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Each housewife tries to diversify the New Year's menu with exclusive dishes. Some snacks and salads are favorite in the family, so traditionally occupy a place of honor on the holiday table. But it is especially appreciated by guests and households of any new cooking, cooked according to the original recipe. It can be as simple and tasty, and complex main dishes, pastries, desserts. In this category, we want to share exclusive recipes for 2018, which will not leave aside even the most demanding gourmet.

2018 is the year of the yellow earthen dog, so many are wondering what to cook for the New Year in accordance with the tastes of a shaggy pet. First of all, the New Year's table should be abundant in meat and seafood. It is also desirable to include them in salads, snacks and toppings for pies. Numerous recipes with photos will help determine which dishes to include in the list of the holiday menu. Do not forget to put a vase with fruits of yellow and orange color: apples, tangerines, oranges, white grapes, bananas, etc.And most importantly - be sure to place the dog figure in the center of the table.

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