School uniform 2018-2019

For each child, the school is one of those places where he spends a large part of his personal time. The procedure of buying and choosing a school uniform often puzzles parents, because it is necessary to fulfill several conditions at once. First, clothing must meet the requirements of the school. Some schools have their own form and specific requirements for clothing. Secondly, it should be comfortable, practical and fashionable. Do not forget about the personal preferences of young fashionistas.

The form of the 2018-2019 school year is different from the trends of previous seasons, which is why it is very important to learn how to choose clothes for boys and girls - students of the junior, middle and senior classes. Preparation for the new school year is in full swing, so it's time to go shopping for clothes and shoes for the student.

Designers have prepared many new models for the 2018-2019 season, so there will be plenty to choose from. It remains only to determine which form is suitable for your child, and which accessories to pay attention to.

Trendy colors

The color scheme of the form for students should be calm and practical. Clothing should not be annoyingly bright colors, nor should it be a brand. Gray, black and dark blue colors and their shades remain a classic option for students.

However, in 2018-2019, you can add some more fashionable models of green, burgundy and blue colors to your school wardrobe. Bright accessories will help to add a little freshness and diversity, which will make the schoolboy outfit exclusive and not similar to others.

The color of clothes that a child will wear every day has a certain effect on the character and inner state of the student. Therefore, when choosing colors, you should follow certain rules:

  • The combination of black and white are classic, but they will not be entirely relevant for everyday wear. In the wardrobe of the student should be present strict outfits, but it is desirable to wear them only on the solemn and festive events.
  • Dark blue and green colors act calmly and do not irritate the psyche of the child. Studies have shown that it is these color shades that help the pupil's best concentration.
  • The burgundy color will help the student to become more confident in their abilities and make him neat and disciplined. It is best to buy the form of this color and all its tint to primary schoolchildren who cannot sit in one place for a long time.
  • Gray universal color, which remains relevant in the 2018-2019 year. To refresh gray shades a little, you can use light colors of additional accessories of a tie, scarf, kerchief, etc.

How to dress a first grader for the 2018-2019 school year?

The beginning of the school year for each first grader is a stress. All the little women of fashion want to be the most beautiful and have the most charming dress. First-grader girls will be delighted if their clothes are not only comfortable, but also fashionable. When choosing a school dress, pay attention to the cell. It was relevant in the past seasons, but in 2018 it became much smaller.

The main color is desirable to choose: burgundy, gray, green, black or blue. It is possible to refresh dark shades with the help of delicate pastel colors: pink, beige, cream or soft blue or light turquoise.

How to choose a form for primary school students?

Children of primary school age are the most agile and restless students. Therefore, it is very important to choose their clothes so that it does not hinder movement and is as free as possible. The best fit is a classic cut of a dress, sundress or shirt.

For boys first graders fit elegant classic suits of two or harmoniously matched to the tone of a jacket and pants. Girls can make a set of slightly flared skirt and a fitted jacket, this season will be fashionable classic sundresses and dresses with and without sleeves.

School uniform for middle and high school

Pupils teens try to choose clothes that emphasize the individuality of their character. When choosing clothes, be sure to consult with your child and do not forget to pay attention to the proposals of fashion designers. Fashionable school uniform will make your child more self-confident, and this means that he will try to unleash his full potential.

In the season 2018-2019, the school uniform for boys can consist of a classic shirt, a jacket with an original collar and pockets, and slightly narrowed trousers. In addition to the three-piece suit, you can add a plain cardigan to the student’s wardrobe.

Adolescent girls can add a comfortable dress or a sundress with a fluffy skirt and a fashionable blouse to the usual classical uniform of a school suit (skirt + jacket). Girls who prefer trouser suits can combine them with an original vest and light blouse with a short sleeve.

For full

Depending on the features of the figure, you can independently adjust the wardrobe. For full kids, you do not need to buy too loose clothes - such models will only emphasize the defects of the figure. Do not try to hide the extra weight with fitted things.

For the full figure try to choose a form that will hide all the flaws. Girls will wear dresses of a classic cut with a slightly flared skirt. Dress and sundresses, the length of which should be slightly below the knee.

In addition to dresses of the form in the form of a trapezoid, mixed suits from a fitted skirt of medium length and a light blouse with a collar stand will be suitable for full girls. The drawbacks of the boy’s figure will hide the trousers with a slightly overestimated waistline and a shirt of a classic cut. From the top of the shirt you can wear a waistcoat to match the pants.


The upper part of school clothes should be chosen in light shades. White, peach and cream colors will be fashionable; a light pink blouse in combination with a gray waistcoat will look original.

When choosing blouses for girls, it is important to consider the material from which it is sewn. Strongly transparent fabrics do not fit! Refuse to buy beautiful and comfortable, not practical blouses with a lot of ruches. Better preference for elegant jabot and lace inserts.

For pants fit blouses, having a cut "under the shirt." However, they should not be combined with a jacket — it is better to choose a comfortable beautiful vest.

How to choose shoes?

And for boys and girls, designers have prepared a large selection of fashionable shoes. The priority will be classic shoes made of natural material. For girls, you can pick up shoes or moccasins with a low heel.

Shoes for boys should be selected depending on the nature of the child and his age. First-graders fit shoes with velcro, and for high school students will be more relevant classical models. Teenagers will be able to choose several options: with lacing, with rivets or additional decorative elements. The colors of the shoes should be combined with outerwear and be monophonic.

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