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Homemade sachets are a great way to aromatize various parts of your home. Today we will tell you how to make them yourself.


Put the fragrant bag in the closet to eliminate the characteristic unpleasant odor; a bag of shoes to deodorize it; a bag under the pillow for better sleep, a bag in your handbag so that when opening it you feel a light and pleasant favorite scent, etc. Sachet is the best way of natural flavoring of things and objects. And what is most valuable: it is necessary to remove it - and in a couple of days the smell will disappear. For those who like to change flavors, it is very convenient.
Self-made sachets are easy to change. You only need to pour out the filler and thoroughly wash the bag, and then put something new in it.


But the main thing in such home-made accessories is, of course, their naturalness. The fact is that in the majority of ready-made fragrances a perfume composition is added, which contains far from the most useful components.Of course, you will not be poisoned by them, but if there are small children and curious animals in the house, then it is better to refuse them and make a choice in favor of natural ones.

What do we need?

  • exterior fabric
  • interior fabric
  • filler (aromatic dried herbs or a piece of sponge and essential oil)

the cloth

How to make sachets at home?

We have already told you how to sew fabric bags. The same principle is used for making sachets. Only a bag can be made disposable without a lace: fill it with herbs, and then just sew by hand.

the cloth

Of course, the size will be different. Blanks need to do about 6 * 22 or slightly more / less (according to your taste). We just cut two strips of this size: one of the fabric for the interior, the other for the outside. Then we fold them together and stitch them on a typewriter. And then fold the resulting billet in half and stitch the edges. So it turned out a small bag. If all is not clear, still read the instructions for sewing the bag, which we gave you earlier.

Lace stitching is not necessary. Yes, it is not very convenient.It is easier to tie up our mini-bags on top with a gum or a cute ribbon.


It is also very convenient to fix the top of the bag with a special tie (they usually cling to jackets or tracksuits), like this.


Try stitching a sachet out of burlap or plain linen fabric. In this case, you will be able to give free rein to the fantasy to beautify it. Well, natural fabric will very well pass the smell, which is what we are trying to achieve from this fragrance.

Very nice on this fabric will look neat embroidery or lace.

the cloth

When the bags are ready, and the decor is finished, proceed to the filling. For this you can take any dry fragrant herbs. If you need them not only for flavoring cabinets and drawers, then read about their properties. So, for example, cloves and mint will help you get rid of a headache, and lavender will help you fall asleep.


If you do not have herbs, do not be discouraged. You can easily replace them with essential oils. Just take a piece of sponge and put on it 15-20 drops of any essential oil (usually their properties are written on the package), and then put the sponge in the bag.


Our beautiful and fragrant sachets are ready! Now you will always feel your favorite fragrances in your home.

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