Postage stamps for the World Cup 2018

For millions of philatelists of Russia, the World Championship, which will be held in 2018, is interesting not only for its sports component, but also for its ability to replenish its collection with new exhibits. In the summer of 2015, a special philatelic program officially started, to which this article will be devoted.

We will tell:

Philately and football

The first brand of the 1930 World CupFor the first time, a postage stamp dedicated to the football championship was issued in 1930. It was timed to the first global confrontation, held in Uruguay. Since then, the release of philatelic products has become a tradition and takes place in all countries of the world.

In 2004, FIFA decided to open its own philatelic program, under the terms of which the national mail of the country hosting the World Championship, produces an exclusive series of stamps and envelopes. On stamps are traditionally depicted:

  • FIFA trademark;
  • championship emblem;
  • mascot;
  • official tournament ball;
  • stadiums where matches will be played;
  • legendary football players.

The right to issue special marks can be obtained not only by the receiving party. So in 2013-2014, Russia issued a brand dedicated to the World Cup, held in Brazil. Also in the collections of many philatelists there are stamps that were produced in the USSR in 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970, 1982 and 1986.

World Cup 201 philatelic program

With the support of FSUE Izdatsentrom "Mark" for the World Cup 2018 will be issued stamps (58 different types), as well as:

  • 4 post blocks;
  • 23 types of postcards;
  • 13 variations of thematic envelopes;
  • 43 artwork envelopes;
  • souvenir products;
  • colorful booklets.

The total circulation of products to be manufactured for the 2018 World Cup will be more than 70 million copies.

The very first was issued a stamp with the image of the World Cup, which was presented on September 18, 2015 (1000 days before the date of the official start of the championship). The circulation of the stamp was 200,000 copies, face value - 100 rubles.

Brand World Cup 2018

The trivial repayment took place on Red Square. The ceremony was attended by:

  • Leonid Slutsky - head coach of the Russian national team;
  • Oleg Dukhovnitsky - Head of the Federal Communications Agency;
  • Alexey Sorokin - Director General of the Russia-2018 Organizing Committee.

First World Cup 2018 cancellation

Types of stamps issued for the 2018 World Cup

Prior to the start of the World Championship, private philatelic collections can be replenished with exclusive stamps from the series:

  1. World Cup Stadiums 2018;
  2. preliminary draw;
  3. football legends;
  4. Russian football legends;
  5. Russia at the world championships (retro series);
  6. organizing cities;
  7. championship mascot;
  8. Confederations Cup.

World Cup mascot was chosen by open internet voting. And in 2018, this honorable role went to a cute wolf with the original name Zabivak. The design of the brand, released in an edition of 250,000 copies, was developed by artist Shushlebina O.

Brand World Cup 2018 Mascot

It is expected that brands depicting legendary personalities that have played an important role in the development of Russian football will be in the greatest demand. Honored honored: Valery Voronin, Anatoly Banishevsky, Igor Chislenko, Anatoly Ilyin, Pavel Sadyrin, Yevgeny Rudakov, Albert Shesternev.

Stamps issued par value of 29 rubles. Circulation of a series of 220 thousand copies.

Legends of the Russian football brand FM 2018Exclusive brands of World Cup 2018 football legendsStamps with footballers for the 2018 World CupSlaking stamps with football players of World Cup 2018

Also, many owners of collections have already begun to hunt for colorful brands depicting modern stadiums located in Moscow, Sochi, Rostov, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Kazan.

Brand value - 21 rubles. The circulation of the party - 400 thousand pieces.

Brand Stadium Luzhniki World Cup 2018
Brand Stadium Fisht World Cup 2018Brand Stadium Kazan Arena World Cup 2018

Brand Cancellation Procedure

In the world of philately, redeemed collection stamps are especially valued. The price of an extinguished mark can double the net value over time.

The peculiarity of the cancellation procedure for stamps dedicated to the World Cup of 2018 is that stamps designed specifically for this purpose are used only one day (on the day of the officially announced cancellation) and are immediately destroyed.

Solemn cancellation of the World Cup 2018

Promotions spetsgazheniya new brands dedicated to the World Cup 2018, for the convenience of collectors from different regions of Russia, are held in 12 cities. Take part in the solemn cancellation by visiting the official capitals of the championship:

  1. Moscow
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Ekaterinburg
  4. Kaliningrad
  5. Sochi
  6. Nizhny Novgorod
  7. Kazan
  8. Volgograd
  9. Rostov-on-Don
  10. Samara
  11. Saransk
  12. Krasnodar

New postage stamps are quenched with a special postmark with an exclusive inscription “FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia”.

World stamp 2018 stamp cancellation

Purchase of clean postage stamps, as well as other philatelic products, dedicated to the 2018 World Cup, will be available at post offices. Collectors who wish to become the owner of a hardened exclusive brand can easily find those on specialized Internet portals.

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