Sanex for cesspools: review of advantages and disadvantages + instructions for use

The device of autonomous sewage at the dacha differs from centralized systems in that it requires constant maintenance all the way from the flush points to the graveyard. Special attention requires the final point, which from time to time must be released.

To facilitate the process of cleaning and disinfection, apply Sanex for cesspools - an effective biological drug.

How to solve the problem of recycling in the country

In order to choose the right type of sewage system and ensure fast and efficient waste treatment, it is necessary to consider several factors, including:

  • number of tenants;
  • permanent or temporary residence;
  • total wastewater;
  • character of drains, etc.

Ideally, the laying of the sewer system and the selection of a septic tank occurs at the design stage, but this is possible only when building a new house.

More often, communication has to be redone from old ones due to an increase in the number of permanent residents or a planned increase in the level of comfort.

Country outdoor toilet
Diagram of the device of a standard country toilet, which is located outside the residential building. A prerequisite - the presence of holes for pumping solid waste.

On the change of pipes or in-house repairs, everything does not end there, it is often necessary to install a new tank for the collection and recycling of waste. There are four possible solutions to the problem:

  • local sewage treatment plant (VOC) - an automatic station that cleans drains by 95-98% with the subsequent secondary use of liquid for economic purposes;
  • a two- or three-chamber septic tank with several cleaning steps (factory or built by hand);
  • cumulative single-chamber septic tank, from which the drains are pumped out, partially processed into feedstock for compost.
  • an absorption well with a filtering bottom, which makes additional purification of the wastewater treated in the septic tank during its passage through the soil filter filling;
  • cesspool - hermetic tank that requires regular cleaning.

In fact, the last two options are variations of the traditional summer cottage, with the difference that the possibility of filtering creates a natural cleansing of most of the effluent, therefore, waste has to be organized much less often.

Scheme of a two-chamber septic tank
Diagram of the device of a two-chamber septic tank of concrete rings. Filtration is carried out using a powerful gravel bed and a geotextile layer (+)

Each type of sewage treatment plant has its own characteristics. For example, the availability of electricity is necessary for the smooth operation of a VOC. The arrangement of a septic tank requires sufficient space for digging a large trench into 2-3 compartments or organizing a volumetric filtration field. To recycle waste in cesspools, special biopreparations are needed - let's talk about them in more detail.

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Excellent tool for handling autonomous sewage
Excellent tool for handling autonomous sewage
The purpose of the biological complex Sanex
The purpose of the biological complex Sanex
The principle of operation means for cesspools
The principle of operation means for cesspools
Maintain sanitary sanitation
Maintain sanitary sanitation
Extremely simple method of preparation
Extremely simple method of preparation
Reducing the number of calls of vacuum trucks
Reducing the number of calls of vacuum trucks
Absorption Sewer Well
Absorption Sewer Well
Multi-chamber biological wastewater treatment plant
Multi-chamber biological wastewater treatment plant

The principle of action of biological drugs

Funds for drain holes are a viable medium, packaged in small dosage portions (for ease of use) and in liquid, powder or solid form. It is a complex of microorganisms, bacteria and enzymes that live off decaying organic waste.

Bioactivators for giving
Sanex is not the only activator of a biological type on the Russian market. In addition to it, you can meet no less effective counterparts, acting on the same principle: Dr. Robic, Green Grove, BioExpert, Biosept

Before you start using healthy supplements, you need to familiarize yourself with the following information:

  • in order for the biological agent to “work”, special conditions should be created, for example, to provide a favorable temperature (approximately from + 4ºС to + 40ºС);
  • bacteria are able to almost completely recycle sewage, but under the condition that the instructions are strictly followed (compliance with the dosage, time of laying, etc.);
  • the mass treated with microorganisms becomes safe and in some cases can be reused;
  • the correct use of biological agents can almost completely eliminate the unpleasant smell;
  • the bacteria are “not friendly” with aggressive chemicals that are contained in disinfecting cleaning products: chlorine, phenols, alkalis, aldehydes.

Consider how the process of processing plums from beginning to end. Microorganisms that are in the "sleeping" state, fall into a favorable (liquid and warm) environment, are activated and begin to multiply. Colonies of bacteria live by the processing of organic matter, which enters the pit through sewer pipes, less often - directly.

Cleaning of cesspools and septic tanks
Biologically active products are equally effective for cleaning cesspools and septic tanks, it can be used for preventive disinfection of sewage systems (+)

With the help of bioactivators, the contents of toilets, paper, food residues, and fat are quickly decomposed. At the same time, plastic or concrete, of which modern cesspits are most often made, remains intact. As a result of the vital activity of microorganisms, all waste is converted into water, sludge and carbon dioxide. Perhaps a relatively small formation of solid sediment, which is then removed manually.

The remaining waste is an unclarified liquid, but without a strong odor. In the septic tank, the water is cleaned in the second chamber and goes to the tertiary treatment. In a primitive storage tank - pumped out with a fecal-type pump. A substance resembling sludge is used as a compost.

Types of environmental products brand Sanex

Over the past years, Sanex biopreparations have proven themselves well and have an extensive audience of regular users. These are American products made in Poland. The official representative of the trademark in Russia is C & K CJSC, the office is located in Moscow. In other countries, the drug may have a different name.

Sanex in Russia
Biological treatment products of a popular brand are certified by Rospotrebnadzor (No. D.006185.09.05 of September 30, 2005), confirmed by a letter of July 18, 2014

The line of bioactivators for various purposes is represented on the market:

  • Sanex - a tool for country toilets and cesspools;
  • EcoSlive is a prophylactic drug against the occurrence of blockages and for the removal of sediments in sewer communications;
  • EcoSeptic - means for cleaning waste in combined septic tanks;
  • EcoCompost - an accelerator for the rapid maturation of the compost;
  • EcoPrud - a means to maintain the purity of water in ponds and aquariums.

As you can see, all the tools created for use in a country site. Santex, EcoSlive, EcoSeptic can be referred to drugs that effectively help recycle sewage. They have a similar principle of operation, but differ in the scheme of application.

Sanex Ecoslive
Sanex + Ecoslive was created for the prevention and elimination of blockages. It restores natural microflora in sewer pipes and siphons associated with the rapid decomposition of organic substances.

Eco-septic tank is designed to accelerate the process of decomposition of biological waste in any type of mixed-type septic tanks, that is, it may include anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. One of the positive consequences of a change in the biological environment is the complete or partial elimination of the unpleasant odor characteristic of sewage installations of a primitive type.

The device of ventilation in the country toilet
We remind you that air access is necessary for the operation of aerobic microorganisms, therefore, the sewage treatment plant should be equipped with ventilation. The simplest solution is pipes that are brought out of 1 or 2 chambers to the outside (for example, into the hatch)

Bacteria are able to multiply and secrete the enzymes necessary for “digesting” the waste only at positive temperatures (the exact parameters are usually indicated on the package). Therefore, to improve the efficiency, you need to take care of the heat insulation of a septic tank or install it below the seasonal freezing zone of the soil. The same requirements apply to the cesspool, which will be discussed in more detail.

Sanex cleaner for cesspools

If there is no automatic sewage treatment plant at your dacha, and the usual cesspit plays the role of the only reservoir for sewage, we recommend regular use of the bioactivator Sanex.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

If you have ever used the means to speed up the process of decomposition of bio-waste, the principle of Sanex work will seem familiar to you. The strains of bacteria and enzymes that are part of a powdered or liquid substance act in the same way - they quickly process cellulose, starch, fats, and plant fibers, that is, any products of organic origin.

The main advantage is increased comfortThe simplified maintenance of the sump. Instead of calling sewers on a regular basis, you will need an easy procedure for adding a substance. If the recycling process is launched and adjusted, the result will be obvious fairly quickly - after a couple of weeks. The first sign - the disappearance of a specific "flavor".

Using Sanex for the toilet
For small dacha plots, a street toilet is indeed a big problem - not to hide from an obsessive smell, even behind closed windows. Sanex is ready to help in solving this problem.

The list of the main advantages of a bioactivator, noted by regular users, summer residents, is as follows:

  • acceleration of wastewater and sewage treatment;
  • the possibility of reuse of decomposition products (activated sludge and liquids that have undergone an additional stage of clarification);
  • preservation of ecologically balanced microclimate at the dacha;
  • optimal ratio of effective cleaning and minimal expenses for its organization;
  • the absence in the composition of the substance used chemical components.

When using Sanex, the risk of contamination of the surrounding area will disappear, including the soil intended for gardening.The effluent entering the soil after biological treatment is absolutely safe.

The manufacturer guarantees that the volume of solid sediment accumulating over time at the bottom of the tank will not disturb the residents of the house for a long period, as it occupies only about 3% of the total volume of sewage. This means that the services of vacuum trucks will still be required, but not every 1-2 months, as usual, but once in 5-7 years.

Action of bioactivator
The diagram shows how the situation inside the cesspool and on the surface changes over the course of three months: the unpleasant smell disappears, solid waste is liquefied, the liquid begins to penetrate into the ground

If you decide to clean the plums already in a practically full cesspool, you will need at least 3-4 months. It is better to start the process of biological treatment when the container is at least half occupied.

Disadvantages of application are usually considered whimsicalness of microorganisms, for the reproduction of which a favorable environment is necessary: ​​a special temperature range, a sufficient amount of liquid, for some species - access of oxygen. Sometimes you have to completely change the usual range of cleaning products used in the economy.

The main disadvantage is inadequate wastewater treatment, but it is impossible even with multi-level processing in VOCs.

Detailed instructions for use

Bioactivator can be purchased at a specialty store or on the website of the intermediary company. It is sold in small, convenient to use packages weighing 100 grams. and 400 gr. For calculations and dosing usually take dessert spoon, which has a volume of 10 grams. Any products of this type are provided with detailed instructions, which indicate when, how and in what proportions the tool should be added to the storage tank.

Sale Sanex
Online stores provide an excellent opportunity to purchase funds for country toilets online, without leaving home. Some companies provide delivery to the entrance or apartment

There is such a thing as a starting dose. This is a certain amount of money that is needed to start the recycling process. It depends on the type of sump and its volume. According to the manufacturer, all tanks can be divided into three categories:

  • country toilets standard type, located outside the apartment building;
  • cesspools without drainage;
  • drain pits with a filtering bottom (drainage).

Thus, in order to activate the process of bioprocessing of waste in a country toilet with a pit of 2-3 m³, it is necessary to use a 50 g backfill, that is, 5 dessert spoons. For a cesspool without drainage up to 6 m³, 120 g will be required. For a drain pit with filtration of 12 m³ - 160 g.

The starting dose is greater than the monthly supplements, since the “work” for bacteria in the first stage is much higher, and some of them may die. In the future, the regular dose is reduced. The exact numbers are indicated in the instructions in the form of a table:

Drug dosage
To activate the microorganisms, the powder or tablet is diluted in a bucket or other container with warm, comfortable water for their life (about + 30-40 ºС) volume of 5-6 l (+)

Then the contents are thoroughly mixed, kept for about half an hour and poured directly into the sewer. If the toilet is installed at home, then you can use it to fill.

The recycling process will start faster if, for the first time after starting backfilling, you limit the amount of sewage associated with washing or cleaning the room. The basic principle of high-quality cleaning - more organic, less chemistry.

Stages of preparation of the preparation for wastewater treatment
In order for the preparation for treatment of effluents in the cesspool to act according to the purpose, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer during its preparation (+)

Reviews of regular users

Many gardeners do not trust advertising campaigns and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of a drug according to people who have previously used Sanex. Recommendations can also be subjective, therefore it is better to focus on real facts, for example, the experience of using a bioactivator by a neighbor in a dacha. You can see with your own eyes the result of biological processing and decide whether the products of this brand are suitable for your sump.

Sanex is one of those tools that have long been popular among summer residents, so finding an environmentally friendly hole is not difficult. Pay attention to the presence of odor and ask how often the sediment is removed. If the answers and visual sample will suit you, try to conduct an experiment on your site. In about 90% of cases, newcomers are completely satisfied with the result.

Bacteria cesspit
This is the process of processing wastewater and organic waste biologically active substance.In addition to foam, a black film or a thin fatty crust may appear on the surface, which must be removed.

Cost and calculation for a year

Now the drug can be purchased in packs of 100 grams. or 400 gr., the most common products of Polish production. For January 2017 packages 100 gr. cost from 230 to 300 rubles, 400 gr. - from 630 to 810 rubles.

Pay attention to small-scale batches that are convenient for purchase and use. As a rule, the seller on a set of 4, 6, 10, 20 packs drops the price, as a result you can additionally buy a couple more pieces. For example, if the price for 1 package is 630 rubles, then 20 will cost you 530 rubles already. a piece.

Sanex Ecoseptic
If the cesspool is made in the form of a septic tank with several stages of cleaning and well-adjusted ventilation, you can use the drug Sanex EcoSeptic, which is based on aerobic and mixed bacteria

Calculate the amount of bioactivator for a particular cesspool can be on the table. For example, if you have a regular outdoor toilet, a large 400-gram package will be enough for the next year (12-14 months), and in the future you will need an even smaller amount.

Recommendations and tips gardeners

Even a clear adherence to the instructions does not always give a 100 percent result, sometimes you have to deal with nuances that are not described in the appendix. To solve small problems will help more experienced colleagues, summer residents. Here are some tips:

  • Do not worry about the change in the level of the liquid in the settling tank - it may decrease due to the action of the bioactivator or increase due to a decrease in the patency of the drainage layer. The groundwater level also has some effect.
  • If the amount of treated wastewater seems large, use a drainage or faecal pump for pumping out.
  • In winter, biological processing may stop due to severe frosts: warm the pit or wait for a thaw.
  • It is better to hide drugs that are safe for health away from children and animals - they are not designed for oral administration.
  • Do not be surprised if your "airtight" pit suddenly began to leak liquid into the soil - over time, the bacteria cleanse the bottom, more dense layer of waste.
  • To soften the solid old sediment, add more liquid.

As you can see, servicing the sump with additional biological processing is not difficult.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

With the following videos you can expand your knowledge of the facilities for country toilets.

Overview of biologically active agents:

Experience in the practical application of biologics:

Use of an agent based on nitrate oxidizers:

If there is a cesspit on your summer cottage requiring constant removal of waste, be sure to use the Sanex bioactivator. It will not only save you from regular communication with nightmakers, but also improve the ecological situation in the country, and this is very important for a comfortable rest, and for obtaining a good harvest.

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