Proper nutrition: avs diet

Diets, helping to lose weight and improvewell, there are many. Each individual person should choose a way to lose weight individually, so as not to harm the health. But there is avsa diet that has virtually no contraindications. About it will be discussed in the article.

Diet avs and its features

Principles of correct nutrition, helpingpainlessly get rid of excess weight, are included in the popular avs diet, whose second name is "Traffic light." It is based on the division of products into groups A, B, C. Diet is a balanced food system in which the products making up the menu are divided into 3 groups, symbolized in the colors of the traffic light.

Since red denotes a ban, then the products classified in its group A, the avs dietcompletely advises to be excluded from the diet. This includes: fast food, cakes and cakes, milk, sour cream, mayonnaise, fatty meat, butter, lard, ice cream, buns, white bread, sweet fizzy drinks. Beer, liquor and champagne are forbidden. All these products can not be considered healthy food. If you abandon them for at least a short time, the body will feel a surge of energy.

To group B, identified with yellow color, avs dietlists the food that can be consumed beforesix o'clock in the evening. This includes a variety of products: cottage cheese, cheese, crackers, vegetable oil, pasta, porridges cooked on the water (except manna), lean meat, rye bread, pastry without sugar from puff pastry. And:

  • sausages and sausages,
  • chocolate,
  • caramel,
  • fruit (fresh and dried),
  • ketchup,
  • pickles,
  • coffee.

Restrictions in use apply to bananas, fatty sausages and sweets.

To the third, "green" group C avs dietrefers products that are allowed touse in any quantity and regardless of time. This seafood, some vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, greens), boiled fish, apples, citrus, boiled eggs, buckwheat, olive oil, low-fat yogurt, fruit and vegetable juices, tea and yogurt.

The "Traffic Light" diet was approved by specialists, due to the fact that the proposed nutrition system is balanced and physiological. It is suitable for any age.

For people who want to get rid of obesity, the diet is idealavs.The menu proposed by her follows a certain,strict principles, and violating them is not recommended. Do not neglect the advice of a dietitian and begin to follow the diet is desirable only after consulting with him. The fact is that for certain diseases, a special approach to nutrition and choice of foods is required (for example, in pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract or with allergies).

To ensure that the diet has a noticeable effect, the following rules should be observed:

  • food should be divided, for five or six snacks per day, and the volume of servings should be reduced;
  • should refuse fried foods, give preference to stewed and boiled foods;
  • to engage in physical education, to the best of their abilities, without overstraining themselves;
  • the ration should be based on vegetables and fruits from the list C.

The following spirits are allowed: vodka, vermouth, dry wine, whiskey.

To maintain a diet, it is useful to write down what is eaten: candy, a piece of chicken, etc. It disciplines and allows for food while staying.

ABC diet - "50 days"

In order not to be mistaken, you should know that in addition to "Traffic Light" there is another diet-avs"50days ", in which the principle of organizing meals is different. Only those foods that contain fewer calories are consumed, so that the body itself begins to burn stocks of internal fat deposits. In this diet is strictly regulated, how much you need to consume each specific day of calories, and their number varies from 100 to 500. This food system is designed for 50 days, of which six - fasting, when only drinking is allowed.

Despite the effectiveness, this method of losing weight is dangerous to health and therefore before you go on this diet, it is worth consulting with your doctor.

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