Seals for windows. Chooses correctly!

As soon as the cold comes, each person begins to think about what surprises this year will bring winter. Some begin to warm the house hard, while others prefer to rely on "maybe."

Undoubtedly, the best option is to buy and install double-glazed windows, but this is not available to everyone. Today, there are many ways to insulate high-quality windows, while most of them are quite archaic, due to the lack of building materials in the markets and in specialized stores that can be used to quickly and efficiently insulate windows.

The people understanding this case decided to try using a sealing gasket, saying that this material would not only break due to drafts, but also protect the premises from dust and city noise.

Today, foam seals for windows are being sold everywhere along with rubber and polyvinyl chloride seals.In addition, there are polyurethane seals with a unit for self-adhesive. However, the question of what kind of seals are better: PVC or rubber, a clear answer from the staff of the hardware stores can not be obtained.

In order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of these heaters, you should consult with representatives of the companies that produce these products. The best-quality seals are created by foreign companies, while domestic seals are seriously inferior to them in this, but their advantage is low cost.

Quite often, PVC turns out to be much better than rubber, because this material is more frost-resistant, not so brittle and deformable, besides, it does not crumble, and it has much less wear and tear. When buying rubber seals for windows, it is necessary to choose the elements as soft as possible, because they are able to transfer not only bends, but also deformation.

Before you buy seals, you should carefully read the inscriptions on the packaging, not forgetting that in terms of color insulation can be both white and brown.When thinking about which seals to buy: ordinary or self-adhesive, it is necessary to understand that self-adhesive seals are more convenient to use, when buying which it is important to pay attention to the adhesive's shelf life, because it is often enough that it has expired, which means that the gasket will not stick either quickly fall off.

In order to firmly glue the seal, you must select the appropriate adhesive. The most suitable sealant is a silicone sealant that does not let moisture in, perfectly compressing and stretching in a dried state. Such a sealant perfectly keeps the sealant on the windows, not allowing moisture and dust to enter the room.

A high-quality sealer must re-create the initial shape, while it is extremely important that the adhesive surface has high adhesive properties. Install the seal should be in the warm season, while experts recommend pre-wash and then dry the window frame.

Subject to these rules, the seal will last at least five years. Before you start choosing and buying window seals, you need to look through all the slots, measuring their length and width.

Almost every window has both narrow and wide slits. Where there is a narrow gap of 2-3.5 millimeters, you should glue a rubber, self-adhesive gasket having a height of 4 millimeters with a width of 9 millimeters. In the case of polyurethane and PVC, the work plan will be the same.

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