Rolls of pancakes

The world of cooking is really multifaceted. In this I was once again convinced, when I tried at a party rolls of pancakes. This dish surprised me so much that when I got home, I decided to search through all the sites and books in search of a suitable recipe. There were a lot of recipes, some of them I prepared and I want to share with you.

1) Rolls of pancakes with salmon. For pancake batter, we need 1 liter of milk, 1 egg, 1.5 cups of wheat flour, salt and sugar. Egg whisk together with salt and sugar, add milk, mix. The flour is introduced in small portions so that there are no lumps. Get a thin dough, from it we will bake thin pancakes.

For the filling, we need 200 grams of slightly salted salmon (I use conventional preserves from salmon), a tray of melted cream cheese, any greens.

It is desirable that the pancakes were hot when wewe will spread the cream cheese. Then lay the salmon, sprinkle with chopped herbs, turn the pancake roll. We cut the pancake into approximately 5-6 pieces, beautifully laid out on a plate and served to the table. Such rolls of pancakes with red fish will be an ideal snack.

2) Another recipe for a good and tasty snackis obtained from sausage and cheese. So, to make rolls of pancakes with boiled sausage and cheese, we need 300 grams of boiled sausage ("Doctor" or "Milk"), 200 grams of hard cheese, mayonnaise and greens. Dough for pancakes is prepared according to the first recipe: from milk, eggs and flour.

Sausage and cheese cut into very thin slices. On the finished pancake, spread the mayonnaise with a thin layer, lay the sausage, cheese, sprinkle with herbs and roll up the roll. We cut into pieces and serve it to the table. From the same rolls, I decided to make a hot snack - just picked it up and fried it from both sides to a ruddy crust, the cheese melted a little, it turned out very tasty and satisfying.

3) Sweet rolls of pancakes with oranges andcurd cheese. This recipe is great for a festive dessert. We prepare pancakes according to the same scheme, bake. For the filling, we need three ripe oranges, three curd cheese rolls (each of 100 grams, total - 300 grams of cheese). Pancake straighten, spread cheese cheese. We clean the oranges, divide into slices and remove all the skin. Cut the length of the slice along - we get a thin slice. We put the orange slices over the cheese curd, pancake roll and cut into pieces. These rolls of pancakes will most please the little sweet tooth, and adults will like it.

4) Rolls of pancakes with spinach and caviar. This recipe is somewhat different from the old ones. We prepare the dough according to the same scheme, but we also add chopped spinach to it - the pancakes turn out to be green. To contrast the color as a filling, we will use red caviar - we evenly distribute the pancake over the surface, wrap it and cut it into pieces. If the roll turns and does not hold the shape, you can pierce each roll with a skewer or toothpick.

5) For fans of meat snacks suggestrolls with ham and Adyghe cheese. The dough can be prepared according to an old recipe, but for these pancakes I use kefir instead of milk. I beat the egg with salt and a pinch of sugar, I extinguish soda with vinegar (the mass becomes lush), I add flour in small portions and mix the semi-liquid dough, I bake also from both sides. Then I chop the ham and cheese in thin slices, put the ham into a pancake, then cheese, wrap and cut into pieces. One pancake at me it turns out to cut on 5 average rolls.

In general, you can experiment with stuffing,someone loves a pomain, someone likes vegetable rolls, and kids vote for sweet. I try to please everyone: I cook both sweet and meat, and my husband is happy, and the children do not take offense.

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