Sagaalgan 2018

The Mongols christened him Tsagaan-Sar, the Buryats - Sagaalgan, the Tuvians - Shagaa, and the inhabitants of the Altai Territory and the Yakuts: Chaga-Bayram and Yurin Yy. Only the well-versed will understand that this is the “White Month Celebration”, better known as the Buddhist New Year. He is met, much later on January 1, because the celebration is dedicated to the beginning of spring. Interesting facts about the ancient and unusually interesting tradition will help to know when the next calendar period of the followers of the teachings of the “Enlightened One” comes, how many in 2018 the celebrations of the Eastern peoples of Russia begin and end, and also plunge into ancient traditions and rites

Sagaalgan 2018


When is the "White month" and why?

Sagaalgan 2018

To determine what date to celebrate the Buddhist New Year, you will have to seek help from the lunisolar calendar. The date is floating, as it symbolizes the beginning of the first spring new moon. The celestial body may move into this phase within one of three months: towards the end of January, in February or March.

Astrological tables indicate that in 2018 the triumph will come on February 16.For most Russians, this Friday day will remain everyday, as the holiday is officially celebrated only in a few subjects of the federation:

  • Kalmykia and Buryatia;
  • Tyva and Altai;
  • Trans-Baikal Territory and the Irkutsk Region.

According to the practice of previous years, the residents of these regions can count on a day off, and given the fact that traditionally Sagaalgan is celebrated for about a month, they can be envied with all my heart. In Buryatia, the Buddhist New Year is a national holiday that guarantees legal rest.

Celebration of bright thoughts and white food

Sagaalgan in 2018 What date

"White month" - so in translation from Buryat into Russian the word "Sagaalgan" sounds. Most often, it is pronounced when the first spring new moon arrives and the four-week celebration of the New Year begins in Buddhists of Russia, India, Mongolia, China and Tibet.

The ancient records indicate that before the triumph had nothing to do with the admirers of Siddhartha Gautama. He was celebrated only by the Mongols, praising milk (Tsagaan idee), the most popular product among nomads, until Chingiskhan's grandson, Kubilai, ordered the New Year according to the Chinese calendar in the autumn-winter period.Over time, the borders were erased and the customs were confused. Only reverence for white has remained, which symbolizes: purity of thoughts and integrity of the soul, bringing happiness and well-being. Buddhists sacredly honor the three main customs of the New Year:

  1. Gutor or "Cleansing"(forgiveness of past offenses, worship of elders, restoring order in the soul and in the house).
  2. White food(dishes from milk, sour cream, rice, flour, etc.).
  3. Dugzhuba Bonfires(burning of sins on the Soor pyramid crowned with a skull).

Sagaalgan - the time of fairs, folk festivals and dances ehor. On the eve of the celebration, it is customary to hold a one-day fast. There is nothing to eat at all. Obligatory rituals - visiting and a special greeting. This is a ritual that is accompanied by special gestures expressing respect for elders. On the first holiday, they get up early (4-5 am) so that the deity Baldan-Lhamo, the soul who counts souls, does not miss, otherwise one cannot see happiness the whole year.

Traditions of Buddhist New Year

Sagaalgan in 2018 What date

The celebration lasts almost a month. It begins with the burning of incense, giving tahil (gifts to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) and serjem (pouring tea, milk, or vodka to the deities guarding the area, shouting "Om A Hum").Then there is a meeting of the holiday in the temple, the distribution of presents-khadak to parents and the preparation of wrestling for relatives, as well as the launch of Hy Morin, the horse of the winds.

When the “White month” comes, the clergy concentrate in the datsan monasteries that are open to the New Year. Priests hold a 15-day prayer service called "Monlam Chenmo." The service is dedicated to the corresponding number of miracles that Buddha Shakyamuni performed in India.

Sagaalgan 2018: holiday menu

Dish name Description
Buuzy Traditional feast of solemn feast. It is a large dumplings (like manti) with broth inside, which are eaten by hand. Prepare a bouuzu of meat, fish and seafood
Wrestler National meal and ritual gift. It is made from sweet dough and fried in boiling fat.
Hushuur or "Meat Pear" It looks like a cheburek, but not quite, rather, a pear. Hushuur is fried in boiling fat or oil until a pale yellow crust is formed. If the “fruits” are ready to be consumed, then a light fat flows out at the puncture.
Shoro Marinated meat baked on skewers over the coals. Shish kebab, but under the original "sauce".Lamb is soaked with local herbs in milky vodka for 3-8 hours
Salamat Porridge, richly flavored with butter and sour cream.

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