Rating of shower cabins by quality

Shower cabins for more than 20 years account forworthy of competition baths. Of course, to take water procedures in a lying position there will not work. However, space saving, compactness, the ability to quickly take a shower and the availability of a number of additional functions speak for this kind of sanitary equipment.

rating of Russian shower cabins

Today, many companies offer a largethe assortment of different models, so consumers are not so easy to understand the variety of functionality of such products. Our rating of shower cabins will help you navigate quickly when choosing and avoid overpayment. It includes the most popular and popular brands among buyers, whose products are of high quality and functionality.

rating of shower cabins

How to choose a shower cabin by rating

Modern models of shower cabins can besimple design or multifunctional. Simple products besides the shower have no options. Multifunctional systems have a variety of options:

  • Steam, sauna, sauna mode.
  • Different types of soul.
  • Hydromassage.
  • Illumination, mirrors, radio.
  • System of cleaning, aromatherapy, ozonization.
  • The pallet is of different size, shape, material of manufacture.

Every good producer takes care of hisconsumers, therefore even the most modest models, which do not have special frills, differ in shape and in many details. It is better to choose a shower corner with a large pallet to feel more comfortable during the adoption of water procedures.

In the rating of shower cabins, the quality does not fallOnly expensive boxes with great functionality, but also small quality models. The main emphasis is, first of all, on the brand, and the manufacturer can produce a variety of options. The main thing is that the quality of the products corresponds to the declared.

Usually the top positions of the manufacturers ratingshower cabins are European brands, because it is believed that it is their products that have the best quality and positive feedback. But domestic and Asian manufacturers are slightly lower, but the price of their goods is not as high as that of Germans or Italians.

But choosing the best shower cabins in the ratingbathroom, it is worth noting that some famous brands have factories in China. At the same time, quality is not worse, but still it is not 100% European products, worthy of ranking the highest place.

rating of shower cabins in quality

Rating of manufacturers of shower cabins

The world leaders in the production of shower cabins are:

  • Germany.
  • Italy.
  • Finland.

The products of these manufacturers are very popular because of its reliability and stylish design. You can easily install it yourself using the enclosed instructions.

German manufacturers

In the rating of shower cabins, the products collected inGermany, takes a leading position. The quality and reliability of these products are much higher than other brands, but their cost is much higher than that of other manufacturers.

The most famous brands:

  • AM.PM.
  • Kermi.
  • Hueppe.
  • Hyber.
  • Lagard.

These brands are in the lead in the ranking of the bestshower cabins and are characterized by quality, functionality and a solid pallet. German products are not considered cheap. The cost of the most budgetary models of these companies is more than 30 thousand rubles. At the same time, it should be noted that the price of the equipment completely corresponds to its quality. Having bought a German shower cabin, you can be completely sure that 8-10 years will not have to worry about its condition. The service life of such products is long enough.

best shower cabins rating

Pros and cons of German showers

Product advantages:

  • The cabins are very tight (you do not have to worry about water leaking out).
  • Different sizes (you can choose a booth for a small bathroom and for a spacious one).
  • Functionality (you can choose a model with a certain set of functions).
  • Closing the doors is almost noiseless.


From the technical point of view, German products do not. The only drawback, because of which the consumer can refuse to purchase, is a rather high price.

Finnish producers

In the rating of the best quality shower cabinsFinnish plumbing equipment fell due to the reliability of products. Finns make models of different class and type, but they are united by one: high quality of the products.

The best companies:

  • Timo.
  • IDO Showerama.
  • Ideal Standart.

These brands are worthy of competition to German manufacturers.

The cost of Finnish shower boxes is loyal, themore that the models are very different. Find an inexpensive and affordable option is not difficult, since the most inexpensive shower is about 13 thousand rubles. The service life of the products is long, the guarantee is 5 years. There are also no complaints about the quality of assembly of products, although at times some Finnish companies hide the true origin of the products offered to buyers. But the rating of shower cabins includes only tested and recommended by consumers models, which have positive reviews. Unfortunately, Finnish products have a drawback - in case of breakage it is rather problematic to get the necessary parts.

Pros and cons of Finnish shower cabins


  • Acceptable cost.
  • Large selection of models.
  • Quality parts and assembly.
  • Long service life.


The biggest disadvantage of these brands is that the original part to the shower is difficult to find, and its cost will be high.

Italian manufacturers

Products made in Italy, convenient, practical and is a real decoration of any bathroom. The rating of shower cabins includes companies that offer the highest quality products:

  • Jacuzzi.
  • Albatros.
  • Cerutti.

Jacuzzi is a well-known world manufacturer,whose products can boast a fairly solid pallet made of quality material. There are a large number of different options that allow you to enjoy a wide variety of benefits. The shower cabins of this company serve for a long time and rarely need repair.

The other two manufacturers have enoughThe rooms are spacious and have additional facilities. There is a hydromassage, a steam generator and other pleasant functions. A pallet with a seat, so that the shower can be taken as soon as standing and sitting.

In the rating of the quality of the showers Italianthe products were not in vain, as the Italians produce really high-quality products that can last at least 10 years. In addition, they have an excellent design. The only negative - a fairly high cost.

Pros and cons of Italian products


  • A quality build, thanks to which 10 years will not have to think about the problems.
  • Many variants of functions.
  • Beautiful design, thanks to which the shower cabins fit well into any bathroom interior.
  • A large assortment of models of the elite class.

Minus is the price. Not every buyer can afford to buy these manufacturers' products.

Chinese brands

Chinese shower cabins are considered the mostaccessible. By their quality they are much inferior to European sanitary equipment, but among them there are good brands included in the rating of inexpensive shower cabins:

  • Nautico.
  • Parly.
  • Niagara.

The products of these manufacturers cost from 10 thousandrubles, but you should not expect high quality from it. As the user reviews show, after 5 years the products come into disrepair, the pallet starts to leak, the accessories break.

Pros and cons of Chinese products

The advantages of Chinese-made showers include:

  • Affordable for each price.
  • Original design of models.
  • Wide range of products.
  • A lot of budget options.
  • Large selection of manufacturers.

The disadvantage is low quality.

rating of manufacturers of shower cabins

Quality of domestic products

Domestic manufacturers of sanitaryequipment for today is not so much. The rating of Russian showers includes well-known companies that produce high-quality products:

  • "Radomir".
  • "Aquatek".
  • Aqua Joy.

The advantages of shower cabins from Russia include a wide range, availability of spare parts and a pleasant price. Serving such a plumbing equipment may be long enough.

Since the products are produced in Russia, itsthe price is much lower and fluctuates in the range of 10-50 thousand rubles. At the same time, the quality of the products is high. Pallets can be of any shape, size and height. Materials for manufacturing are often ordered from Europe. In many models there is a hydromassage function and other options and devices that make it possible to take a shower comfortably.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Affordable price.
  • Huge selection of models.
  • It is very easy to find parts for repair.
  • Long service life.

There are no disadvantages as such. The only thing is that buyers are more trusted by European manufacturers, therefore domestic shower cabins are bought much less often.

Rating of the best shower cabins

In terms of quality, the top 9 manufacturers included. Selected popular brands will please customers with multifunctionality and strength of models. The cost of booths can vary significantly.

9th place in the rating was occupied by the German brand Am.Pm Bourgeois. This is an acrylic high-quality, practical and stylish shower cubicle. A significant disadvantage of the model is its high cost.

Am.Pm Bourgeois provides the following functions:

  • Adjustable water pressure.
  • Hydromassage.
  • Built-in radio.
  • Mirror and places for personal things.

8th place was occupied by the Italian brand Jacuzzi, which provides the most comfortable use of the shower cubicle. But the cost of such a product is not available for the middle class.

7th place was given to the German manufacturer Luxus. Caring for the cab simplifies the specially designed glass. The water on it does not leave a divorce. But at the same time the manufacturer provides only one year warranty. Luxus also produces budget models of boxes. They do not have additional functions, but they are convenient and compact.

6th place belongs to the Czech booths RAVAK.

The glass has a protective layer, which simplifies the care of the box. There are no additional functions or drums. But this is an affordable and high-quality option.

5th place is given to the Swiss firm IFO. The shower corners are of good quality and pleasing with many additional functions. The design of the products is seamless, which greatly simplifies the care. Warranty - 10 years.

The 4th place is occupied by the Finnish company Novitek. This manufacturer produces quality seats combining a bath and shower. The cost of products is quite high, but it will last for a long time.

On 3rd place boxes from Germany LAGARD. The quality of such equipment is at an altitude. In this case, the products have many functions. The best shower cabins with a deep tray included in the rating are made of impact-resistant tempered glass, the thickness of which is 8 mm. In a high and strong acrylic tray you can bathe a small child. The price for German products is rather large, but the quality is worth it.

2 place belongs to the brand Albatros. These are Italian shower cabins that provide convenient use thanks to the seating and several important functions. But the cost of this plumber is quite high.

At the first place, the Finnish manufacturer Ido. The design of the shower cubicle is stylish and durable. All materials are of high quality.

the best shower cabins with a deep pallet rating

Rating of shower cabins by quality of economy class

Plumbing equipment of economy class may not have a variety of functions, but be at the same comfortable and high-quality. The rating of the shower cabins of the economy class includes Chinese producers.

Inexpensive brands of open models:

  • Parly.
  • River.
  • Niagara.

All shower cabins combine the idealvalue for money. These are inexpensive, but rather high-quality models having a compact size. Such products have a nice design and are easy to care for.

The rating of budget shower enclosures include:

  • Niagara.
  • Erlit.
  • Timo.

The first two brands belong to Chinese manufacturers, the latter - to Finnish manufacturers. Each brand has many advantages. For such a cost - this is the ideal options.

shower cabin cheap

Rating of manufacturers of inexpensive quality products

Popular manufacturers produce a variety of different shower options. Among them you can find inexpensive models of good quality.

The rating of shower cabins includes:

  • Appollo.
  • Luxus.
  • Erlit.

Luxus provides multifunctionalhigh-quality closed cabins. This is a fairly large design, designed for a spacious bathroom. Shower cabins are very practical. There are many shelves, a mirror, a mobile connection. The doors are silent.

Erlit is a combined species. Thanks to the high tray, the cabins simultaneously include a bath and a shower. The production of such equipment takes place in China. The peculiarity of the showers of this brand is that for an affordable price ozonation and multicolor illumination can be obtained.

Appollo has a huge number of functions. This is a fairly large structure, in which two people can freely accommodate. A feature of the models is the presence of the bath function.

Today, the shower can be selected at anytaste. The market of sanitary equipment is represented by many high-quality low-cost models. They are small in size and have a minimal set of functions. If possible, you can purchase a more expensive product with an abundance of additional options.

Which shower is better?

The entire range of this sanitaryEquipment, including hydromassage and steam boxes, shower panels and systems, is classified into 2 types (closed and open), and consists of a pallet, side walls, doors, shower head, nozzles and top cover. Determine the best product possible with a normal visual inspection. Privileged models:

  • structures in which the doors and side walls are made of safe tempered glass (transparent or opaque);
  • pallets made of acrylic, quarry, marble chips;
  • with a large number of doors (2-6), which ensures the strength of the frame;
  • multifunctional (tropical, cascading orCharcot shower, steam generator, water jet modification, ozonation, aromatherapy, hydro- or massage "running wave", Finnish sauna / Turkish bath function, backlight, built-in CD, DVD, radio).

In addition, the best shower cabins are those that are ideal in size and spacious.

When choosing the best model, it is important to determine itspurpose and necessary functionality. Do not overpay for the many marketing "bells and whistles" that you will almost never use. Next, you should choose the height of the pallet, the shape and size of the cabin. To assess the convenience of taking water procedures, you need to enter the cockpit and raise your arms bent at the elbows, like when washing your hair. Suitable size - if the elbows do not concern anything.

And one more important point: it is not recommended to make the installation yourself. It is best to use the services of a service center or professionals.

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