Restoration of lacquer coating

December 27, 2009
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lacquer restorationOver time, the lacquer was erased or random scratches formed on the lacquered surface. Attempts to eliminate these defects with a varnish coating lead to the formation of bloating. This indicates a bad base preparation. It is necessary to approach restoration of a varnish covering thoroughly and we will help you with it.

Master Class

  1. If the surface defects are small, then grind the damaged areas and cover with a new layer of varnish. We give how to dry the varnish, otherwise it can be easily lubricated.
  2. If you need to cover the entire surface again, then prepare the base thoroughly. It must be dry, clean and durable; the old coating must be completely removed. If this turned out to be impossible, the coating turned out to be durable, then we putty the holes and the cracks, followed by grinding with a fine sandpaper. Dust completely removed. If the old coating is completely removed, then the base is covered with primer paint.
    restoration of a varnish covering of furnitureAfter drying, grind with fine sandpaper, at first grit 100, then - 220.The basis is prepared, it is necessary to apply a varnish with a roller or a brush.
  3. We apply a varnish with a thin layer, if necessary in several layers. Do not forget that the quality of coverage depends on the tool. If you use a water-soluble lacquer, then the brush should be with special artificial bristles or use a roll-top roller. If the varnish contains a solvent, then use a brush with pork bristles or a roller of polyurethane foam.
  1. lacquer restoration master class
  2. Old coating check the strength of self-adhesive tape. We glue on the tested surface and sharply tear off.
  3. In the absence of particles of lacquer on the tape, the surface is washed and polished with grit 220 grit.
  4. After grinding remove dust.
  5. The surface can be treated with an alkaline solution instead of grinding.
  6. We apply a varnish with a thin layer.
  1. lacquer coating
  2. After checking the self-adhesive tape, in case of instability of the coating, completely remove it.
  3. Spackling cracks and holes.
  4. After drying the surface is ground.
  5. Remove dust and apply primer paint.
  6. After the paint has dried, sand it again with 220 grit sandpaper. Remove dust and apply varnish.

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