Short sms birthday sister

Sms greetings to her sister's birthday

Let the most beautiful flowers,
Spirits, poems and soft toys
Once again give you, dear sister,
For the fact that there is such a darling in the family!

You are the pearl of our family,
The decoration of every living room!
Let luck help you find
Happiness in life with your beloved man!

My younger sister!
You are a little miracle!
Today all day you
I will pull the ears!

Dreams let them give you
Exercise yourself
And let in your bright destiny
Success warms thoughts, loving!

Let in your, life, sister,
As if in a real fairy tale,
Every moment will be penetrated
Joy, love, happiness!

Sweet sister - a gentle moth,
Happy song, morning flower!
Spring breeze, a drop of dew,
The purity and tenderness of girlish beauty!

A friend of my days, sister,
You are to me - like a ray of light.
And it is time to say this day:
“Thank you for that!”

Short greetings to her sister's birthday

Dear little sister, congratulations,
On your wonderful birthday,
We wish you all the best, health, caress,
Let life be like a fairy tale.

For you, sis, all the best words,
After all, you are the hero of the occasion,
Let there be no place for sadness in life,
Good luck let you smile cute.

Sis, sincerely congratulate you,
Happy birthday I hurry
Family happiness, good luck,
With all my heart I want to wish.

My sister my glorious
Live beautifully!
I wish that the main
Your dream has come true!

With a sense of pride and special excitement,
Congratulations, sis, happy birthday to you,
Let the constellation of love shine upon you,
Be stored always destiny.

Native and beloved sister
I want to wish you happiness
Joy, just good luck
And in school to study at five!

On a holiday so bright and big,
On your beautiful birthday,
To you, sis, I wish with all my soul,
Good luck and good mood.

Happy birthday to my sister

Dear sister, congratulations,
On your beautiful birthday,
I wish you well, joy, warmth,
So that the share of flowering has always been.

Today is your birthday
Accept c6strychchka congratulations
Be stored always by fate,
Get only inspiration from life.

Today is your birthday
Heartiest congratulations,
Let life give only inspiration
Always live in joy and happiness.

Happy birthday, sister, happy to congratulate you,
You are my reward and delight,
You are my blood relatives
Be happy, my dear, always.

Happy birthday sis congratulations
I wish all your dreams come true
May you live like pancakes in honey
To the Lord keeps your destiny.

You today, sister, at the apogee,
Personal holiday - the most important, in fact,
I wish you strong health, happiness,
By the side let them bypass all the bad weather.

Funny sms sister from sister happy birthday

Sweet sister, happy birthday,
From my sister, congratulations,
In joy and happiness I wish you to live,
Beloved and desirable to always be.

Happy birthday sis happy to congratulate you
You are my pleasure and reward
My closest relatives
Be happy in everything, always.

Older, beloved sister,
From the youngest congratulations accept
Always be in great shape
Let all your dreams come true.

I'm proud of you, dear sister,
Always take an example from you,
So are your moralizing lessons helpful,
I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday.

You are especially sweet today
My beloved younger sister,
I wish you strong health, inspiration,
Sincerely congratulations on your birthday.

Dear little sister, happy birthday,
From my sister, congratulations,
Fortune let you smile always
Happiness life let it be full.

For you, sis, all greetings, flowers,
Only admiration is worthy of you,
I am proud of you as an older sister
I wish you health, peace and good.

Poems sms sister happy birthday in your own words

Mom grew up two sisters,
Mom spun us into a pigtail ...
With a bright birthday,
Sister dear! Tsem-tsom!

I wish you joy and happiness -
May the world be under your control!
Everywhere good luck.
Let it be so and not otherwise!

Happy holiday, my sister,
Long years, love and happiness,
I want to wish today,
To life was the suit!

Happy birthday chanterelle
Bunny, swallow, titmouse,
Weasel, rose, strawberry,
My sweetheart - sister!

Sister, I congratulate you.
And I wish from the heart
To live in trouble without knowing
And take any turns!

Glasses of tea are raising,
We wish more light days!
Good luck, joy, accomplishments
Ten thousand birthdays!

Happy birthday, sister!
Be light and cheerful.
Let dreams come true,
Happiness does not end!

To you today, on your birthday,
I wish you happiness and luck!
Live, sister, do not miss,
And if you want, visit me!

Sms and short greetings to your sister's birthday

Sister, be kept in heaven,
See the world with happy eyes.
Keep joy and love in your heart
And do not let the soul visit pain!

On your birthday, sister,
I wish only good.
Sea of ​​laughter, positive,
To make you happy.

I congratulate my sister
Happy birthday to you.
Be happy, my joy.
Know that I love you.

Be sure to be happy
Mysterious, unique,
So that, where you appeared,
Everything shone from beauty!

Merry meetings and bright events,
Pleasant moments and new discoveries,
Good luck, hope, dreams of fulfillment
My sister, happy birthday!

What to wish you, my dear,
My sister dear?
Good luck, joy, victories.
To not know the troubles in life.
So that only happiness and love
In the life of a number went with you.

Sms and short greetings to his sister's birthday, cool quatrains

Sister, happy birthday to you! I wish you love, honesty, sincerity, devotion and openness. Let only good, positive, care and attention from your dear people surround you. Smile, enjoy life and be the happiest!

You, sis, congratulations
And only the best I wish:
Pleasant, sincere moments
Love, gifts, compliments,
The flowers, the romance of the boundless
And life long, serene!

Let dreams come true
May you be loved!
Happiness, joy, success,
More humor and laughter!
From problems not to lose heart,
And only more beautiful to bloom!

Sister, be kept in heaven,
See the world with happy eyes.
Keep joy and love in your heart
And do not let the soul visit pain!

On your birthday, sister,
I wish only good.
Sea of ​​laughter, positive,
To make you happy.

I congratulate my sister
Happy birthday to you.
Be happy, my joy.
Know that I love you.

Congratulations to my sister for her birthday short in prose

Dear sister! Happy birthday, I want to congratulate you, because you are my beloved sister! Be happy,because I really want it! Just always be yourself, not to adapt to the opinions of people! I wish you great success! Happiness!

May the sky be blue, and your happiness be just as serene and long! Let all come true, it would be worth only you wish! I wish you to live a long life so that you will not be upset because of anyone! Let the birthday well celebrate! Happy Birthday!

Let everything always work out, and let the obstacles for you to overcome constantly - it will not be a fear, but a habit! And let you never be afraid of anything! I wish you success as much as possible, and also - be happy, because this is the most beautiful thing!

I wish to be beautiful always, like you are now! I wish you great success as well - see as much good in life as possible! I wish to have many friends, and also, great health! I wish to have a lot of money and live without fear!

Let the joy be serene, and let the holiday go well today! I wish you a lot of joy, as well as wealth, because with him you will be calm! I wish that everything would always work for you, and no problems would bother you!

I wish you happiness as well,a lot of fun and joy! May you always be provided first of all, and everything will turn out right the first time! Let you find the man of your dreams, and you will never part with him! I wish you great success, dear!

Let the birthday pass perfectly, and you will have many friends! I wish that no one betrayed, especially friends! And let love find you in life at the right moment, and let it be in return! I wish you happiness and good health!

Wishes to my sister sms in prose happy birthday

Let you always be like this - fun naughty! I wish to be always beautiful, and look younger, and not grow old! But even at any age, just be yourself! You - to find true love, and always be healthy and strong! Good luck, loving sister!

My sister! Know that I respect and love you! Let everything always work out, and then everything will be fine in the world! I wish you great success in life, because you have to follow your desires! I wish my sister always to be herself, and also - beloved day by day!

I wish to be always the way I wanted, and that everything was always perfect in my own life! I wish you many successes, and also that you always have money for your life, a good and harmonious life! Great success in all your endeavors! Happy holiday to you!

May my sister always be happy, because I love and respect you! Let nothing bad be left in the world, and may you always be happy, and not be afraid of anything! Good luck to you, dear, and I wish you great success! Happy Birthday!

I long to have you all a little, let life wake up in you and let you find the one who will make you more beautiful! I wish to always remain an optimist, and nothing in life is not to be afraid! Let everything be in your world! Good luck and love!

Life will be waiting for you success, you just have to try! I wish you always have time! Let your success be good and fast! Always find you a normal, well-paid job! And may you always be provided! Happy holiday!

To congratulate shortly sister in prose on birthday

Know that I love you, my dear sister! And I wish you happiness, because in life it is always not enough! Have always friends who will support you in difficult moments my desire is this! Let the heart of happiness beats stronger! Success!

My birthday girl - big and good health! And may all matters always be in the openwork! Your desire is to visit placeswho want to see firsthand, so come true! Sister - a lot of success in your personal life! And let everything work out, whatever you want to achieve! Love - wash away big!

Let the world be the environment where you can be happy and joyful! I wish you to be very good and smart! And may you meet a person who can make you happy even more, and let it be love! I wish you great success!

There will be more love and happiness in the world - just live! And I want you to have enough, dear! You always have money - I want it! And let the mood be good and even joyful! Let the holiday go well! Happiness and love to you!

Let everything be in the world, because know that you are the most joyful and cheerful, and also clever and beautiful, and therefore you can achieve your goal if you just wish it! I wish you the greatest happiness in life, and also a lot of energy!

You will be able to make people even more happy with your enthusiasm, and also to be happy when they look at your smile, because you are very good! And let everything turn out, because your relatives, your family, loving you believe in you!

Sms prose sister sister birthday

If every girl had a sister like you, then the world would be such a blessed place. You are a fantastic girl, and today, when you celebrate such a great day, I wish you warm emotions that you would feel every moment!

Happy holiday to you, sister. I would like to wish you a promising start to a bright life with your close relatives, who appreciate you and are ready to support absolutely everything. Let the coming days bring you treasures that are beyond your wild imagination.

Enjoying your holiday, do not forget how I appreciate you. I will try to make your life easier, only you knew, little sister, that you will never be lonely in this world. Just remember that I would not exchange you for anyone in this world.

When you celebrate your birthday, all come together to remind you what a unique and vibrant person you are. If it were not for your good heart, you would not be surrounded by such a number of people today. Today your whole family celebrates your life!

For me, my sister is more precious than all the jewels of the world.I became a lucky girl when I realized that my family is my fortress. Let me give you the same support and care that you gave me daily. Happy holiday, my priceless one.

The sisters are awesome, and I am sincerely grateful to our creator for such happiness to be loved by an incredible person. You were my mentor and advisor, and I would not have achieved such heights without your care and safety net. I owe you that. Happy holiday!

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