Scopes of various brands of concrete

Delivery of concrete of all brands in Voskresensk

Concrete refers to the basic building materials and without its use today can not do any construction. Concrete mixes are used in the construction of foundations, walls, floors and floors in buildings. They are used in the construction of roads, bridges, pillars and many other structures. Therefore, the question of the supply of high-quality concrete to construction sites is a very urgent issue.

Delivery of concrete to the construction site

Understanding the importance of compliance with construction schedules and quality assurance of construction, LLC BETONVOS offers quality organizations to construction companies and individuals.concrete delivery in Voskresensk.

Supplies of concrete mixes of the required brands are made exactly according to the agreed schedule. Having our own production base and laboratory, we guarantee that the material always corresponds exactly to the brand and standard cold-resistance indicators,mobility, plasticity and hydrotechnical indicators specified in the application.

Stamps supplied concrete

Our company makesconcrete in Voskresensk with deliveryon construction sites. You can order concrete mixes of seven different brands, from M100 to M450. The brand of concrete determines its strength and depends on the ratio of the amount of cement to the volume of the aggregates in the form of sand and crushed stone. The more cement, the higher it is.

The digital indicator of the brand of concrete means the maximum possible load on the finished product in kg / cm2. So the finished concrete product M250 can work under a load of up to 250 kg / cm2. Therefore, the brand of concrete to a great extent determines the area of ​​its application.

Scope of concrete of various brands

Concrete mixes M100 and M150 belong to the light and are used for the installation of footpaths, preliminary foundations, pavement, drainage drains, non-bearing partitions and other low-responsible structures

M200 and M250 brands are best used for pouring floors, reinforced screeds, entrance stairs and platforms. They are used for the foundations of low-rise buildings of light wall materials.For the device of the concrete basis of sidewalks and roads.

Concrete M300 and M350 is the most popular in construction. It is poured when building foundations. Use at construction of walls, the basic and bearing designs, monolithic overlappings. For the manufacture of high-quality reinforced concrete. It is these brandsprice of concrete in Voskresenskbest suited to the required strength.

Mixes of grades M400 and M450 are used for the construction of the most important concrete structures in the construction of bridges, buildings of high-rise number, for supports for equipment of large mass.

In the company "BETONVOS" you can order any concrete necessary for the work of the brand. Compliance with the order and the quality of the mixture, we guarantee.

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