Postcards Happy New Year 2018 to colleagues and organizations

Corporate events are not just conferences, sessions and meetings to discuss important work points. Every self-respecting company regularly holds parties for its employees and customers on holidays and important dates in the life of the company. Especially popular are New Year's Eve corporate events, such as summarizing the outgoing year, congratulations and encouragement of employees. Therefore, postcards Happy New Year 2018 to colleagues and organizations will be an excellent addition to the gifts.


Where to get a unique postcard

To raise the image of the organization, an ordinary greeting card with the New Year 2018 will not work. Here you need an individual design with a logo and other distinctive elements. Such products can be ordered in the printing shops, providing the graphic content of the company in digital form. But if the modesty of the budget does not allow "wasteful" use of funds and the plans of the PR-manager include a small office evening with employees, then ready-made templates are quite suitable for a postcard,which are freely available on various web resources.

Postcards Happy New Year 2018 to colleagues and organizations

Another way is to make postcards with your own hands. Surely among my work colleagues there is a self-taught master with a basic knowledge of graphic editors. If not, then online services for creating colorful greetings will come to the rescue with the use of your own images, photos, inscriptions, etc. (for example, “pro100tak”). Just a few minutes, and the original source is ready. It remains only to print it out on the printer in several copies and sign it.

By the wayIf you use a special high-density designer paper and a modern photo printer, you’ll get a completely professional masterpiece that is not inferior in quality to products made in specialized stores.

Christmas card: the basics of etiquette

To correctly write a greeting, you must adhere to several rules:

  1. Contact the recipient, given his age. Do not use the last name, first name and patronymic will smooth the official and add more warm notes. You can appeal more restrained: "dear", "dear", "Hon."
  2. If the card already contains a printed text of congratulations, then add a few warm words of yourself and be sure to sign. But remember that such a design option may cause a colleague to doubt in sincerity.
  3. If you fill in a postcard yourself, then regardless of the form in which it will be written - in verse or prose, try to make the wish read quickly and easily. Do not make it heavy with pompous words and excess turns. Also pay maximum attention to literacy.
  4. At the end, sign and date, so that in time the person will be able to remember all the pleasant details of the New Year's corporate party.

Important!Handing a card should not be "dry", made in a hurry. Try to say a few kind words. Then your efforts will surely please the addressee and will be remembered for many years.

Greetings examples

In verse In prose
A happy time is coming,

For everyone, it's time for magic.

Wonderful, bright New Year,

Merry Christmas to you!


For many years now, every day is a joy for us,

Favorite thing - the work is not in vain:

As feats of us, as always, inspire

Not just customers, but our friends!


Harmony, power, love and good luck

Today we want to wish you friends,

Let everything that you have made come true,

What had only to dream!

Business requires a great return and performance. This is what distinguishes our beloved and reliable colleagues.

We are glad that we once found you and can work together on different projects. We want to congratulate you on the New Year 2018 and wish prosperity, good ideas, profitable investments and a healthy corporate spirit!

Realization of all your plans for you! Let every employee feel necessary and valuable at work and happy and loved at home!

In the New Year, dear colleagues,

I want to congratulate you now.

Let your progress multiply,

Let dreams come true at once.


Let work bring wealth

A shower of premiums will let you rush!

And who will ask for leave in July,

Not get offensive rejection.


Let the inspiration haunt you

And luck is great all year,

Far away is luck

And let success lead by the hand!

Dear friends, I wish you to take the best of this year and successfully multiply it in the next. And all the minor and major troubles that have grasped you at work, let them be just a useful experience, without which no successful growth of any company is possible.

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