Polaroid - 2018 film

  • Name:"Polaroid" ("Polaroid").
  • Tagline:"Beware This Camera ... Once You Take It, It Takes You."
  • Country of Origin:Norway, USA, Canada.
  • Producer:Lars Klevberg.
  • Genre:horrors.
  • World premiere:2018 (exact date not yet set).
  • Time:1 hour 28 minutes.

In 2018, a new film in the genre of frightening spectators of "horror" entitled "Polaroid" will be released on world cinema screens. What does this tape intend to bring to the industry, which cast will be involved in it, and what does the picture trailer already presented to the public look like?

About the plot

The slogan, which translates as: "Beware of this camera ... When you take it, it will take you", of course, it was not accidentally used by the creators. He is one of the first to point out that the action will revolve around the device for obtaining photographic images, moreover, the device is not ordinary, but terrible, dangerous, cursed. Today, it is also known to the general public that the devil's apparatus will be found by high school students who will gradually understand: “Polaroid” will kill anyone who gets on the picture taken with it.Otherworldly forces bestow on girls and their friends, drawn into a horrible story, quite a bit of time to solve the curse puzzle. Otherwise, without exception, all of them will wait for death.

The trailer of the film “Polaroid” of 2018 allows to establish that a significant part of the events will be built on the basis of fairly heavy-handed methods. So, the characters will face arbitrary switching on and off of the light, rustles, squeaks and knocks, as well as howls, weeping and flickering of unknown entities - in general, with all that the viewer has repeatedly seen in such tapes as Astral, Paranormal phenomenon "," Sinister "and others. In this regard, the new film can hardly surprise the experienced film fan with anything.

The past work of the director

On account of the novice director and part-time screenwriter, producer and editor Lars Klevberg today there are only 3 projects that were released from 2012 to 2018. This Norwegian prefers mysteries and horrors to all other genres, and also particularly favors short films - his previous works, “The Wall” (“The Wall”, 2012) and “Polaroid” (“Polaroid”, 2015), belonged to the category of film productions timekeeping.

The first tape, which lasts only 12 minutes, tells the viewer about the struggle of a little boy who finds himself in the midst of the ruins, once the former city, for his survival. The second 15-minute creation with a title similar to the new picture in 2018 can be regarded as a trial of the pen, because the plot unity of the two works turns out to be obvious: the same instantly printing Polaroid photo, youth representatives as protagonists and mystic mystery.


Lars Klevberg, who only creates his reputation and builds a career, simply does not have the ability to enter into contracts with the stars of the first magnitude. Thus, the budgets of his previous projects ranged from $ 165,000 to $ 180,000. Therefore, the director and the team helping him, which included screenwriter Blair Butler, producers Chris Bender ("Butterfly Effect", "The Hangover", and others), David Glasser ("Founder", "Nothing but the truth", "The Lion" ), Bob and Harvey Weinstein (“Sin City”, “Jane Eyre”, “The English Patient”) and others, decided to invite less famous, but still talented artists to participate. Many of them have previously starred in successful TV shows.

The list of actors that the viewer will be able to see in the 2018 Polaroid film is as follows:

  • Madeleine Patsch;
  • Catherine Prescott;
  • Javier Botet;
  • Grace Zabriski;
  • Mitch Pileggi;
  • Cathy Stevens;
  • Keenan Tracy;
  • Shauna MacDonald;
  • Jeanne MacDonald;
  • Samantha Logan;
  • Tyler Young;
  • Davi Santos;
  • Priscilla Quintana;
  • Eric Kurata-Prevost;
  • Sam Humpfrey;
  • Emily Power;
  • Matthew Lumley;
  • Chaz Libby.

Interesting information! This grim picture was taken in the seaside Canadian province of Nova Scotia - a very picturesque and bright place.

Comparisons and Comparisons

Earlier, the directors of “horror” repeatedly addressed the topic of objects marked by evil hand. Suffice it to recall The Curse of Annabelle by John R. Leonetti (2014), “Waigi. The Curse of the Devil's Board ”by Michael Flanegan (2016),“ The Evil Dead: The Black Book ”by Federico Alvarez (2013) and others. In the first of these creations, all evil was enclosed in an old doll, in the second - in a spiritualistic board designed to establish a connection with the world of spirits, in the third - in the mysterious Book of the Dead, or Necronomicon. Her reading provoked the appearance in the main character of horrible visions in the form of skulls, bloodied faces, and wild animals.

However, if we are talking specifically about the technical means, to which Polaroid belongs, then one can not but recall the film that has become an icon of the horror genre, the Devil's Mobile, directed by James Utah. Back in 2007, he published a tape that, in its plot, strongly resembles the creation of Klevberg planned for release. Here, in the hands of the protagonist, also a high school student, by coincidence, a cell phone falls, which at first, as if by magic, fulfills all the wishes of its owner, then begins to cause him a lot of grief. True, the difference also turns out to be obvious - if “Telephone from Hell” (the second name of the project) was filmed more like a comedy of “black humor”, then “Polaroid” promises to be as serious and tragic as possible. In this sense, it is more appropriate to compare it with the "Devil" by John Eric Doudle (2010). Here, evil in a similar way does not reveal itself entirely, but is for heroes, all completely criminals in the past, in an elevator stuck between floors.

It becomes obvious that Lars Klevberg and his team will have to jump over their heads in order not to disappoint their viewers.There are a lot of films based on an inexplicable "famously" and belonging to and subject to it. Therefore, the creators will need to surprise the public with an unexpected outcome of a story that the world has not yet seen.

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