sincere.
Giving the planet beauty
All nice smile!

SMS congratulations on the Day of Kindness

Today is a holiday of kindness!
So help you unhappy.
Take the old lady's hand
And play all day with the kids!

After all, the ritual is quite simple -
Share with the world of kindness,
Do it more often
And only get positive!

We celebrate the day of kindness,
The whole planet is walking.
After all, quality is more valuable
In the whole universe, no.

I wish you be kind,
Forgive, love and trust.
While the heat burns in the hearts,
You are all open doors.

May they not touch you this day.
Affairs, problems, vanity,
We wish you joyfully wake up
And let the kindness fill.

Let peace in the soul, patience in the heart,
And the head is full of sunshine,
For kindness, open the doors,
Others will wait for business!

The world will save, give joy
In life, only kindness.
Let him always live in a heart
Your pure warmth.

Drive away the anger and malice,
After all, they return to you.
Cultivate humanity,
After all, she will save from the dramas.

When good reigns everywhere -
Happy people on earth.
Peace in their souls and hearts
Bypassing all the sadness and fear.

We wish joy big,
Let this holiday kindness
Everyone will be fine,
Let all your dreams come true!

Funny poems for the Day of Kindness

Happy kindness I congratulate you
You are a very kind, bright person.
I admire your big heart
In an era where it is rather a defect.

Please keep your pure soul,
Be happy enough not to blacken her
I wish angels look good-natured
Managed to save you from adversity.

World Kindness Day
Let everyone surround you with good.
Let all your dreams come true
Let it be warm in your soul.

Happy kindness, truly alive,
All-seeing, reliable and easy!
We wish you kindness in your heart,
Without letting her tar for life to drain.

We wish you a good day to give:
Care, forgive, love.
We wish to live in harmony with yourself -
Then the world will be swallowed by great kindness!

On a wonderful day - kindness,
I wish you
In the hands of anger was not given,
Smiled and laughed!

Mercy, kindness
Do not leave let you.
Only joy and luck
Laughter, love and nothing else!

Happy World Kindness!
Help the old lady you
And bring the patient,
And sweep the house ...

There are many good deeds in the world
It is necessary that everyone was able to
Showing kindness
Seeing the world is beauty!

Congratulations on World Day of Kindness in prose

Let the World Goodness Day bring sincere good to each of us, let this day make everyone understand that by giving something good and kind, you get twice as much.May joy and compassion be in your soul and may your heart always strive for good deeds and good deeds.

On World Kindness Day, I would like to wish to live happily and cheerfully, because a happy person never envies anyone and strives to do good deeds. May life be full of such people, may there live sincere joy in the heart, and the soul give rays of hope and kindness.

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