Signs of a stomach ulcer

Currently, peptic ulcer diseaseis one of the most common diseases. This is a rather complicated and dangerous disease with its complications. Therefore, in order to recognize it and seek medical help in time, it is important to know the first signs of a stomach ulcer.

Features of manifestation

It should be taken into account that quite often an ulcer cando not cause any pain - these are the so-called "silent" symptoms. In addition, the symptoms of this disease can have a pronounced or blurred character. Everything depends on the place and size of the formation of ulcers, as well as on the general condition of the patient, his age and the presence of other diseases. Pain sensations in the stomach are the most characteristic signs of peptic ulcer. Such pains have a special feature: they spread to the nerve endings of other internal organs. Most often, such pain sensations occur in the lower back or in the left half of the chest. Usually the pain appears after some time after eating. For peptic ulcer of the stomach is characterized by cyclicity: bouts of pain then suddenly appear, then suddenly cease. It is also worth noting that this disease is most often manifested in the spring and autumn, so it is during this period of time that you should pay special attention to your body and be able to identify signs of a stomach ulcer.

Causes of a stomach ulcer

One of the main roles in the development of peptic ulcer diseasestomach infection of Helicobacter pylori. But there are other causes of this disease. These include factors such as a violation of the nature and diet (dry food, prolonged use of rough food, long breaks between meals), a neuro-psychic or stress factor, a decrease in the activity of protective factors (bicarbonates, mukoprotevdov), increased secretion of gastric juice, hereditary factors, as well as the presence of bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking). At the heart of the pathogenesis of this disease is a violation of the dynamic balance between the protective factors of the gastric mucosa and aggression factors.

Stages of the disease and their signs

Depending on the stage of the disease, the following signs of a stomach ulcer should be divided.

  • The first stage. It is characterized by sharp and unexpected attacks of pain in the abdominal region. During an attack the movements are limited, often the patient presses his knees to the chest or holds on to the stomach. The man throws in the heat, his lips turn blue, his face pales, blood pressure decreases, and the pulse remains within normal limits or decreases slightly. Sharp pain is felt on palpation of the abdomen.
  • The second stage. Here, as a rule, painful sensations considerably subside or even vanish. Precisely to make the diagnosis it is possible due to additional signs. These symptoms include: dry mouth, fever, frequent pulse and swelling of the abdomen. It is also possible the formation of constipation and gases. For the second stage of the disease, the accumulation of air masses to the right of the diaphragm is characteristic.
  • The third stage. At this stage, diagnosing the ulcer is fairly easy, since all the signs have a pronounced character, there are manifestations of mixed peritonitis. The patient has a sharp deterioration in health, he needs immediate hospitalization.

Knowing what signs of a stomach ulcer are characteristic forthis disease, you will be able to identify it in the early stages. It should be noted that the first signs of stomach ulcers can often be confused with the manifestations of any other diseases. However, if the patient has frequent heartburn, acidic eructations, nausea, pain in the abdomen, constipation, a loose stool with blood, you should immediately go for a medical examination. Diagnosis in the early stages of this disease will help to avoid many complications. Before the consultation with a doctor, it is strictly forbidden to apply the prescriptions of traditional medicine and self-medication.

Delaying a campaign to a doctor can not onlyseriously aggravate the condition of the patient, making treatment very difficult, long and expensive, but also threaten his life. Also, it is worth mentioning that it is desirable to try to protect yourself from this disease. It's quite simple to do this - just do not eat junk food and be careful with alcohol.

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