School composition "What is love?"

Scientists have made a huge number of attemptshighlight the various manifestations of love, give it a definition. But they did not succeed in this. However, one can say for sure: love is different from other emotional experiences and is a basic, fundamental feeling.

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Love is responsibility

In the composition "What is love?"The student can also indicate the fact that, first of all, this feeling presupposes responsibility. It is appropriate to recall the famous words of Exupery that "we are responsible for those who have tamed." In the case when chuvchtvo is present, responsibility for a loved one - whether a relative, lover or friend - arises by itself. A person wants to take care of someone he loves. After all, when the object of his feelings feels good, then it makes him feel better. A high feeling is unthinkable without responsibility.

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Types of love

Students in their essay "What is love?" Can refer to one of the most well-known classifications of options for this feeling. In ancient Greek culture there was a concept of 4 kinds of love:

  • Storge - love, more like a friendship. It is based on a warm and trusting relationship. It is this feeling, in the opinion of the ancient Greeks, parents feel for their child.
  • Eros is a passionate feeling that constantly strives for the complete possession of the object of love.
  • Ludus is one of the most controversial types.Indeed, in the true sense of the word, Ludus can not be called love. This is, first of all, a sense of excitement, love is a game that happens in your own pleasure. This type is characterized by rather superficial experiences.
  • Agape is the most disinterested kind.It is believed that Agape is a combination of Eros and Strogue. It is a sacrificial type of relationship, when a person who loves psychologically "dissolves" in caring for the object of his feelings.

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Joy of being

"What is love?"- an essay that will help students think about this difficult issue and draw their own conclusions, than for them is this deep feeling. The well-known French philosopher and writer Jean-Paul Sartre, one of the founders of modern existentialism, said: "To be loved is to feel that you have a right to exist." Indeed, the feeling of love is inextricably linked with the very life of man. It helps to find the meaning of your being in this world.

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Love gives the whole world

According to many researchers, love givesa sense of security similar to the one he experienced as a child. When people love each other, it seems to them that the world comes to life, and everything in the world revolves around them - just as it seemed in childhood. One person gives his or her world to another, and the one gives him his own - it is such an equivalent exchange that implies true love. In the composition the schoolboy can also indicate his opinion, for example, describing the phenomenon of unrequited love. Express their thoughts and opinions in the process of work - it is very useful for the student, both in terms of the opportunity to get a good assessment, and from the position that you can better understand the topic for yourself.

Relationships and Understanding

Love can be defined in completely different ways. For many, this feeling is, first of all, mutual understanding between people, relationships. The secret of love is that two can only see the best in each other. At the same time in the construction of relations it is important to learn not only to take, but also to make the most efforts to make them strong.

The concept of love: simple and at the same time complex

In the composition What is love"? you can specify a simple definition. Love is a feeling. It is very polysemantic - after all, it can be experienced in relation to parents and friends, animals, music, the country. One of the most difficult options are feelings between a man and a woman. The one who loves will do everything in his power to make the other person feel good.

With a loved one, a desire to shareall the best, and troubles and bad weather, on the contrary, are not terrible. Any problem is transferred much easier if there is a loved one nearby. In the composition about love, it is also necessary to indicate,that this feeling implies fidelity. It can ignite the heart from the very first sight. And it can also arise as a result of many years of friendship. You never know when a feeling for another person may appear.

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The composition "Mother's Love"

A special place among all varieties of thisa deep feeling takes the mother's love for her child. The mother is the person with whom the child experiences the greatest sense of comfort and security. He can be relaxed with her, maybe himself. In the presence of other people this is impossible - they need to be constantly adjusted to adapt to their behavior. Mother - this is the person who gives the child the opportunity in the first years of life to learn this world and himself in a safe environment.

In the composition"What is love?", which will consider the feelings of the motherto your child, you can note their main characteristic: sincerity. A distinctive feature of this feeling is the full acceptance of your child as it is. The mother does not set any conditions, in the performance of which she will love her children. She will experience this feeling regardless of the circumstances. A child in the womb is part of her own body. Therefore, even if he brings her physical discomfort, she can not be angry with him, because this is her own sequel.

In the essay on love arguments can be the mostdifferent. And the student does not necessarily have to strictly adhere to a certain point of view, if his opinion does not coincide with it. For example, he can speak about maternal love in a different way. The harmony of the mother's feelings towards her child does not always help the child's good development. If maternal love is not balanced by the exacting position of the father, it can easily spoil the character of the child. Maternal care is necessary, but in moderation.

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